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Gears of War for Xbox One

777 days 7 hours ago - "You could question the fact that the latest/fourth game released in the Gears of War franchise; Gears of War: Judgment, certainly did not hold up... | Rumor | Xbox One


Review: Borderlands 2 DLC – Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dungeon Keep (

783 days 6 hours ago - "So we have finally come to what appears to be the fourth and final campaign DLC release for Borderlands 2 entitled ‘Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon... | Review | PC


E3 2013: Forza 5 Video Interview

795 days 8 hours ago - Gamersbliss: At E3 this year with the showcasing of the new Microsoft and Sony consoles, we were able to have a private meeting with members of the... | Interview | Xbox One


E3 2013: Borderlands 2 – Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep - Video Interview & Preview

795 days 22 hours ago - "We had the pleasure of catching up with the lead level designer at Gearbox for Borderlands 2 at E3 2013. Not only were we able to get a chance to... | Interview | PC


The Xbox One Games You Need to Play in August

Now - A new month has rolled up which means new releases are on the horizon. Microsoft has a fairly good line-up on the way for August, so let’s take a l... | Promoted post

E3 2013: Call of Duty – Ghosts Video Interview & Preview

796 days 1 hour ago - "One of the biggest monster game franchises in existence is Call of Duty, it is played on most platform currently available as well as the next gen... | Interview | PC


Gears of War: Judgment Getting Free Map, But Does it Really Matter?

838 days 9 hours ago - "Will any free DLC at all truly help the Gears of War franchise at this point. What made the Gears of War franchise such a success in the past was... | Article | Xbox 360


Gears of War: Judgment Special Event Testings and Future/Current Speculations

859 days 14 hours ago - "Gears of War: Judgment has been suffering since its release with nowhere near the same initial sales at the past games in the Trilogy had and fran... | Article | Xbox 360


Gears of War Judgment – Leaked DLC, Skins, Maps & More

862 days 19 hours ago - "The following leaked content may be news to you or you may have already heard of this, however you have surely not seen the content displayed like... | News | Xbox 360


Will Xbox 360 Users Finally Get To Have More Than 100 Friend Limit?

945 days 9 hours ago - "The idea of giving gamers and users for the Xbox 360 more then a limit of 100 friends on their lists has been suggested plenty of times before. In... | Article | PC


GamersBliss - Gamer Girl of the Month: Sarah Spears

1018 days 7 hours ago - " is launching its new monthly feature,’s Gamer Girl of the Month. Each month we will be featuring a different girl... | Article | Culture


Top 5 Horniest Women in Gaming

1057 days 8 hours ago - There a many types of women in gaming. There are the badass ladies to the damsel in distress type. The love interests to the cool sidekick to those... | Opinion piece | Culture


Borderlands 2 Review -

1073 days 9 hours ago - From - "The sequel has been released to what was and still is an amazing game that broke many boundaries within the gaming industry... | Review | PC


Darksiders II Review -

1108 days 13 hours ago - From - "It appears gamers have been given a surprise this Tuesday as Darksiders II has been released and it is the best game I have... | Review | PC


Sweet Tooth Decoded

1148 days 2 hours ago - From - "One of PlayStation’s most notorious characters is certainly Sweet Tooth, aka Needles Kane. This crazed clown has made his w... | Article | PS3


Review: Spec Ops: The Line (

1157 days 15 hours ago - From - "June 26th marks the much anticipated release of 2K Games’ hit game, Spec Ops: The Line. This game is a third-person shooter... | Review | Xbox 360


Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Preview (

1160 days 14 hours ago - From - "Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Preview - With rapidly falling player numbers, continuing frustration over balance issues... | Preview | PC


E3 2012 – Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Exclusive Video Interview (

1166 days 4 hours ago - From - "We got a chance to check out what developer/publisher City Interactive has been up to lately at E3 this year. They are prob... | Interview | PC


E3 2012: Exclusive Darksiders II Video Interview -

1172 days 2 hours ago - "Who could not be a fan of Darksiders when it plays out like a new age mystic Zelda title at least as far as gameplay and mechanics. Nevertheless w... | Interview | PC


E3 2012: Exclusive Splinter Cell: Blacklist Interview -

1172 days 10 hours ago - From "At E3 2012 we were able to sit down with the game director of Splinter Cell: Blacklist for an exclusive interview after viewi... | Interview | PC


E3: 2012 – Exclusive Black Ops II – Video Interview & Demo Preview (

1172 days 11 hours ago - From "We got to interview TreyArch regarding the latest installment of Call of Duty; Black Ops II. After watching a preview of the... | Interview | PC



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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