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Amazon Changes Wind Waker HD Price Back to $59.99

664 days 9 hours ago - UPDATE: Amazon has changed the price on its listing from $49.99 to $59.99 like other retailers GameStop and Best Buy. It appears that it will in fa... | News | Wii U


What to Play this Halloween

947 days 6 hours ago - No plans this Halloween? No problem! We've got you covered with our list of some truly terrifying games to play this Halloween... | Article | PC


Everything You Need to Know About the Wii U

947 days 12 hours ago - The next generation of consoles is right around the corner and Technical World has compiled a guide with everything you need to know about Nintendo... | Article | Wii


Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo 3DS

1578 days 16 hours ago - The next generation of handhelds are coming. And Technical World is keeping you updated with the latest information. Nintendo has released tons of... | News | Nintendo DS


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Technical World Holiday Buyer's Guide

1623 days 15 hours ago - Looking to get an amazing gift for somebody this holiday season? The Technical World Buyer's Guide 2010 has something for everyone. Click the link... | Article | Nintendo DS


Technical World Review: EyePet (PSP)

1623 days 18 hours ago - EyePet is bound to bring fun and excitment, but only for so long. Did the transition from the PS3 to PSP lower the quality or is it just as fun? Ke... | Review | PSP


(Late) Technical World Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

1675 days 18 hours ago - Ever sense SEGA has expiramented with Sonic in 3D the quality of his games has spiraled downward. So SEGA decided to take a step back to 2D Sonic a... | Review | Wii


Is A PSP Phone Really Neccessary?

1743 days 18 hours ago - As the title suggests, I think that a PSP Phone is the dumbest idea ever created. It would make absolutely no sense at all for Sony to make a phon... | Opinion piece | PSP


Top Five Wii Games Of All Time

1745 days 17 hours ago - There are alot of good games out for the Wii even if it has alot of casual games. But which ones stand out the most and can claim a spot in the top... | Article | Wii


Has Kinect Sold You?

1766 days 19 hours ago - Let me just state that I will never buy Kinect. Playstation Move, mabey, but not Kinect. It doesn't seem right. The games they have aren't very goo... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Three Things Nintendo Needs To Fix For The Next Wii Console

1767 days ago - Nintendo never really shoots to put the best technology into their home consoles. They choose older and cheaper technology to make the final price... | Opinion piece | Wii


Technical World Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2

1782 days 8 hours ago - The original Super Mario Galaxy was an amazing game that set new standards for not only the Wii but all systems. Can the sequel create the same mag... | Review | Wii


The Nintendo 3DS: What You Need To Know

1805 days 16 hours ago - Today at Nintendo's press conference they have showcased the 3DS. The successor to the Nintendo DS platform. It will feature 3D video along with gr... | Preview | Nintendo DS


Technical World Review: WarioWare DIY.

1836 days 21 hours ago - Once again Wario is back with a big group of mini-games for you to play. But this time around he gives you the chance to make games as well. But is... | Review | Nintendo DS


Technical World Review: Photo Dojo

1836 days 23 hours ago - Photo Dojo is a fighting game by Nintendo built exclusively for the DSiWare service. But instead of playing as strange Japanese characters you play... | Review | Nintendo DS


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Transmission 13 Reveals More Rock Mario

1837 days 7 hours ago - Watch the latest Mario Galaxy Transmission from Nintendo. | Video | Wii

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