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Is GT5 A.I. Really Better Than Forza 4?

1444 days 12 hours ago - With the release of Forza 4 comes the predictable Forza vs: GT5 comparisons and fanboy wars in any forum that mentions either title. Common sense... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Forza 4: The Ultimate Campfire for "Car Guys"

1451 days 1 hour ago - Forza 4 is a love letter to "car guys." It is a celebration of cars, and it has something in it for everyone, from the little kid drawing cars and... | Review | Xbox 360


Fanboy Rehab 101: How I learned to love Halo

1451 days 1 hour ago - The Halo remake is coming, and now is as good of a time as ever to put aside our inner fanboys and review why we love or hate Halo. - Attack of the... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Porsche and EA vs: Ferrari and Microsoft

1501 days 21 hours ago - Racing sim fans everywhere are blasting EA for "blocking" Turn 10/Microsoft from using Porsche in Forza 4 (EA holds the rights to Porsche in video... | Opinion piece | PC


Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post

From Dust: Attack of the Fanboy Review

1517 days 11 hours ago - This is a solid gaming experience that breathes some much needed originality to console gaming... all in a graphically beautiful, value-heavy packa... | Review | PC


AMD says Xbox 720 will have Avatar graphics. Is that a good thing?

1541 days 20 hours ago - With better hardware comes better graphics/AI/physics... but that kind of quality doesn't come cheap. - Attack of The Fanboy | Opinion piece | Tech


Halo Killer, or killed by Halo? How to make good multiplayer.

1587 days 16 hours ago - "Titles like Halo and Call of Duty still rule the roost of online multiplayer. As multiplayer of big name titles like Crysis 2 and Homefront dry up... | Article | PC


Do we have time for bad games?

1610 days 5 hours ago - Attack of The Fanboy waxes poetic about the ups and downs of having too many quality games to play, and the effect it has on games that are not the... | Opinion piece | PC


We are Anonymous. Expect Apathy to our cause.

1636 days 3 hours ago - "Why all the Sony hate? I don't get it, but then maybe that is because I am not a butt-hurt Sony-PS3-hacker. Anonymous can say all it wants about... | Opinion piece | PS3


Crysis 2: After the Hype

1636 days 5 hours ago - Now that the smoke has cleared, Attack of the Fanboy takes a look at the good, and the bad of Crysis 2. | Opinion piece | PC


15 upcoming Xbox 360 exclusives. Where are they now?

1661 days 6 hours ago - Attack of the Fanboy separates fact from rumor to provide the latest up to date information and commentary on 15 Xbox 360 "exclusives" including th... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Location and plot uncovered? Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC

1663 days 9 hours ago - Bioware has recently begun to reveal screenshots from it's upcoming (and final) Mass Effect 2 DLC titled "Arrival." A number of Images have been re... | Opinion piece | PC


Xbox 360 vs PS3: Which is closer to maxing out?

1666 days 2 hours ago - What does maxing out a console really mean? Is the 360 maxed out yet? How about the PS3? Now on to my point: Have you noticed that every year som... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360

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