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WorthPlaying: Battlefield Hardline: Multiplayer Hands-On

113 days 15 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Battlefield Hardline is set for release in less than a week, but we wanted to jump into the multiplayer side a little early s... | Preview | PC


WorthPlaying: Rock Band 4 Announced, First Impressions

120 days 6 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "We don’t usually have impressions of a game immediately after it has been announced, but then again, most developers don’t us... | News | PS4


Final Fantasy Free Download via Android Portal App

128 days 6 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Initially released in Japan in 1987, the original Final Fantasy amazed audiences with its rich story and stunning graphics, a... | News | Android


Fantasia: Music Evolved DLC List

266 days 1 hour ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Earlier today, Harmonix announced that the Fantasia: Music Evolved demo was available on Xbox Live. At the same time, all of... | News | Xbox 360


Grim Dawn

Now - The cave was infested with the walking dead. Zombies controlled by the Aetherials. I summon my raven and hellhound and they wade into battle. | Promoted post

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Switches To Steamworks, DLCs Do Not Transfer

401 days 20 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Both paid and free DLC will not be transferred over in this process." | News | PC


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' for Kindle + $22 Credit FREE on Amazon Today

413 days 3 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Thanks to a combination of promotions, it is possible to get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Kindle from the Amazon App... | News | Android


Kinect Sports Rivals - Hands-On Preview + Direct Feed - WorthPlaying

611 days 20 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Rare's Kinect Sports on the Xbox 360 was a great way to show off the original Kinect. It was a fun game in its own right, but... | Preview | Xbox One


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review - WorthPlaying

794 days 21 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Imagine, if you will, an alternate version of the 1980s where technology progressed a little faster, but everything else stay... | Review | PC


Sony Errors on Vita Promotion, Free Games Available to All

849 days 9 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "On Monday Sony announced it was giving away four free games to PlayStation Vita owners in order to celebrate the one year ann... | News | PSP


The Cave: Co-Op Hands-On - WorthPlaying

946 days 2 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Adventure games may have fallen out of favor among mainstream gamers, but a dedicated group of vocal fans and independent dev... | Preview | PC


Ubisoft Clarifies Use of Erudito Credits in Assassin's Creed III Multiplayer

976 days 9 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "On Saturday, we broke the news of Erudito Credit packs that were made available for sale in Assassin's Creed III. Today, U... | News | PC


Assassin's Creed III Includes Microtransactions

979 days 13 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "If this week's XBLA and PSN store updates for Assassin's Creed III are any indication, you won't have to wait until Watch Dog... | News | PC


Media, Ethics, Tomb Raider and the Streisand Effect -- WorthPlaying

980 days 11 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "One of the most common criticisms heard by members of the games media is, "They must be on the take." Having written about vi... | Opinion piece | PC


Skylanders: Giants Developer Visit - WorthPlaying

989 days 23 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Last year's release of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure was a surprise hit for Activision. The video game and toy combination wa... | Preview | PC


First ASTRO MixAmp 3 Image Leaked

1041 days 1 hour ago - WorthPlaying writes, "ASTRO Gaming made its mark on the professional gaming scene with its A40 headset and corresponding wired MixAmp, but in the y... | News | PC


Astro A50 Debuts with Firmware Issue, Official Statement

1074 days 13 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Astro Gaming's A50 wireless headset officially debuted today, though it was not a flawless launch. The initial batch of units... | News | PC


Haunt is Free This Week for all Kinect Owners

1102 days 18 hours ago - Microsoft is promoting its brand new Kinect Central hub this week by giving away a free copy of the XBLA game Haunt (normally 800 MSP or $10 USD) t... | News | Xbox 360


Royal Quest Preview - WorthPlaying

1230 days 4 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Although it was first announced back in 2010, there hasn't been much to say about Royal Quest until recently. Last week, we g... | Preview | PC


EA and G4 TV's Mass Effect 3 Ethics Issue

1249 days 3 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "To paraphrase the character of Ricky Ricardo from "I Love Lucy," EA and G4 TV have "some 'splaining to do." Yesterday morn... | Opinion piece | PC


Scarygirl Developer Interview with Creator Nathan Jurevicius

1261 days 20 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes, "WorthPlaying: Can you tell us a little bit about where Scarygirl came from? What was her genesis? How did you get the idea fo... | Interview | PSP


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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