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Third Party Nintendo Games Now Have Club Nintendo Codes

1421 days 23 hours ago - PixlBit's review copy of Sonic Generations 3DS has arrived, and guess what was included? A Club Nintendo code! Click through for the picture and mo... | News | Nintendo DS


PixlBit: Kirby's Return to Dream Land Review

1447 days 6 hours ago - Jason Ross of PixlBit writes "Open up a toy chest, and inside you'll find a G.I. Joe, a water gun, a yo-yo. You'll see Ninja Turtles. Perhaps at th... | Review | Wii


Can Games Change the World?

1461 days 7 hours ago - PixlBit Contributor Chris Mabrey recently had the chance to attend a presentation by "Reality is Broken" author Jane McGonigal. Click through to se... | Article | Culture


PixlBit: PB & Jason Issue 56

1489 days 12 hours ago - Join Jason Ross in his one-man podcast as he discusses Star Fox 64 3D, Nintendo and Sony's TGS press conferences, and a pathway Nintendo could take... | Podcast | Nintendo DS


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

A few hours of Xenoblade Chronicles

1505 days 10 hours ago - Catch the first few hours of Xenoblade Chronicles on PixlBit! | Videocast | Wii


PixlBit: Bastion Review

1537 days 23 hours ago - PixlBit's Jason Ross has reviewed Bastion, and deemed it worthy of a perfect score! Find out what makes Bastion such a great game inside the link. | Review | Xbox 360


PixlBit: PB & Jason 44: E3 -- The Good, the Bad, (the Weird), and the Ugly

1580 days 19 hours ago - Join PixlBit staff member Jason Ross as he discusses his person best, worst, dullest and weirdest parts of E3 2011, based on his experience on the... | Podcast | Wii


PixlBit: Toys 'R' Us Offering 15% Off Gaming Points Cards This Week

1584 days 14 hours ago - PixlBit is reporting Toys R Us is giving a great gaming deal all this week, with 15% off game cards, a few console/gift card deals and more! | News | Nintendo DS


PixlBit: Live Stream of Duke Nukem Forever beginning 8pm EST.

1586 days 8 hours ago - PixlBit has received our review copy of Duke Nukem Forever, and we thought we'd celebrate the upcoming release by live-streaming the game! The stre... | Videocast | PC


PixlBit: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Impressions

1590 days 2 hours ago - Jason Ross got some time with Final Fantasy XIII-2 after Sony's E3 press conference. Find out all he discovered in the new demo. | Preview | Xbox 360


PixlBit: PB & Jason 43: Countdown to E3

1595 days 8 hours ago - This week's issue of PB & Jason discusses recent news and Jason's E3 plans. | Podcast | Nintendo DS


PixlTalk Episode 32 Part 1

1611 days 13 hours ago - There's a new PixlBit in town, and the celebration kicks off with a new episode of PixlTalk! Join the site's director, Nick Dimola, the assistant d... | Podcast | Nintendo DS


Is Nintendo Planning a Wii Redesign?

1631 days 9 hours ago - With all the focus on a Wii successor, has everyone been ignoring the possibility of a new version of the original Wii? Jason Ross at PixlBit explo... | Article | GameCube


PixlBit: PB & Jason Issue 37

1635 days 18 hours ago - PixlBit: "From rumors of Sonic to rumors of the next Nintendo controller, with rumors of the latest Sony and Microsoft consoles in-between, I had a... | Podcast | Wii


Toys 'R' Us Offering a Big 2-Day Sale for Easter

1636 days 6 hours ago - Games will be BOGO half-off both in store and online, while the Wii will be available for $159.99 online and in stores. | News | PS2


PixlBit: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review

1693 days 22 hours ago - "The opening cutscenes set a high level of expectation, and the smooth gameplay does not disappoint. At points, the onscreen action is nothing shor... | Review | Xbox 360


PB & Jason Issue 28

1699 days 5 hours ago - "I talk about hunting in Cubivore, the ups, the downs, and what makes the game special. There's mention of hunting down the "Valenslimes Day" relea... | Podcast | GameCube


PB & Jason: Issue 23

1742 days 19 hours ago - "#IPaidMoreForRockBandThanColumbusNova" | Podcast | Nintendo DS


Games Not to Give as Gifts

1757 days 17 hours ago - "My “Don't Gift!” list consists only of titles I've personally played this year, but more to the point, they're games that might just appeal to Chr... | Article | Wii


PB & Jason Issue 20: Not Disney's PB & Jason

1775 days 15 hours ago - This issue, the podcast is all about Disney Epic Mickey, with some general Walt Disney World Resort stuff thrown in. | Podcast | Wii


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