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Liam: Why Microsoft’s Xbox One is the console to buy

576 days 18 hours ago - Which? Convo: Which current generation video game console should win your hard-earned cash? Here’s Liam of Xbox Mad on why you should go for Micros... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Jem Alexander: Why Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the console for you

576 days 19 hours ago - Which? Convo: Which current generation video game console should win your hard-earned cash? Here’s Jem Alexlander, freelance video game writer, to... | Opinion piece | PS4


Won’t play my old games? I won’t buy Xbox One

984 days 18 hours ago - Which? Convo: With the recent launch of the Xbox One, gamers (including me) are crying foul of Microsoft’s alienation of Xbox 360 owners by excludi... | Opinion piece | PS2


EA turning off games’ online servers is turning me off EA

1021 days 7 hours ago - Rory Boland, Which? Conversation: Electronic Arts (EA) has shut down online servers for a number of its games. But some gamers are losing more than... | Opinion piece | PS2


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Will the next Xbox destroy second-hand gaming?

1093 days 7 hours ago - Which? Convo: There are rumours going round that Microsoft’s next Xbox console will remove the ability for users to buy and sell their games on the... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Girl gamers may soon top the leaderboard

1116 days 7 hours ago - Which? Convo: The stereotype of a ‘gamer’ has long been the young man holed away in his bedroom, playing games in the dark for hours on end by hims... | Article | PC


Fifa 13 game bugs, glitches and crashing - can you get a refund?

1192 days ago - Patrick Steen at Which? Convo: Buggy, broken video games. It’s something I’ve come to expect, and Fifa 13 is the latest to be plagued by the issue.... | Article | PC


Microsoft Points – don’t get rid of this virtual currency

1468 days 14 hours ago - Jack Turner: Along with rumours about the next Xbox’s capabilities, another emerged about the way we buy content on the Xbox 360 and other Microsof... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Sony, why limit us to your own expensive memory cards?

1480 days 19 hours ago - Which? Convo: With the PlayStation Vita launching next month, the thorny issue of proprietary accessories has reared its head again. Sony’s handhel... | Opinion piece | Tech


Is it too soon for a new Xbox and PlayStation?

1490 days 13 hours ago - Patrick Steen at Which? Convo: Both Microsoft and Sony are rumoured to be unveiling their next video game consoles at the Electronic Entertainment... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Are video game publishers taking gamers for a ride?

1530 days 4 hours ago - Which? Convo: Modern video games have brought many developments, some have been a boon for gamers, and others a bitter pill. Now, a French consumer... | Article | PC


Microsoft censoring what your kids watch on TV? I don’t think so

1586 days 15 hours ago - Which? Conversation's Patrick Steen: What if your TV could, upon your child walking into the room, automatically switch channels from Aliens to Chu... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


There’s plenty of life left in Nintendo’s 3DS

1650 days 23 hours ago - Which? Convo: Cancelled games. A dramatic price drop. Falling shares. It’s all looking a bit grim for Nintendo and the 3DS. But is it actually all... | Opinion piece | 3DS

Apple must act now over its ‘iTunes hack’

1655 days 16 hours ago - Which? Convo: "The success of Apple’s App Store could soon hit a bump. iPhone users are allegedly in danger of a scam that’s cost them dear. The wo... | Opinion piece | iPhone


EA should be upfront about the lifespan of its online game servers

1663 days 6 hours ago - Which? Convo: Last week, video game publisher Electronic Arts announced its intention to close several online multiplayer servers for titles like T... | Opinion piece | PSP


Gadget Idol – what got you hooked on technology?

1667 days 18 hours ago - Which? Convo: Over time gadgets have grown and evolved while we have adapted our lifestyles accordingly. But what is the gadget that first made you... | Article | Nintendo DS


Downloadable content is killing the game

1696 days 23 hours ago - Which? Convo: There was a time when you could buy a video game, take it home and play through all there was to offer without spending any more pock... | Opinion piece | PC


Will Sony’s 3D TV innovations lure more than just gamers?

1701 days 6 hours ago - Which? Convo: Although there are a few things holding us back from investing in 3D TV, one of the elephants in the room is especially hefty – price... | Article | PS3


Nintendo’s Wii U – will screens in game controllers take off?

1704 days 18 hours ago - Jack Turner at Which? Convo: Like thousands of others worldwide, I tuned into Nintendo’s E3 keynote to get a glimpse of its new console – the Wii U... | Article | Wii U


PSN's up, but some gamers have lost faith with Sony

1728 days 12 hours ago - Which? Convo: Sony’s PlayStation Network is finally booting back up after almost a month offline, due to the gaming service being breached by hacke... | Article | PSP


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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