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"Dont take my comments seriously"

Epic: Gamers take Gears of War’s graphics for granted

1365 days 23 hours ago - According to Gears of War executive producer Rod Fergusson, gamers have become so accustomed to the series’ advanced visual finesse that they now t... | News | Xbox 360


GameInformer: Infamous 3 Wishlist

1370 days 18 hours ago - GameInformer writes: "Sucker Punch has made strides toward making Infamous one of the PlayStation 3’s defining franchises. With two games complete... | Article | PS3


Kotaku-What’s Wrong With Kids These Days?

1372 days 18 hours ago - Kotaku-"I am incredibly tired of this generation. And sadly, it's not this generations games...It's the gamers themselves. Every other post I see i... | Opinion piece | Culture


Battlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3: How important is framerate for you?

1381 days ago - If you are planning on picking up Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 this year, some interesting developments occured over the weekend, as EA DICE c... | Article | PC


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Microsoft's Xbox Live TV Service Seems Pointless

1390 days 13 hours ago - Maybe we're missing something here, but it seems like the forthcoming live TV service that Microsoft announced on Monday at E3 is basically a way t... | Interview | Xbox 360


Xbox 360 Still Selling, What Will Microsoft Unveil at E3?

1396 days 22 hours ago - In advance of next week's E3 gaming conference, Microsoft on Friday released some new Xbox 360 stats, and it appears that buyers are still snapping... | Article | Xbox 360


Nvidia and CCp games showcase graphics technology integration at EVE online fanfest event

1397 days 7 hours ago - CCP, a leader in massively multiplayer online games, today announced it publicly unveiled the results of its technology partnership with NVIDIA at... | News | Tech


Hold Your Horses On PlayStation 4 Chatter

1401 days 11 hours ago - Late last week, Sony chief financial officer Masaru Kato said, “For the home equipment the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform bus... | News | PS3


Cnet:How the Wii's successor impacts the console business

1435 days 21 hours ago - One of the most potentially damaging things a consumer electronics company can do to one of its existing products is confirm its replacement. So wh... | Article | Wii


Nintendo pres admits Wii was somewhat mismanaged

1436 days ago - The original Wii was quite a success. There's no doubt about that. However, sales of the system have began to quickly drop, and developer interest... | News | Wii


Crysis 2:If you can make it there...-CNET

1467 days 23 hours ago - The original Crysis was a PC game so graphically demanding that it became, in its day, a benchmark for the highest-end computers. While Crysis 2 st... | Review | PC


Write a inspirational battlefield speech for MAG and appear in the new mag trailer

2062 days 14 hours ago - We're working on a new trailer for MAG and we want you to contribute. We'll pick our favourites – approximately ten, depending on length – and... | News | 1


Top 40 best Xbox 360 games- the best xbox 360 exclusives

2067 days 17 hours ago - The Xbox 360 currently has one of the largest libraries of this generation due to the fact Microsoft was able to get the console out one year befor... | Article | 2


PS3 firmware no longer optional

2081 days 2 hours ago - SixthAxis writes:Firmware updates are a strange thing, with the recent 2.80 update being entirely optional until this weekend's VidZone update. Wh... | News | 1


UDN says PS3 Slim to be ready for July

2096 days 19 hours ago - I'm sure we've all heard the rumours of the PS3 Slim being added to the line-up 'some time this year' by an unnamed source. Well now, Taiwanese sit... | Rumor | 1,13


Confirmed Exclusive: Resident Evil 4 Arriving in Late 2010

2098 days 5 hours ago - Director Paul W.S. Anderson talked up (spoiler alert!) a new Resident Evil film last fall. Anderson has been busy working on drafts of the script,... | Rumor | 1, 2, 11


Dragon Ball license leaves Atari, returns to Namco Bandai

2098 days 16 hours ago - Atari's slow collapse continues with the loss of the company's most lucrative franchise. No, not Ghostbusters -- it's... | News | 1,2


Assasins Creed 2 cover revealed

2100 days 16 hours ago - The official cover for Ubisoft's highly anticipated game, Assassin's Creed 2 has been released. The fairly simplistic cover shows Ezio, the game's... | News | 1,2


More hints on possible Halo MMO

2101 days 10 hours ago - Rumors about a Halo MMO have persisted for over a year with actual pictures leaked on the Web. Microsoft revealed a brand new Halo Universe title t... | Rumor | 2


Is the video game industry recession proof

2104 days 12 hours ago - MSNBC's game-editor Kristin Kalniug wrote an article asking whether or not the video-game industry is "recession-proof": "About... | News | 13


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