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Are We Ready for a New Crysis Game?

731 days 1 hour ago - Yes, Crysis 3 has been officially announced by EA and Crytek, but what's the selling point? Surely not next-gen graphics, as we have those already. | Opinion piece | PC


I Met Them on the Internet, We Stayed at a Motel 6 by the Highway

731 days 3 hours ago - Can you really be friends with people you meet off the internet? TGF's Tavia tackles this question as she gives a run down of the Game Fanatics fir... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Game Fanatics Best Of PAX East 2012

734 days 1 hour ago - The Game Fanatics: It wasn’t easy and we didn’t agree on everything, but somehow we’ve found a way to come up with our picks for the best of the be... | Opinion piece | PC


G-Spot Episode 50 | PAX East Special!

734 days 15 hours ago - The Game Fanatics: Here is our special, 50th episode of the Game Fanatics Gspot Podcast. This one comes to you straight from our hotel room on day... | Podcast | Industry


Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

Kingdom Hearts 3D is the Kingdom Hearts You've Been Waiting For

735 days 4 hours ago - The Game Fanatics: No, this isn’t Kingdom Hearts 3, which Square Enix had no comment on. But, in regards to the franchise’s timeline, this is the s... | Preview | 3DS


The Secret World Brings The Horror Genre To MMORPGs

736 days 6 hours ago - Six of us here at The Game Fanatics ended up in Boston over the weekend, and we got in depth demonstrations and viewings of all the best games and... | Preview | PC


FarCry 3's Promising Multiplayer is Polished and Ready

736 days 22 hours ago - It seems like ages ago when the original Far Cry was released. A lot has changed in the shooter genre since then, other than, well, shooters being... | Preview | Xbox 360


My Player Improvements We’d Like to See in NBA 2K13

747 days 19 hours ago - TheGameFanatics: Our wishlist of improvements we’d like to see in the next installment in the NBA 2K series. | Opinion piece | PC


Game Fanatics G-Spot Episode 48 - The Video Game Name Game

790 days 15 hours ago - It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted a fresh episode of the Gspot Podcast, but fanaticalg returns to host the show yet again. The 50 minute epi... | Podcast | Wii


HTC to Team Up with PlayStation, PlayStation Games on HTC Devices Later This Year

790 days 22 hours ago - It is being reported that HTC has now become the first third party company to acquire PlayStation certification for their mobile devices. This coul... | Rumor | Android


Mass Effect 3 and the Power of a Good Song (and Clint Mansell)

790 days 23 hours ago - For Mass Effect 3, Bioware brought on Golden Globe winning composer Clint Mansell, famous for films like Moon, Black Swan, and The Wrestler. Howeve... | Opinion piece | Culture


ASUS Launches the Most Complete and Innovative X79 Motherboard Lineup

883 days 23 hours ago - ASUS, maker of the world’s best-selling and most innovative motherboards, is excited to release a wide range of new X79 motherboards. With a pletho... | News | Tech


Interview With Santa Monica: StarHawk is WarHawk on Crack

888 days 19 hours ago - Harvard Bonin from Santa Monica studios details out what we should expect in StarHawk, and its edge over predecessor, WarHawk. | Video | PS3


Could this be the only Facebook game worth playing?

894 days 21 hours ago - What’s that i hear you say? Facebook games are terrible? Normally i’d agree with you, but once in a blue moon a developer manages to create somethi... | News | PC


Is There Room for Single Player Action in a Multiplayer World

897 days 17 hours ago - The Game Fanatics' Jen K. looks into the claim that single-player games are dying and the impending dominance of multiplayer games. | Opinion piece | Industry


Top 5 Games Fanatics Are Looking Forward To This Month

928 days 22 hours ago - The Game Fanatics conducted a survey a few days back asking what games you, our readers, are looking forward to most in the month of October. The r... | Opinion piece | Industry


London Comic Con 2011 Preview

928 days 23 hours ago - The Game Fanatics will be at the London Comic Con this month, and this is what we expect to see. | News | Culture


You Want in on the Battlefield 3 Beta? It’ll Cost You 4 Million Microsoft Points

931 days 3 hours ago - "Xbox players who didn’t obtain a Battlefield 3 beta code will receive a shocker when they try to download it off the Xbox Marketplace today." | News | Xbox 360


Red Orchestra 2 Impressions

941 days 7 hours ago - The Game Fanatics takes a look at the multiplayer of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. Watch the embedded video below. | Video | PC


Introducing Sony Entertainment Network

944 days 19 hours ago - Beginning today, Sony will be updating a lot of things in the PlayStation Network, including the introduction of Sony Entertainment Network. Read o... | News | PS3


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