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"Guitar Hero!"

The Order: 1886 Review (The Geek Culture)

57 days ago - Forget the naysayers. Ready At Dawn's console debut presents an experience that shouldn't be missed. | Review | PS4


Here's How Activision Should Bring Back Guitar Hero

58 days 12 hours ago - The rumors are swirling, so The Geek Culture has a few suggestions on how Activision can bring back Guitar Hero right. | Opinion piece | PS4


New Rock Band Wish List -- Bring Back the Fog Machine

60 days 19 hours ago - When -- not if -- a new Rock Band game does surface, here's a list of features that should be brought back with it. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


How Sega Can Save Sonic the Hedgehog

60 days 21 hours ago - If Sega wants to bring its speedy blue mascot back to prosperity, it should follow these steps to the letter. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Are The Order: 1886's Complaints Valid?

61 days 23 hours ago - Many people have a lot to complain about with The Order: 1886 -- but The Geek Culture explains why most of these complaints end up being wrong. | Opinion piece | PS4


Hand of Fate Review (GameCrate)

63 days 16 hours ago - With a combination of card dealing, strategy and battling, Hand of Fate is a-flush with excitement. | Review | PC


Star Fox Wii U Wish List -- Most Wanted Features

63 days 19 hours ago - There's plenty gamers want to see from the new StarFox game -- including, yes, Amiibo support. | Opinion piece | Wii U


Minutes Review (GameCrate)

64 days 11 hours ago - Gamers looking for a short but unique puzzle experience can certainly count on Minutes. | Review | PS4


Pokemon Shuffle Review (The Geek Culture)

64 days 21 hours ago - Good news: the latest Pokemon game is free to play. Bad news: the developers replaced fun with unnecessary microtransactions. | Review | 3DS


Evolve Review (The Geek Culture)

65 days 8 hours ago - Despite hiccups with its progression system, Evolve is monstrously good fun with friends. | Review | PC


When Did Game Length Become Such an Issue?

66 days 22 hours ago - Many gamers are concerned over The Order: 1886 reportedly short game length. But why should that be a concern when high-quality entertainment is th... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Motorcycle Club Review (GameCrate)

67 days 11 hours ago - This motorcycle racer crashes and burns. | Review | PS4


Evolve Review (ReadRetro)

68 days 1 hour ago - Despite issues with a lack of modes and a heavy progression scale, Evolve is good fun with friends. | Review | PC


Grim Fandango Remastered Review (The Geek Culture)

71 days 17 hours ago - A LucasArts classic returns in top form. | Review | PC


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review (The Geek Culture)

72 days 19 hours ago - This round of monster hunting, backed by strong multiplayer and an array of weapons and armor sets, is easily the best yet for the series. | Review | 3DS


Dying Light Review (The Geek Culture)

73 days 5 hours ago - Its combat can be stretched a little thin (along with the story), but Dying Light has plenty of zombie-bashing fun to go around. | Review | PC


EA Sports PGA Tour First Look (Prima Games)

77 days 12 hours ago - EA Sports heads back to the links with this unique golf game, which will introduce "extreme" fantasy courses to put your skills to the test. | Preview | PS4


Dying Light Review (Read Retro)

77 days 23 hours ago - It appears that smacking zombies in the head and running around is more fun than you'd expect in Techland's latest. | Review | PC


TheLegend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Review (TheGeekCulture)

78 days ago - A Nintendo 64 classic returns in the best way possible. | Review | 3DS


Rock 'n Racing Off Road Review (GameCrate)

78 days 13 hours ago - This nostalgic racer has its heart in the right place, but runs out of gas. | Review | Wii U


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