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Review: The Magic School Bus: Oceans (DS) | Nintendo Gal

1132 days 2 hours ago - Take chances, make mistakes, get messy! | Review | Nintendo DS


Review: NCIS: The Game (Wii) | Nintendo Gal

1136 days 2 hours ago - On your six, Boss! A hardcore NCIS fan gives the video game a spin. | Review | Wii


Review: Centipede: Infestation (Wii) | Nintendo Gal

1144 days 21 hours ago - A classic game with a new spin. | Review | Wii


Exclusive Resident Evil: Revelations Producer Interview

1145 days 22 hours ago - A talk with Tsukasa Takenaka, producer of Resident Evil: Revelations. | Interview | 3DS


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Capcom Gamer's Day: Resident Evil: Revelations New Details

1146 days 16 hours ago - Last Thurday, Capcom held their Gamers’ Day event in San Francisco. At the event was Tsukasa Takenaka who is the producer for Resident Evil: Revel... | Preview | 3DS


Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro Impressions | Nintendo Gal

1147 days 7 hours ago - Nintendo Gal has gone hands-on with the controversial new 3DS add-on. How does it feel, and how does it play? | Preview | 3DS


Nintendo releases financial report, attributes half of losses to U.S. dollar

1150 days 19 hours ago - Nintendo released their FY 2012 half-year financial report today. Nintendo Gal dived into it and came out with some interesting details such as the... | News | Industry


Review: Aliens Infestation (DS) | Nintendo Gal

1151 days 18 hours ago - Staying frosty or game over man? | Review | Nintendo DS


Zelda Symphony Concert Thoughts & Video

1153 days 20 hours ago - Nintendo Gal was on site at the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert in Los Angeles. Check out impressions and a video of the event. | Article | Culture


Review: Professor Layton and the Last Specter (DS) | Nintendo Gal

1162 days 1 hour ago - Level 5’s most famous archaeologist returns in another spectacular adventure. | Review | Nintendo DS


Review: Tetris: Axis (3DS) | Nintendo Gal

1166 days 4 hours ago - Do the pieces fit, or does this game leave gaps in the field? | Review | 3DS


Video: Professor Layton Golden Top Hat Challenge Event

1173 days ago - Last night at the House of Shields, Nintendo Gal was invited to attend the Golden Top Hat Challenge in celebration of the soon to be released Profe... | Video | Nintendo DS


Study: Social Games Stealing Gamers From Consoles?

1184 days 21 hours ago - Kabam, a developer of social games for more hardcore gamers, has just released the results of a study exploring a new demographic that they have du... | News | Industry


Natsume Conference Call, Rune Factory Details

1185 days 17 hours ago - News outlets were invited to attend a conference call with other writers to speak with Natsume’s Vice President of Operations, Graham Markay. Alth... | Interview | Wii


Review: Kirby Mass Attack (DS) | Nintendo Gal

1189 days 7 hours ago - A pile of pink that’s worth your attention! | Review | Nintendo DS


Exclusive Interview: WayForward On Centipede: Infestation

1191 days 16 hours ago - A few folks from WayForward, namely Game Director Armando Soto and Creative Director Matt Bozon, took the time to answer a few questions about both... | Interview | Wii


Kirby Snack Attack Truck | Nintendo Gal

1192 days 22 hours ago - Nintendo has sent out Kirby Snack Attack trucks to select cities (in celebration of Kirby Mass Attack), namely New York, San Francisco, and an area... | Video | Culture


Review: Let’s Golf! 3D (3DS) | Nintendo Gal

1193 days 20 hours ago - Should you hit the links with this title, or wait in the clubhouse instead? | Review | 3DS


Exclusive Interview: RedLynx (MotoHeroz) | Nintendo Gal

1194 days 19 hours ago - The creators of Trials HD talk about their upcoming racing title MotoHeroz. | Interview | Wii


Review: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (3DS) | Nintendo Gal

1200 days ago - Fun history battles or boring button mashing? | Review | 3DS


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