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What Version Of Marvel Super Heroes Should You Play?

1151 days 18 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Between 4 different types of Marvel Super Heroes, which one stands above the rest? Capcom put an updated, graphically smoothed re-re... | Article | Arcade


Tokyo Jungle Review: GOAT, In More Ways Than One l The Scrub Daily

1153 days 19 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"As I deftly dodge their headbutts and maneuver away from an untimely death, I stop for a snack. The minute I munch on this plant, I’... | Review | PS3


Resident Evil 6 Review: Now With More Zombie Goodness I The Scrub Daily

1154 days 18 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"With only a handful of hours into the game and a lack of sleep, I’ve managed to play through some of the game’s core campaigns and h... | Review | Xbox 360


Marvel Super Heroes Character Rundown: Captain America

1155 days 10 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Marvel Super Heroes contains a pretty diverse cast of a lot of good guys and some that aren't so nice. You'd have to try pretty hard... | Article | Arcade


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Dishonored: Only One Week To Go I The Scrub Daily

1155 days 18 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Set in the industrial city of Dunwall, Dishonored follows Corvo Attano, a legendary bodyguard to the Empress who is framed for her m... | Preview | PC


Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Review l The Scrub Daily

1156 days 21 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"It takes place in a large contiguous open world in which the player has the chance to explore it bit by bit, but one must keep in mi... | Review | PC


Torchlight 2 Review: What Diablo 3 Should Have Been l The Scrub Daily

1160 days 21 hours ago - How does Runic's Torchlight 2 stack up against the rest of the 2012's RPGs? Find out with this review! | Review | PC


Digital Distribution Is In Dire Need Of Better Pricing

1162 days 6 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Why are we paying more for less here? These digital versions are costing us more money than their more expensive cousins. It’s time... | Opinion piece | Industry


Weekly Wishlist: Onimusha SAGA HD

1164 days 1 hour ago - TheScrubDaily:"With Zone of the Enders HD collection coming out in late October (and including a demo Metal Gear Revengeance included with it) my m... | Opinion piece | Industry


Paragon, Renegade, or Douche?

1166 days 12 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Do you believe that the games you play and the way you play them have an impact on you as a human being? Have you ever wondered if b... | Opinion piece | Culture


Half Life 3 Rumor: As Fake As A Handsome Vortigaunt

1166 days 12 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Let’s begin with “trusted source.” Using an unverified, unnamed source in journalism kills credibility. When someone can’t name thei... | Opinion piece | Industry


Anita Sarkeensian Still Hasn't Made Any 'Tropes VS Women' Videos

1166 days 14 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Famous feminist who held a Kickstarter of thousands still hasn’t made due on her promise." | News | Culture


Did Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Do The DLC Model Right?

1166 days 19 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"On one side, Namco is pretty cool not to make us buy parts of the game. This could be a step on the proper path. It’s reminiscent of... | Opinion piece | Arcade


Gaming In 2013: Ready Your Wallets

1167 days 12 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Plastic cards. Cash. Piracy. Assemble! 2012 has been good to us. Dragon’s Dogma, Tekken Tournament Tag 2, Virtua Fighter 5: Final... | Opinion piece | Industry


Starhawk Patch 1.4 Adds New 3 Modes Free

1168 days 3 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Starhawk is still getting loads of support. The next patch will add three new multiplayer modes for gamers to blow each other up in.... | News | PS3


Metro 2033: The Movie?

1168 days 17 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"When it comes to cinematic adaptations of video games, history is not on Metro 2033′s side. What comes to your mind when you thin... | Opinion piece | PC


Dark Souls: Death Isn't Really Your Fault

1169 days 2 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Between the constant thumps against my avatar’s head from their halberds and the constant streams of flames, I couldn’t move. How... | Opinion piece | PC


How To Get Ready For Borderlands 2

1170 days 10 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"Soon, Borderlands 2 will come to us from the gaming heavens, bullets and explosions following its return to Earth. I doubt you are r... | Opinion piece | PC


Borderlands 2: How A PC Game Should Be Done

1171 days 8 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"It’s sickening to have to deal with a bad PC port. Dark Souls is an amazing game plagued with things like a 30 FPS cap and bad optim... | Opinion piece | PC


How The WiiU Can Survive In The Next-Gen War

1171 days 8 hours ago - TheScrubDaily:"On November 18th, Nintendo’s tablet and console combo will hit the shelves. To be frank, I’m worried about the system. After the sem... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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