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Level pup, Canines get their own game console

641 days 12 hours ago - Cnet: Let's face it, your dog will never be an Xbox master. And that's OK. If you want to introduce your pooch to the wonderful world of gaming, yo... | News | Culture


CGR: Resogun Review - PlayStation 4

801 days 20 hours ago - Inspired by 1980's Defender, Resogun is a fast-paced intense space ship shoot 'em up where you blast enemies on a cylindrical play field while also... | Review | PS4


Critics: ‘The Last of Us’ is post-apocalyptic perfection

975 days 17 hours ago - The end of the world is near! Especially if you’re into pop culture. A parade of apocalypses is storming theaters this year in an effort to turn t... | Article | PS3


Classic Game Room - dishonored review for PC

1114 days 11 hours ago - Classic Game Room reviews dishonored, which explodes off the screen with high production values and lavish detail as you explore the fictitious cit... | Review | PC


N4G Game of the Year Awards Nomination Contest

Now - Help us create our Game of the Year nominee list and you could win one of five $100 Amazon Gift Cards. | Promoted post

Classic Game Room Review: 007 Legends for Xbox 360

1198 days 23 hours ago - 007 Legends marks the second Bond video game adaptation shoehorned into the constraints of the aging Call of Duty engine, working itself in front o... | Review | Xbox 360


5 Decades of CES Hits and Epic Flops

1858 days 18 hours ago - The Consumer Electronics Show is the tech industry's annual gadget lovefest. It's launched some history-making devices -- and some major disasters. | Article | Tech


Motion Controllers That Didn't Work

1978 days 22 hours ago - With Sony's Move due out on September 19 and Microsoft's Kinect not far behind, the motion-control war is nearly upon us. But while we sincerely ho... | Article | Retro


ZillionTV set-top box promises free movies, TV shows

2528 days 16 hours ago - Wish you could watch Hulu's free, ad-supported videos on the TV in your den? That's the idea behind ZillionTV, a new set-top box that's looking to... | News | 14


Press Released: Lowenstein v. Kotaku – 2008

2681 days 17 hours ago - Remarks this week from former ESA President Doug Lowenstein are an accurate description of a problem that doesn't exist. In a Letter to the Editor... | Article | 13


Half-Life 2 Not Really "Episodic" After All

2682 days 2 hours ago - Valve marketing guy Doug Lombardi says the developer may have chosen the wrong word when it described the follow-ups to Half-Life 2 as "episod... | Article | 2,11,12,15


Warren Spector Warns Hardcore Gamers About His Next Game

2683 days 16 hours ago - Famed designer Warren Spector has warned that hardcore gamers may not be too happy when they hear what he's working on for his next project. | News | 15


DRM: We Explore The Controversy Spawned By Spore

2684 days ago - Ushered in with the recent release of Will Wright's Spore, the term DRM has entered a renaissance of popularity. Splashed across both digital and p... | News | 13


Is this the world's most addictive game?

2686 days 16 hours ago - Remember the name Michael Fromwiller, because he just ruined your life. An amateur game maker and World of Warcraft junkie, the San Jose State... | Article | 11


U.K. Industry Warns Against Lower Prices

2689 days ago - The U.K. videogame industry is starting to sweat over lower retail prices on hardware and software, and has suggested to retailers that they should... | News | 13

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