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"Been missing alot of game launches! "

Bioshock Dev Declares 2011 "The Best Year Since 2007" for Games

1219 days 14 hours ago - According to Ken Levine, 2011 offered the strongest selection of games since his own Bioshock came out four years ago. | Article | Nintendo DS


Swedish Study: Video Games DON'T Make Kids Violent

1235 days 20 hours ago - I love Sweden, don’t you? The Swedish Media Council have carried out a report that they say proves ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that video games actua... | News | PSP


Nintendo To Give Out Pokemon Victini This Saturday

1243 days 15 hours ago - Owners of the hit games Pokemon Black and White will have the opportunity to download a free Pokemon this Saturday to celebrate the release of the... | News | Nintendo DS


Korean Gaming Curfew in Effect

1243 days 23 hours ago - A South Korean law banning children under the age of 16 from playing online after midnight has gone into effect. The law, also known as the ‘Ci... | News | Xbox 360


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Sex Education Game Wins BAFTA

1243 days 23 hours ago - Remember that sex ed game that scrapped for release on Xbox 360 because of it’s overtly sexual content called Privates? You might be surprised to l... | Article | Xbox 360


Skyrim is Still Hooking the Hoards

1246 days 19 hours ago - Skyrim has become an international pastime, it has constantly been the most played game on Steam for the last two weeks. Currently being played by... | Article | PC


UK Politicians Speaks Out Against "Call of Duty 3"

1247 days 13 hours ago - "Games containing gratuitous violence and terrorist attacks are bad for everybody. Violent video games make violent people. These are scientific fa... | Article | PC


British MP Blames ‘Modern Warfare 3′ for Exploiting London Bombings

1248 days 13 hours ago - For decades video games have been blamed for sub-par graduation rates, the increase in reported A.D.D. cases, as well as the general degradation of... | Article | PC


Kevin Butler Honors The Die-Hard PlayStation Fans

1250 days 2 hours ago - PlayStation is looking to honor its fans, and Kevin Butler is on hand to single out a few of the most impressive die-hards. A slew of new ads fe... | Video | PS3


Six reasons the GameCube is the best system of all time

1252 days 15 hours ago - Ten years is a mighty long time, but it feels like just yesterday we drove to our local Sam Goody to pick up the system alongside Super Money Ball,... | Opinion piece | GameCube


FF13 Producer Admits Game Had Problems

1255 days ago - The producer of Final Fantasy XIII, Yoshinori Kitase, has come to terms with his own game it would seem. In an interview recently he admitted that... | Article | Xbox 360


‘Rainbow Six: Patriots’ Will Change the First Person Shooter Story Formula

1255 days 11 hours ago - "Rainbow 6: Patriots will be dealing with this particularly difficult subject matter and giving the player a pretty enlightening and at the same ti... | Article | PC


Redeem PS3 Saints Row 3 online pass, get free Saints Row 2

1255 days 16 hours ago - "Two days ago, we observed that the PS3-exclusive Saints Row: The Third content never happened. THQ didn't comment on the lack of exclusive materia... | News | PS3

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