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Headshot to the Heart: Multiplayer Achievements / Trophies

1167 days 18 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"The scenario: Multiplayer is being more forced into mainstream gaming every day. And with publishers forcing developers to take time... | Opinion piece | Industry


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review l The Scrub Daily

1167 days 23 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stumbles here and there, but it still provides one of the best 3D fighting game experiences short of swingin... | Review | Xbox 360


Free To Play Corner: League of Legends

1168 days 6 hours ago - TheScrubDaily's Community Section:"League has a very big mark on the industry, especially considering it's a free to play game. A prime example of... | Review | PC


Sony:"Nothing We Can Do About The Billing Error."

1168 days 9 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"PSN users are getting charged for transactions that were suppose to have gone through weeks ago. And as I was told, there’s noth... | News | PS3


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Weekly Wish List: Parrapa The Rapper HD Collection

1170 days 7 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"With all of the HD collections coming out for the PS3, it seems that Sony has finally caught on to Nintendo’s decades old strategy o... | Opinion piece | Industry


My day breaking blocks: A Minecraft review I The Scrub Daily

1170 days 14 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"I suppose we should start with a small overview of what the game is. Minecraft is an open world sandbox game where you, the player,... | Review | PC


Real World Terrors: The Slow Death of Your Gaming Life

1171 days 9 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"I think my love for gaming is gone. Like a couple who have lost interest in one another after many of yours; I just don’t love h... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Some Companies Are Probably Ripping You Off For Online Games

1172 days 15 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"How many times have you, as a video game lover, or at the basest level a consumer, paid through the nose for a game sequel that you... | Opinion piece | Industry


Video Games Movie Adaptations Need To Improve

1172 days 20 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Why is that that Hollywood can make great adaptations from TV shows, books, and comics, but when it comes to video games, they seem... | Opinion piece | Industry


1 VS 1: Appreciating Boss Battle Duels

1176 days 18 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"What I love most is that you aren’t fighting this overpowered god, but a dude on the same level as you, with roughly the same moves... | Opinion piece | Industry


Vergil:”I’m No Longer Motivated.”

1177 days 4 hours ago - The Scrub Daily interviews Vergil about Dante, DmC, and the state of this generation of gaming. | Opinion piece | Industry


Dark Souls: Easy Mode Patch Notes

1177 days 15 hours ago - TheScrubDaily: "Players felt that their losses were more disruptive than fun, so the company plans to tweak a few small things to make a more enjoy... | Opinion piece | PC


Where The Metal Gear Series Needs To Go Next

1181 days 17 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Hideo Kojima revolutionized the entire Metal Gear series by making their upcoming game a more open world experience. Our minds were... | Opinion piece | Industry


Too Many Fighters?

1182 days 5 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"This year has been an interesting year for me, in terms of fighting games. I’ve owned more now then I ever had. But, it comes at a s... | Opinion piece | Industry


Losing My Virginity: A Street Fighter 2 Soundtrack Review

1183 days 5 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"I grew up playing Street Fighter 2, it's one of my all time favourite video games, by FAR. The OST on the other hand, is quite simpl... | Review | Retro


How Consoles Can Compete With PCs In The Next Gen

1183 days 16 hours ago - The next generation of consoles better bring some innovation if they want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the powerful PC platform. And by innov... | Opinion piece | Next-Gen


The Dark Side Of Season Passes

1183 days 18 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"At first, Season Passes seem neat. DLC price is cut down when you buy it all at once, generally before or a bit after launch. Instea... | Opinion piece | Industry


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review l The Scrub Daily

1184 days 18 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"CS:GO, along with most first person shooters, is best played on a computer, with a keyboard and a mouse. Strangely enough, CS:GO was... | Review | PC


How To Become A Video Game Hipster

1185 days 19 hours ago - Do you hate video games, but want to be hip? Feel like being a gaming nerd without actually having to know anything about them? Have I got some tip... | Article | Culture


Where Are All The JRPGs?

1186 days 1 hour ago - One writer laments the leave of RPGs in today's gaming market. | Article | Industry


See what games are coming out in 2016

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