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Preview: Beatbuddy is a music-loving underwater adventure - GameZone

399 days 8 hours ago - GameZone: "In development by the Hamburg, Germany-based Threaks, Beatbuddy can probably best be described as a rhythm-reliant marine platformer. Wh... | Preview | PC


Review: Mighty Switch Force 2 may be over soon, but it's a great ride while it lasts - GameZone

400 days 6 hours ago - GameZone: "Despite the lack of overall evolution, this follow-up is a sheer joy from start to finish whether you've played the first game or not." | Review | 3DS


Preview: Dark Matter is a haunting Metroidvania set in the deep confines of space - GameZone

400 days 8 hours ago - GameZone: " The Metroidvania concept is great because it can be taken in such a wide array of directions. You can go for a retro-influenced romp th... | Preview | PC


Review: Mutant Mudds Deluxe takes its NES-like spirit to the Wii U - GameZone

400 days 20 hours ago - GameZone: " Mutant Mudds is one of those games that just belongs on Nintendo platforms. Maybe it's the referential nature of the title, which harke... | Review | Wii U


The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) Review

Now - Dave checks out the remastered version of Naughty Dog’s latest. | Promoted post

Review: Hotline Miami brings its neon decadence to PSN - GameZone

401 days 9 hours ago - GameZone: "Hotline Miami is available on the PlayStation Network, and it's still as amazingly hypnotic as it was when it first arrived on the scene." | Review | PS3


Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: Interview with A.N.N.E creator Moise Breton

403 days 18 hours ago - GameZone: " Developer Moise Breton, the sole operator for Gamesbymo, is currently toiling away on A.N.N.E, a Metroidvania that fuses several gamepl... | Interview | PC


Dr. David's Indie Spotlight - E3 2013: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures - GameZone

426 days 6 hours ago - GameZone: " Right from the get-go it's easy to see that this is a true representation of the Nerd in video game form. I died about 20 seconds (more... | Preview | PC


E3 2013 Preview: Project X Zone is more than just a crossover - GameZone

427 days ago - GameZone: " Project X Zone is due out for the 3DS next week, but I decided I'd check it out just prior to launch at this year's E3. I spent a few m... | Preview | 3DS


E3 2013: Suda51 goes in a darker yet still familiar direction with Killer Is Dead - GameZone

427 days 9 hours ago - GameZone: " At this year's E3 GameZone had the chance to sit in with XSEED and get some in-depth details regarding Killer Is Dead from Product Mana... | Preview | Xbox 360


Watch Dogs E3 2013 Preview: Hack Life - eXophase

428 days 12 hours ago - eXophase: "Up until recently, a lot of what we knew about Ubisoft’s upcoming espionage action-adventure game Watch Dogs was relegated to trailers a... | Preview | PC


Tom Clancy’s The Division E3 2013 Preview: Beautiful Dystopia - eXophase

429 days 12 hours ago - eXophase: "At this year’s E3 Ubisoft announced a brand new project title Tom Clancy’s The Division. In development by Ubisoft Massive, the game is... | Preview | PS4


Sonic Lost World E3 2013 Preview: A Bold New World - eXophase

429 days 12 hours ago - eXophase: "Sonic the Hedgehog has developed somewhat of a bad reputation for being the star of several not-so-great games. Over the past few years,... | Preview | Wii U


Flower on Vita E3 2013 Preview: A Beautifully Personal Experience - eXophase

429 days 16 hours ago - eXophase: "During my time at E3, one of the places I spent a lot of time at was the IndieCade booth. There were a number of games on display, and t... | Preview | PS Vita


Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: Dejobaan Games interview

441 days 8 hours ago - GameZone: "I recently interviewed Ichiro Lambe of Dejobaan Games. The studio previously released AaAaAA! and is currently working on 1...2...3... K... | Interview | PC


Review: Pandora's Tower is a great closing curtain for the Wii - GameZone

443 days 5 hours ago - GameZone: " It's funny to think that just a couple of years ago it seemed as though the Wii was pretty much done as far as worthwhile exclusives we... | Review | Wii


Dr. David's Indie Roundup: Armikrog, Humble Indie Bundle 8, Night of the Rabbit, and more

446 days 17 hours ago - GameZone: " Looking for a new indie title to play? Are you perhaps hoping to save some cash on a sweet bundle? Or maybe you'd rather just get excit... | Opinion piece | PC


Interview: Chatting about The Elder Scrolls Online with Director Matt Firor

449 days 6 hours ago - GameZone: " Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios revealed that they were working on an MMO project based on The Elder Scrolls just over a year ago.... | Interview | PC


Interview: Delving into The Evil Within with producer Masato Kimura

449 days 8 hours ago - GameZone: "Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks recently teased a new survival horror game titled The Evil Within. Directed by famed Resident Evi... | Interview | PC


Interview: Talking Wolfenstein: The New Order with narrative designer Tommy Tordsson Bjork

449 days 11 hours ago - GameZone: " A few weeks ago Bethesda released a teaser trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order. This next entry in the long-running FPS franchise is... | Interview | PC


Review: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Blade Wolf DLC is fun but ends way too soon - GameZone

450 days 3 hours ago - GameZone: " The second round of story-based DLC for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has launched, this time in the form of Blade Wolf, an add-on tha... | Review | PS3


Firefall (PC) Review

Now - Drew digs into this free-to-play MMO shooter. | Promoted post
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