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The PS Vita was made for Africa

618 days 9 hours ago - In the deep heart of Africa it can be difficult to get a decent session of gaming going. For one, finding a decent internet connection can be near... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


A Brief History of Sonic the Hedgehog

635 days 19 hours ago - Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the longest running gaming franchises today (25 years). We first saw the fast, spying hedgehog way back in 1991 and si... | Article | Wii


Evolve’s gameplay takes us into new co-op territory

643 days 16 hours ago - Evolve is the upcoming first-person/third-person shooter by Turtle Rock Studios. Evolve expands the idea of co-operative gameplay by introducing so... | Opinion piece | PS4


Does a game need to be played until finished?

662 days 18 hours ago - So you’ve gone out and purchased your new, next-gen game that cost you a fair penny. You start playing and enjoy some of the meaty bits that the ga... | Opinion piece | PS4


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Is a 13GB game patch unreasonable?

674 days 10 hours ago - Recently a patch for Dead Rising 3 was made available for download and it came in at a whopping 13GB, which is one of the biggest game patches in h... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Four things that will drastically improve Battlefield 4′s multiplayer

683 days 13 hours ago - Battlefield 4 is the buggiest game that I’ve (Delon at ever played, hands down. In-fact, I can’t remember getting this frustrated with... | Opinion piece | PS4


A New Years Eve spent in Battlefield 4

694 days 20 hours ago - It’s been a long standing tradition of my mate and I (Delon, writer at 8bitbot) to play Warhawk split-screen on new years eve through to the new ye... | Article | PS4


The three most liked and disliked things about the PS4 according to gamers

700 days 13 hours ago - The Playstation 4 has been out for at leased a month in most parts of the world. At 8bitbot we’ve been reading what gamers are saying about their n... | Opinion piece | PS4


The PS4 is my first big console launch

714 days 17 hours ago - 8bitbot's - My introduction to the Playstation began with the PS2. I had completed missed out on years of console gaming and as much as I tried to... | Opinion piece | PS4


Remembering Prince of Persia 2008

721 days 12 hours ago - When most gamers think of Prince of Persia it usually brings back one of two possible memories. First, the original game that was created by Jordan... | Article | Xbox


Three steering wheels to consider for Grand Turismo 6

731 days 23 hours ago - Grand Turismo 6 is almost here and if there is one game that truly needs a steering wheel to be enjoyed properly it's this game. 8bitbot takes a lo... | Article | PS3


Sony likely to pull Twitch support

734 days 16 hours ago - Playstation 4 gamers or should we say showmen have begun receiving ban notices for Playroom streams. If you are not familiar with Playroom, it allo... | Opinion piece | PS4


One last game you should play on your Playstation 3

734 days 18 hours ago - With less than a month to go before South African gamers will be able to have a deliciously double textured Playstation 4 in front of them, 8bitbot... | Article | PS3


3 Great Facts About Tearaway

734 days 19 hours ago - Tearaway is the new PS Vita game by Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet). It’s a third person adventure game and the first game to use all of the input... | Article | PS Vita


PS4 owners to be: Prepare for Resogun

734 days 19 hours ago - For those unfortunate souls who have not yet been able to taste the greatness that is the PS4 (otherwise known as the "rest of the world"), due to... | Article | PS4


Boycott Dead Space 3?

1026 days 23 hours ago - EA has decided to include Micro Transactions in Dead Space 3 to bypass earning it with skill. 8bitbot is wholly against this. Check our video to se... | Videocast | PC


A short history about Max Payne

1269 days 13 hours ago - Max Payne made its debut in July 2001 and was only available for Windows. It has come a long way since then, with two game sequels and a movie. We... | Article | PC


5 great facts about Dishonored

1292 days 18 hours ago - Now that we know the release date for Arkane Studios upcoming, adventure game – Dishonored (9 October), we thought we'd dig up a few interesting fa... | Article | Xbox


Bike Baron for iPhone review

1303 days 10 hours ago - Bike Baron is not an original concept, at first glance it looks just like Joe Danger and anyone should be forgiven for making that mistake. In this... | Review | Mobile


A short history about Spider-Man games

1447 days 6 hours ago - Spider-Man first made his way into our hearts in 1962 and since then his popularity has spread like a web to all facets of our media consumption ch... | Article | PC


Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post
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