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SquareGo: Crysis 2 Review

1589 days 1 hour ago - SquareGo writes: "CRYTEK’s newest game has finally arrived, but is this another showcase for what their engine can do or a fully-fledged game th... | Review | PC


SquareGo: Music in Gaming - How it influences mainstream culture

1602 days 11 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "From the 6 note intro to Donkey Kong, to the psuedo-classical pretensions of Final Fantasy, the sounds and music of the gaming... | Article | Culture

SquareGo: Back to the Future: The Game - Get Tannen! Review "A step in the right direction"

1602 days 19 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Telltale games have been busy. In addition to the Back to the Future episodes, they’ve also been working on several TV and com... | Review | PC


SquareGo: Dragon Age 2 Review "Dumbed down dragon"

1602 days 21 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Bioware certainly promise a lot from their games and Dragon Age II is no exception. It's certainly got many quests, storylines... | Review | PC


Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

SquareGo: Black Prophecy Beta Hands On "The new Elite/Freelancer"

1607 days 8 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Black Prophecy is a new Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game based in space, with a great many similarities to an older gam... | Preview | PC


SquareGo: RIFT Beta Hands On "Looks amazing during gameplay"

1607 days 8 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "This year has already given us the great DC Universe Online and now Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) fans are just getting spo... | Preview | PC

SquareGo: Sony vs. LG: A tale of two warring goliaths "Ulterior motives at play"

1609 days 1 hour ago - SquareGo writes: "As a ten day confiscation of PS3's into Europe begins we see the next stage in the battle between Sony and LG emerging. Bus... | Article | PS3


SquareGo: Rawrysaurus Review "A charming game"

1609 days 1 hour ago - SquareGo writes: "Rawrysaurus is the latest from Whisper Game Studios, an internet-based, volunteer-run developer of cutesy Flash and XBOX Live... | Review | PC

SquareGo: Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review "Above average, but not by much"

1609 days 4 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Some of us, the ones who aren't deliriously excited about the release of Marvel versus Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, are a lit... | Review | Xbox 360


SquareGo: Tiny Wings Review "Go out and buy it now"

1609 days 4 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "The App Store is at once really annoying and really amazing. It's annoying because there are so many games thrown at it that i... | Review | iPhone


SquareGo: Dragon Age 2 - Hands On

1609 days 19 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "The fantasy RPG genre was feeling a tad stale back in 2009 with nothing really taking us for the ride we needed until Dragon A... | Preview | PC


SquareGo: 3DS - The Good the Bad and the 3D "Three no-nonsense opinions of the Nintendo 3DS"

1616 days 21 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Recently three members of our staff had the chance to get hands on time with Nintendo's new - all singing, all dancing handhel... | Opinion piece | 3DS


SquareGo: Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden Review "A bit like WoW but not as good"

1617 days 8 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "The first comment many have made upon seeing Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden is that it looks like World of Warcraft. Indeed, bo... | Review | iPhone

SquareGo: Killzone 3 Review "You simply should have this game"

1618 days 9 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "Killzone 3 is the continuing story of the war between the ISA and Helghast following, almost immediately, on from the ending o... | Review | PS3


SquareGo: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review "Like a testing child"

1621 days 2 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "You wonder how mankind discovered certain things that defy combination; like sweet and sour. Initial thoughts are that it won'... | Review | PC


SquareGo: DC Universe Online Review "Hard-core MMO fans may be disappointed"

1621 days 9 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "PC gamers have their fill of MMO’s to choose from but at last console gamers finally get a chance to see what it is all about.... | Review | PC


SquareGo: Magicka Review "The game is a great giggle"

1624 days 11 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "There's a point in the Magicka tutorial where it becomes clear that the tone of the game is wholly irreverent. It comes when y... | Review | PC


SquareGo: FPS Trainer Interview "Makes you a better FPS gamer"

1627 days 12 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "FPS Trainer is in development from Play2Improve. A game and product designed for First Person Shooter (FPS) players to improve... | Interview | PC


SquareGo: I Love Strawberries Review "A great title that deserves space on your iPhone"

1632 days 10 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "I love Strawberries; no, that is not a statement but a new iPhone game from COFFEE STAIN STUDIOS in which you control a strang... | Review | iPhone


SquareGo: GT Racing: Motor Academy HD "Should this game be made? Probably not"

1632 days 19 hours ago - SquareGo writes: "GT Racing: Motor Academy HD is one of those games where the developers should have probably asked themselves even before start... | Review | Android


YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio

Now - Game development could not be simpler with GameMaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game engine! | Promoted post
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