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The Elder Scrolls Online's Combat is Awesome

1050 days 15 hours ago - During my brief 2 hour game play at PAX East, I can say Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is leaps and bounds ahead of any other game when it comes to get... | Article | PC


Elder Scrolls Online PAX Overview: Day Two

1056 days 23 hours ago - We got the chance to get hands-on with The Elder Scrolls Online and tested out the Combat, Gameplay Mechanics, Player Progression and much more at... | Article | PC


The Holy Trinity – Requirement or Immersion Breaker?

1088 days 18 hours ago - The Holy Trinity, a very controversial topic on many forums right now. Before we start explaining the pros and cons of the Holy Trinity, lets talk... | Article | PC


Elder Scrolls Online 1M Likes Video Easter Eggs

1093 days 18 hours ago - Today the official Elder Scrolls Online Facebook page released a “Thanks-a-Million” video after reaching over 1 million likes, of course it was muc... | Podcast | PC


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Elder Scrolls Uncovered Ep. 11 Live Stream - ESO Beta and Faction Balancing

1099 days 13 hours ago - Join Garbrac Hayyt, Guilo, Glandict, RapiD, and Almerish for Episode 11 of Elder Scrolls Uncovered. Tonights topics include The Question of the Wee... | Podcast | PC


Should ESO be Free to Play or Pay to Play?

1151 days 9 hours ago - Free to Play vs. Pay to Play may be the most debated topic since the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online back in May by ZeniMax Online Studios... | Article | PC


Elder Scrolls Online: 10 Things We Want to Know

1193 days 13 hours ago - During the past couple of weeks a load of information concerning The Elder Scrolls Online was released by a few MMO guild and news sites after bein... | Article | PC


U.S. Trademark May Confirm 'Dragonborn' DLC for Skyrim

1215 days 9 hours ago - Earlier today it was unofficially announced that the third DLC for Skyrim would be titled “Dragonborn” – officially Zenimax has registered a U.S. T... | News | PC


Why ESO is an Elder Scrolls Title

1234 days 2 hours ago - Ever since the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online many long time fans of the series have expressed their dissapointment with the move towards... | Article | PC


The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay and Lore Overview

1265 days 5 hours ago - Tamriel is in dark times, as the Winters grow colder the lack of food and warmth create dire conditions for the races of Tamriel. Fear is growing i... | Article | PC


What Can We Expect from Dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online

1305 days 14 hours ago - Elder Scrolls Online director Matt Firor has discussed the dungeons in his upcoming MMO on multiple occasions. We’ve been told about the open syste... | Article | PC


Tips on Making Money in Skyrim

1533 days 19 hours ago - As exciting as living in the wild, exploring caves and taking down bandit camps is sometimes you need a nice home and wife to return to and this re... | Article | PC


Real In-Game Skyrim Footage Leaked

1756 days 5 hours ago - Footage from Bethesda's BFG event in Utah showing real in-game footage of their upcoming title The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Warning: The leaked... | Video | PC


New Skyrim Info Summary and Screenshots

1762 days 2 hours ago - Here's a list of all the important features from the latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim information release and new HD screenshots. | News | PC


From Morrowind to Skyrim; Things That Should Carry Over.

1784 days 11 hours ago - Morrowind holds a special place in a lot of our hearts and with Skyrim's release date on its way we would like to see some things carry over. From... | Opinion piece | PC


Speculation on the Guilds in Skyrim

1804 days 23 hours ago - Guilds are a huge part of The Elder Scrolls series and with the happenings of Oblivion and the Infernal City what changes could we see? New guilds... | Opinion piece | PC


Guard Your Necks; Decapitations in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

1813 days 19 hours ago - With so much mind blowing craziness occurring the latest in-game Skyrim trailer you might have missed something very special. The decapitation of t... | Screenshot | PC


A Few NEW Skyrim Screenshots

1825 days 20 hours ago - Here are a few (11) new screenshots never before released of the future big hit release The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. | Screenshot | PC


Our Predictions for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

1828 days 5 hours ago - An interesting article and short list of some radical and logical predictions on items that may or may not make it into Skyrim. | Opinion piece | PC


What You Need to Be Prepared for Skyrim

1832 days 5 hours ago - Skyrim, although 276 Days 13 Hours and 48 Minutes away according to, will be upon us before we know it. Many of us have been slacki... | Article | PC


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

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