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Nintendo 3DS Demo Pod Tour

1223 days ago - Nintendo Gal takes a road trip out to California to explore the 3DS demo pod. | Article | Culture


A Wii & The Kindness Of Strangers

1232 days 5 hours ago - One single father on the social news aggregator Reddit is smiling at the kindness of another user. | News | Wii


Toys R Us Selling Nintendo 3DS Accessories

1233 days 18 hours ago - Retailer Toys “R” Us has already begun selling Nintendo 3DS accessories. Nintendo Gal has pictures and more information on what's up for grabs. | News | 3DS


Why Is There No Pokémon MMO?

1237 days 20 hours ago - One Nintendo Gal editor elaborates on a possible next step for Nintendo, and how a Pokémon MMO title might operate. | Opinion piece | Culture


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Metroid: Other M as reviewed by Samus Aran | Nintendo Gal

1241 days 14 hours ago - Samus herself drops by to review her latest adventure, in her new and improved(?) Other M persona. | Review | Wii


Don’t Buy the Nintendo 3DS For the 3D

1242 days 11 hours ago - A few reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Nintendo 3DS simply for the 3D. | Opinion piece | Culture


Pokemon Black & White Tour Overview & Giveaway

1262 days ago - Nintendo Gal visits the Pokemon Black & White tour in Seattle, WA and brings back a video of the event. Make sure to watch in HD! | Video | Culture


The Top 3 Misconceptions About the 3DS

1287 days 7 hours ago - Looking around online, there's a lot of speculation and excitement surrounding the 3DS. And with good reason. It’s not every day that a successor i... | Opinion piece | Culture


Virtual reality is within our grasp - right now

1287 days 7 hours ago - Many gamers are quick to dismiss motion control as a fad. The truth is, motion control gives us the technology to do incredible things. | Opinion piece | Tech


Yes, game companies can be evil | Gamer TV Network

1294 days 19 hours ago - A recent article from IGN speculated on whether or not Activision was really evil as a gaming company. Unfortunately, the writer missed a couple of... | Opinion piece | Industry


Looking ahead at February 2011's top game releases

1296 days 9 hours ago - January may have only be a few days old but it'll be February before you know it and the shortest month of the year has a number of game releases w... | Article | Culture


A History of Neglect: 7 Undersupported Nintendo Peripherals

1300 days 6 hours ago - History shows that the Wii Speak is far from the first Nintendo add-on to die an early death. | Opinion piece | Retro


Super Mario All-Stars On The Talk

1315 days 20 hours ago - Today The Talk on the CBS network had Doctor Gadget show off the Wii along with Super Mario All-Stars. The system was shown last on the line-up of... | News | Wii


Anime classics that should be video games

1322 days 14 hours ago - In the past, anime video game tie-ins were few and far between outside of Japan. These days, animes that simply stand out are often times given a... | Opinion piece | Culture


Looking Back: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening | Nintendo Gal

1326 days 11 hours ago - Nintendo Gal looks back on one of the greatest games of all time. | Article | Culture


Does Black Friday mean anything to the gaming industry?

1337 days 19 hours ago - With Black Friday looming on the horizon to kick off another holiday season, GamerTVNetwork wonders if this holiday really means anything to the ga... | Opinion piece | Culture


Review: Racing Wheel For Wii By Memorex |

1338 days ago - Memorex delivers a decent alternative to the official Wii Wheel. | Review | Wii


The Motion Control War - Holiday 2010 Predictions

1350 days 18 hours ago - All three of the motion-control systems are now on the market, and have been long enough for impressions to form. Looking at how each has been perf... | Opinion piece | Wii


Review: Super Scribblenauts (DS) | Nintendo Gal

1352 days 11 hours ago - Can this super sequel deliver what the original tried to do? | Review | Nintendo DS


Holiday Shopping Guide 2010 |

1354 days 8 hours ago - Nintendo Gal scours the net for the best games, accessories and peripherals that would be great presents, so read to find some fun choices. Some of... | Article | Nintendo DS


One Piece: Unlimited World Red Review

Now - Drew puts on his straw hat for another wacky adventure. | Promoted post
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