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The Next Xbox Could Phase Out Physical Hard Drive In Favor Of Cloud Storage

931 days 11 hours ago - Boston (TheNextXbox) – When the Xbox 360 released, it was launched in two forms, one with a 20GB hard drive, and another without the added storage.... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


Microsoft Wagering Too Much On Kinect With The Next Xbox?

933 days 23 hours ago - Houston (TheNextXbox) – The next-generation Xbox is getting closer and closer to an official unveiling, and we are starting to learn a lot more abo... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


Does The Xbox 720 Need Halo 5 In Order For A Successful Launch?

934 days ago - Boston (TheNextXbox) – The first-party exclusive killer app is something that is always tied to a console, and can make or break a console at launc... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


How Much Should Microsoft Tweak The Next Xbox Controller

936 days 8 hours ago - Houston (TheNextXbox) – The controller that is used and ships with a gaming console can make or break the console’s success. We have seen this in... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

How Much Are You Willing To Pay For Next-Gen Xbox Games?

937 days 2 hours ago - Houston (TheNextXbox) – The next-generation Xbox is set to release in November 2013 according to all sources that we have access to, and Microsoft... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


Microsoft Surface And The Next Xbox, Remote Play Possibilities

945 days 23 hours ago - Boston (TheNextXbox) – There is no secret that Microsoft has a lot riding on both the Microsoft Surface tablet as well as the successor to the Xbox... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


Microsoft May Use The Xbox 720 To Help Push Microsoft Surface Sales

953 days 22 hours ago - Boston (TheNextXbox) – Microsoft is starting to make a major impact in terms of developing its own consumer electronics. With the next-generation... | Opinion piece | Industry


Five Lost Xbox Franchises That May Return As Xbox 720 Games

960 days 9 hours ago - Boston (TheNextXbox) – The Xbox and the Xbox 360 were both highly-successful consoles. One thing that is clear though is that a console is only su... | Opinion piece | Next-Gen


Microsoft May Opt Against Blu-ray Movie Playback With Xbox Next

962 days 3 hours ago - Boston (TheNextXbox) – The successor to the Xbox 360 is right around the corner, as the Major Nelson countdown has the entire gaming world on alert... | Opinion piece | Industry


Five Likely Hits To Headline The Xbox 720 Launch Games Line Up

962 days 20 hours ago - Las Vegas (TheNextXbox) – The successor to the Xbox 360, the Microsoft Xbox 720 or Xbox Next, is getting set for a release at some point this year.... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Analyzing Potential Release Dates For The Next Xbox, Xbox 720

963 days 18 hours ago - Los Angeles (TheNextXbox) – Microsoft is clearly hard at work on the follow-up to the Xbox 360, the Xbox 720. There are many questions though surr... | Opinion piece | Industry


Suicide Or Genius For Microsoft To Release Xbox 720 In June?

969 days 12 hours ago - Boston (TheNextXbox) – Microsoft and Major Nelson have come out and started a countdown for the next-generation Xbox 720, the successor to the Xbox... | Opinion piece | Next-Gen


What Should Microsoft Name The Xbox 360 Successor, Xbox 720?

969 days 12 hours ago - Boston (TheNextXbox) – Microsoft has a major decision on their hands with the successor to the Xbox 360. What they need to do is to come up with a... | Opinion piece | Next-Gen

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