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Was Resident Evil Ever Scary?

1280 days 1 hour ago - TheScrubDaily:"Silent Hill 1′s first five minutes made me drop the game for a year. Clock Tower gave me nightmares. Resident Evil forced me to yawn... | Opinion piece | Industry


Persona 4: Arena Review I TheScrubDaily

1280 days 11 hours ago - Can this anime fighter stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Street Fighter? Find out after the jump. | Review | Xbox 360


What Ever Happened To Splitscreen Gaming?

1284 days 9 hours ago - Gone the way of the dinosaur, and just as tragic. | Opinion piece | Industry


The Art of a Role-Playing Game

1284 days 10 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"What makes a RPG so great? We all know what to normally expect as soon as we put the disc of a Role-Playing Game straight into o... | Opinion piece | Industry


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Street Fighter X Tekken Character DLC Review I TheScrubDaily

1286 days ago - Can Street Fighter X Tekken’s recent DLC revive the game? | Review | Xbox 360


Meet The World’s Best PR Person

1286 days 7 hours ago - She may have insulted tons of people, including everyone who likes video games, but she's smarter than you think. Inappropriate language ahead. | Article | Industry


5 Awesome Games/Series That’ll Never Get A Proper Sequel

1286 days 7 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Time to face some harsh realizations. In this generation more than others, we’ve been seen a lot of series just end without any... | Opinion piece | Industry


How Persona 4:Arena Became The Fast Selling Traditional Fighting Game In 4 Years

1287 days 5 hours ago - Persona 4: Arena is the fastest selling traditional fighting game in Japan right now, beating out every other conventional brawler in the past 4 ye... | Article | Xbox 360


Video Game Stores Need To Step It Up

1288 days 19 hours ago - Offline retailers need to start giving gamers some reasons to take a visit. | Opinion piece | Industry


How To Make Resident Evil 6 Scary Again

1289 days ago - These tips will make your experience with Capcom’s new “survival horror” game almost too spooky. | Opinion piece | PC


Characters We Don’t Need In Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

1289 days 3 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"After the leaked list hit the web, many appetites were satisfied. From old throwbacks to new characters, the entire roster looks ver... | Opinion piece | PS3


2012's Worst Sequels (So Far)

1289 days 8 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"We’ve been graced with a lot of great titles that continue our favorite games this year. Max Payne 3 managed to top the past two gam... | Opinion piece | Industry


The Magic Of Diablo…Gone?

1290 days 7 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:'For the past couple of months, the internet has been in no short supply of articles either praising or bashing Diablo 3. Reviews ove... | Opinion piece | PC


Want Trophies With Minimal Hassle? Get A Game Genie

1291 days 2 hours ago - The game genie was suppose to turn off trophies when used, but not all games are getting the lock. | News | PS3


5 Unexpectedly Depressing Games

1291 days 21 hours ago - TheScrubDaily lists some surprisingly depressing games. | Opinion piece | Industry


Worst Fanbases In Gaming

1292 days 5 hours ago - TheScrubDaily names a couple fanbases that go too far. | Opinion piece | Industry


The Worst Types Of DLC

1293 days 7 hours ago - TheScrubDaily lists the most dreadful kinds of DLC. | Opinion piece | Industry


Should We Be Ashamed Of Our Gaming Obsession?

1293 days 9 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"A week ago, our walk had been overtaken about what a casual gamer was. The virtual worlds we kill things in has become a part of our... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Ship Makes For A Great Social Experiment About Paranoia

1293 days 15 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"The Ship is an odd game. A set of rules exist, but often ignored because of pure paranoia. Players don’t want to die." | Article | PC


Rumor: Persona 4: Arena Hints At The 5th Entry, Major Spoilers Ahead

1293 days 16 hours ago - Atlus' new fighter might be telling us what the next game in the Persona series will be. Big spoilers ahead for Persona 4: Area. Read at your own r... | Rumor | Xbox 360


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