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"Don't forget to save your game before that door!"

Exclusive Interview with 'The Guardian Angel' aka Britanni Johnson - Borderlands Franchise

1236 days 1 hour ago - has an exclusive interview with the ‘Guardian Angel’ portrayed by Britanni Johnson from the Borderlands series. She was present d... | Interview | PC


Could GTA V hi-jack its way onto Wii U?

1240 days 7 hours ago - GTA V has been making huge headlines of late with tons of news about why the title will come out this holiday season. Which we actually even thoug... | Rumor | PC


The Next-Gen Console Wars has begun

1241 days 4 hours ago - writes: "Sony and Microsoft may still be back in the stone age of last generation. Both console makers could be playing ketchup af... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


NintendoLand Attractions Revealed in New Trailer

1242 days 6 hours ago - writes: "NintendoLand looks to be this generation of Wii Sports. As it will be packed in with the Wii-U Deluxe/Premium version of... | Trailer | Wii U


Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

Wii-U Launch Line Up Sizzles in this new Trailer

1242 days 8 hours ago - writes: "Nintendo gives us a sizzling hot new trailer!!! It features all the games that will be in the launch window for the Wii-U... | Trailer | Wii


Wii-U brings your TVii to life!

1242 days 10 hours ago - writes: "Famed Reggie Fils-Aime just announced the inclusion of TVii on Wii-U. The new collaboration of your TV/Wii-U brings all... | News | Wii


Mr. Know it all – End a Franchise, Start a Fanboy Rebellion.

1247 days 7 hours ago - We live in an age of Googles, Bings and Asking Jeeves. Even though the latter really doesn’t apply anymore. But with that said it seems that ever... | Opinion piece | PC


New Super Mario Bros. 2 Review -

1249 days 4 hours ago - writes: "The sequel that started it all this generation has finally hit store shelves. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the sequel to th... | Review | 3DS


Nintendo 3DS XL Review -

1249 days 9 hours ago - writes: "A couple of weeks back Nintendo officially released the 3DS XL. We finally got to get our mitts around this Super Sized 3... | Review | 3DS


The 5 Best Events in the Gaming Industry

1255 days 1 hour ago - With PAX under way some of the years best industry events are set to wrap up for 2012. With the last big event for the gaming industry coming in a... | Opinion piece | PC


New Mech on Mech Hawken Screenshots

1259 days 5 hours ago - Meteor Entertainment has released more screenshots along with an announcement for Oculus VR Support. Want more Hawken? Check out the screen shots... | Screenshot | PC


Why Ouya is GOOD and BAD for the Industry… as well as your free to play Wallet.

1264 days 13 hours ago - Ouya may have collected over 8 million dollars on Kickstarter however that doesn’t mean it will be a success. Don’t you remember Peter Molynuex?... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Black Ops II Multiplayer Schedule for Twitch TV

1272 days ago - Be sure to check it all out at the link below as well as a schedule for the stream! | News | PC


Free Unlock Rusanov's Axe for Darksiders II

1273 days 4 hours ago - To celebrate the release of Darksiders II THQ and Vigil are giving away free unlock codes for Rusanov’s Axe. The axe has what seems to be a scream... | News | PC


Darksiders II – Special Midnight Release Event

1275 days 23 hours ago - THQ, Vigil Games along with anyone involved with Darksiders II development are all taking part in the huge Midnight Release Event that will take pl... | News | PC


Olympic SuperStar Michael Phelps is a COD WHORE

1275 days 23 hours ago - Everyone’s favorite 17-Olympic-gold-medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps revealed himself to be a big Xbox player in an interview with ThePostGame... | News | PC


Deadlight Review (

1280 days 1 hour ago - Deadlight is the debut game from Tequila Works to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade. The game introduces you as Randall Wayne who is a resident of a post... | Review | Xbox 360


Darksiders II – What Hardcore Gamers have been waiting for

1283 days 2 hours ago - Ok gamers lets face it, this generation of consoles library has been less than stellar. Sure we have some titles that have given us that warm fuzz... | Opinion piece | PC


The Top 5 Sexiest Women of Gaming

1284 days 3 hours ago - Video Games are filled with some of the sexiest women in the entertainment industry. These women are like super models but better! Gamers grow att... | Opinion piece | Culture


Darksiders II Collectors Edition SOLD OUT!

1287 days 3 hours ago - “Community Update: We have just been informed that literally every outlet in the US has confirmed that they are completely out of stock for any add... | News | Xbox 360


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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