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Paranerds: Podcast 162 – You Want a Resolution?

288 days ago - This week on the Paranerds podcast, the Paranerds speak about Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Fatal Frame, F... | Podcast | PC


Free App # 125 – Spider-Man Unlimited

288 days 3 hours ago - Developer:Gameloft Original Price:Free Today’s Free App of the Day is Spider-Man Unlimited, and yes, it is an Endless runner | News | iPhone


Ultimate NES REmix - Coming Soon to 3DS

289 days 1 hour ago - Well this was a big surprise, today Nintendo of Europe announced that Ultimate NES Remix will be coming out November 7th 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS/... | News | 3DS


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Release Date Announced

295 days ago - Remember that awkward minigame from Super Mario 3D World for the Nintendo Wii U? You know, the one where Toad has to be exploring areas by tilting... | News | Wii U


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Paranerds Podcast 161- Simply Smashing

301 days 11 hours ago - This week on the Paranerds Podcast, the Paranerds speak about The Simpsons Guy, Gotham while Rooster speaks way too much about The Walking Dead Sea... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Jet Car Stunts Now Available on XBLA and Coming Soon to the PSN

302 days 22 hours ago - Jet Car Stunts is now available for Xbox Live Arcade and soon will be making its way to the PlayStation Network. | News | PC


In Defence Of Video Game Achievements – The Problem And How To Fix Them

303 days 22 hours ago - Since their introduction, achievements have frequently come under fire from fans and video game critics alike. Even now, over a generation on since... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Paranerds: Final Fantasy II – A Story of Loss and War

303 days 22 hours ago - Callum of Paranerds writes : "It goes without saying that Final Fantasy is one of the biggest and most successful series on the market. Even after... | Review | PSP


Paranerds: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Review

304 days 1 hour ago - One of the most highly-anticipated Nintendo titles will be coming not only to the TV but also in your tiny little hands. Now you can finally take i... | Review | 3DS


Top Ten Video Game Crossovers

308 days 10 hours ago - Kevin of Paranerds writes : "You know what we love? Crossovers. Either in movies, TV Shows or comics it doesn’t matter, as long as we see a charact... | Opinion piece | Arcade


Total War: ATTILA Announced and Screenshots

309 days 8 hours ago - Today Sega of America and Sega of Europe have announced Total War: ATTILA, the latest installment of the Total War series. | News | PC


Paranerds Podcast 160 – Super Baby Mario

315 days ago - This week on the Paranerds Podcast, Kevin drops a crazy big announcement while Rooster tries to not swallow his tongue. The two then then speak abo... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Story of What a Little S**t Gamer I Was

316 days ago - Kevin of Paranerds writes " I’m 26. 27? 26? I forget. I was born in 1987 so I’m assuming 26, you do the math. That’s not the point. The point is I... | Opinion piece | Industry


Paranerds: The Wolf Among Us – Review

316 days 18 hours ago - Kevin of Paranerds writes : "Telltale is at it again with yet another “point-your-own-adventure” game this time based on the comic series Fables cr... | Review | Xbox 360


Paranerds: The Walking Dead Season 2 The Game – Review

317 days 6 hours ago - Kevin of Paranerds writes "The Walking Dead was our game of the year in 2012 because it was freaking awesome, and now that the final episode of Sea... | Review | Xbox 360


Velocity 2X Review- Paranerds

317 days 17 hours ago - Gareth of Paranerds writes : "I’ve been thinking about the format that I write these reviews in lately and I thought that I would make one importan... | Review | PS3


Paranerds: Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising – Game Review

318 days 13 hours ago - Before we truly get into the meat of this article there’s something which needs to be commented upon: Someone on the development team was obviously... | Review | PC


Paranerds Podcast: Podcast 159 : New NEW Paranerds Podcast

329 days 13 hours ago - This week on the Paranerds Podcast: The Paranerds speak about Dark Escape 4D (arcade) House of the Dead 3 (Arcade), Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Castl... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Paranerds: Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Review

330 days 7 hours ago - Of all the missteps ever made by Blizzard Entertainment, from balance problems in Starcraft to World of Warcraft’s increasingly convoluted lore, fe... | Review | PS4


Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition Announced

336 days 6 hours ago - Today Sega of America and Sega Europe have announced Total War ROME II – Emperor Edition, the definitive edition. | News | PC


YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio

Now - Game development could not be simpler with GameMaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game engine! | Promoted post
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