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The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 28 – Janky Knees & Skeletal Hips

549 days 2 hours ago - Three stodgy old men come together once again in back-to-back weeks of Gamers Association’s podcast to complain about privileged youths who know no... | Podcast | Culture


Review Rundown: What is Gameplay

553 days 11 hours ago - Continuing his insight into the reviewing process, Gamers Association editor Nick Cane elaborates on the interactions that make this medium stand o... | Opinion piece | Culture


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review | Gamers Association

554 days 1 hour ago - "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is best experienced as a piece of audio-visual artwork, focusing squarely on its remarkable presentation and only int... | Review | PC


The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 27 – Wrangle In Some Nerdy Teens

554 days 10 hours ago - The Game Plan Podcast breaks its hiatus in celebration of Grand Theft Auto V, but despite Luke’s best efforts to stay on topic, the conversations t... | Podcast | Culture


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Playing Through The Backlog - Shadow of the Colossus

557 days 3 hours ago - Often regarded as one of the greatest games of all time, Shadow of the Colossus was an unmatched marvel when it released during the PlayStation 2 g... | Opinion piece | PS2


Ending with Style

557 days 6 hours ago - Without spoiling specifics, Gamers Association editor Jay Curtis highlights three popular and effective types of endings used to wrap up the most m... | Article | Culture


The Unanswered Questions of Kingdom Hearts

561 days 1 hour ago - With this week's release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, Gamers Association's franchise fanboy is playing through his favorite series once again. H... | Opinion piece | Culture


Our Choice Between Digital and Physical Media

564 days 1 hour ago - As the terms themselves become more and more unclear with each passing day, what does the near future hold for the distinction between digital and... | Opinion piece | Culture


Games I Want on PSN: Tobal No. 1

566 days ago - Continuing his series focused on forgotten gems, Gamers Association editor Curtis Stone turns to Tobal No. 1, a little-known and quirky fighter for... | Opinion piece | Culture


Previews Are Pretty Dumb

566 days ago - After a full four days in the gaming trenches of PAX Prime, Gamers Association editor Luke Frazier returns home and doesn't write a single preview.... | Opinion piece | Culture


Can Call of Duty Remain Relevant?

569 days 3 hours ago - As Titanfall continues to be the most talked about upcoming shooter, where does the hype train leave Call of Duty? Can this now-dominant franchise... | Opinion piece | Culture


Is The Switch To PC Gaming Worth It?

569 days 5 hours ago - With the next generation of game consoles only a few short months away, the new systems from Sony and Microsoft seem to hold all the attention. How... | Opinion piece | PC


Electronic Super Joy Review | Gamers Association

576 days 6 hours ago - "Electronic Super Joy is a good damn game. It is held back not by the tiniest, only-there-for-journalistic-integrity technical shortcomings but rat... | Review | PC


The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 26 – The Porcupine-Bunny Love Triangle

578 days 2 hours ago - This episode of The Game Plan podcast is everything you could ask for. New games? The Gamers Association guys have got ‘em, with talk of Saints Row... | Podcast | Culture


TESO Subscriptions, Conspiracy Theories and Butter

578 days 4 hours ago - With an article title that is sure to confuse, Gamers Association editor Nick Cane explores the conspiracies embedded within the required subscript... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Next Generation Lacks Excitement

579 days 20 hours ago - The long-awaited next generation of game consoles is all anyone can talk about these days, but is there really reason for it? Other than the automa... | Opinion piece | PS4


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Review | Gamers Association

583 days 1 hour ago - "While Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is by no means a nightmare of a game, it’s a game I do not want Nintendo to dream up again in the future. Tired id... | Review | 3DS


Hurt by Hype: A Gone Home Reflection

583 days 8 hours ago - Gone Home is one of the richest and most powerful gaming experiences of the year, but does knowing that going in hurt the discovery of finding out... | Opinion piece | PC


Divekick Review | Gamers Association

583 days 16 hours ago - "Divekick is truly for the fighting game community by the fighting game community, but it’s got so much to offer for those that are slightly curiou... | Review | PC


Space Hulk Review | Gamers Association

584 days 22 hours ago - "All in all, you've got a good game held back by some issues. Space Hulk has incredibly beefy design at its core – a tense, multiplayer slog – but... | Review | PC


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