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'Splatoon' and the problem with objective reviews

25 days 5 hours ago - Many gamers have been clamoring for more "objective" reviews, but Splatoon handily demonstrates why such requests are troublesome. | Opinion piece | Culture


Story of Seasons (3DS) review | GeekNifty

126 days 11 hours ago - Story of Seasons may be a streamlined, simpler farming experience, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. | Review | 3DS


Opinion: The Steam Machine's Missed Opportunity

152 days 5 hours ago - The inexpensive Steam Machine that should have been, never was. Where is the $200 Steam Machine that the market needs? | Opinion piece | PC


Seven Video Games to Be Thankful For

255 days 18 hours ago - These seven video games could easily not have been made, but GeekNifty is glad they were. | Opinion piece | Culture


'Warhammer: Arcane Magic' - a Digital Boardgame for iOS

Now - Arcane Magic is a turn based strategy game set in the Warhammer universe. Play it now on Ipad and Iphone. | Promoted post

Defenders of Time (PC) review - GeekNifty

257 days 18 hours ago - Defenders Of Time doesn't seem to have a plot, but is totally addicting anyway. Available for PC through Steam, Defenders Of Time is a tower defens... | Review | PC


Review: PowerA Xbox One Mini Series Wired Controller - Gametista

264 days 12 hours ago - The controller is fine for regular use, but the lack of input for a microphone and questionable feeling triggers can't be ignored. | Review | Xbox One


Memorex Out of the Accessory Business

267 days 10 hours ago - At a recent Pepcom function, Gametista confirmed that one brand is no longer making gaming accessories. | News | Tech


The Evil Within (PS4) review - GeekNifty

277 days 16 hours ago - A true survival horror game finally arrives, but it can't survive the design flaws that hinder it. | Review | PS4


Sony Does What Nintendoes: A History of Hardware Innovation

294 days 17 hours ago - The house of PlayStation has built its fortune on taking early technologies and perfecting them for their game consoles, with many of them coming f... | Opinion piece | Culture


How Bungie Drove Gamers to Break Destiny

312 days 8 hours ago - Poor game mechanics and an exploit lead to a valuable lesson for Bungie... or not. | Opinion piece | Culture


E3 2014: Bloodborne Preview - GeekNifty

418 days 15 hours ago - Even back when the game was leaked and known as Project Beast, gamers noted that Bloodborne looked like it was going to be very similar to a Souls... | Preview | PS4


E3 2014: Super Smash Bros. Roundtable Breakdown

418 days 22 hours ago - Earlier tonight, Nintendo hosted their first developer roundtable at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The subject of the meeting was the pair of... | News | Wii U


Jungle Rumble: Fun, Happiness and Bananas Review - GeekNifty

449 days 8 hours ago - Jungle Rumble on iOS is an interesting new concept that's rough around the edges. | Review | iPhone


Review: ASUS Xonar DGX Sound Card - GeekNifty

493 days 5 hours ago - In this day and age when computer motherboards have perfectly capable integrated audio options that more-or-less render sound cards obsolete, there... | Review | PC


Opinion: Microsoft Will Leave the Console Race Before Nintendo

493 days 5 hours ago - Despite their successes, Microsoft's other troubles spell possible doom for their video game business. | Opinion piece | Industry


Review: ASUS Xonar DGX Sound Card | Gametista

851 days ago - Some might find it hard to believe, but companies are still manufacturing and selling sound cards. In this day and age when computer motherboards h... | Review | PC


Nyko Wii U Charge Base Pro Not Compatible With Nyko Controller

864 days ago - Gametista discovers an odd discrepancy with Nyko's Wii U products. | News | Wii U


Review: ASUS Orion PRO Gaming Headset | Gametista

878 days 11 hours ago - ASUSTeK, a company synonymous with various computer parts, has dived into the gaming end of things with their Republic of Gamers products. The line... | Review | Tech


Exclusive: First RetroN 4 Details

882 days 11 hours ago - Gametista has exclusive details on Hyperkin's next combination retro console, the RetroN 4. | News | Retro


Review: PDP Hardcover for Wii U GamePad | Gametista

891 days 8 hours ago - Gametista comes across a new accessory and takes it for a spin. | Review | Wii U


‘Warhammer: Arcane Magic': Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Now - Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Warhammer: Arcane Magic. | Promoted post
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