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SquareGo: Aqua Pearls Review

1853 days 5 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Aqua Pearls from G5 Entertainment and Reallore Studios ticks all those imaginary boxes, boxes like 'Is it Fun?', 'Is it addict... | Review | iPhone


SquareGo: California wants to oppress YOU

1853 days 5 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "On November 2, The United States Supreme Court will hear arguments in the first case involving video games ever brought before... | Article | Nintendo DS


SquareGo: Civilisation V Review "Pinnacle of turn based strategy"

1854 days 5 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Civilisation has always been at the very pinnacle of turn based strategy, offering gamers a cerebral, in depth and ultimately... | Review | PC


SquareGo: Front Mission Evolved Review "A game with no soul"

1855 days 4 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Front Mission Evolved tries very hard to instil the idea that at the heart of every mech is a living, breathing, human with a... | Review | PC


SquareGo: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review

1857 days 5 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is the sixth console instalment of the series, however this one tries to take you back to its op... | Review | Wii


SquareGo: The Banhammer is watching YOU - "Cheaters beware"

1857 days 5 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Whilst Bungie set the precedent for intervention in Halo 2, they've recently cast their net once again and proactively caught... | Article | PC


SquareGo: Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess Review

1858 days 1 hour ago - SquareGo writes: "What's a lonely Bachelor Vampire to do? You wake up one evening in a spooky (probably) Transalvanian Demon World, only to find... | Review | PSP


SquareGo: FIFA 11 Super Review

1860 days 1 hour ago - SquareGo writes: "Many people believe that once they have played one FIFA installment they have played them all; the teams, players and stadiums... | Review | PC


SquareGo: Left 4 Dead 2 - The Sacrifice Review "Zombie lambs to slaughter"

1860 days 2 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "The value proposition herein is one of the main bones of contention. The DLC is free if you are a PC gamer, but costs 560 MS p... | Review | PC


SquareGo: Medal of Honor Review - "Dishonourably discharged"

1861 days 9 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "MOH plays, at times, like the dark ages of the FPS" | Review | PC


SquareGo: Controversy - Who needs it?

1861 days 9 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "With the release of Medal of Honor we have seen EA back down from some of the potential controversy by renaming the Afghan/Al... | Article | PC


SquareGo: DeathSpank - Thongs of Virtue Review (Thongs not included)

1867 days 15 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "So it's been out barely two months and we're getting a sequel to Deathspank, in Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue? Yes, but the que... | Review | Xbox 360


SquareGo - Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 1 Review

1870 days 5 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Point and click adventures suit the iPhone well, providing longer and more involved game play than your standard "trip to work... | Review | iPhone

SquareGo: NHL 11 Review

1870 days 5 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "The NHL franchise from EA is what I would call a sports game anomaly; those who have never watched the game or even like it st... | Review | Wii


SquareGo - Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage Review (Buy New Pants)

1870 days 16 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Right there, on the front of the box, are the words that could make any horror fan excited about this game - "inspired by the... | Review | PC


SquareGo: The Settlers HD iPad Review

1871 days ago - SquareGo writes: "You could say it was only a matter of time before there was a Settlers game on iPad. After all, there are iPad representations... | Review | iPad


SquareGo: Start the Party! Review

1871 days 23 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "If you were to sit and play Start the Party! on your own until you'd seen everything on the disc, you'd be forgiven for thinki... | Review | PS3


SquareGo: Playstation Move - Kung Fu Rider Review

1872 days 13 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "If you replaced the words Kung Fu Rider with One Trick Pony then you wouldn't be going too far wrong in a game that inspires l... | Review | PS3


SquareGo: Playstation Move - Sports Champions Review

1872 days 18 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "So you've had the party game, wouldn't you now expect a sports one? Well Sports Champions does for the PlayStation Move what... | Review | PS3


SquareGo: PlayStation Move "Piis on the Wii"

1874 days 3 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "There is something fundamentally satisfying about receiving a product that not only manages to achieve what you were told it w... | Article | PS3


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