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Windows 10 Mobile beta gets its 'Xbox On' in new update

274 days 6 hours ago - From "Windows 10 Mobile preview is saying "Xbox On" in the latest update for its phones and tablets software. Microsoft's operati... | News | Xbox One


Why Sony canceling The Interview in theaters is a huge win for PS4

422 days 19 hours ago - From "There's nowhere safer than home, and that's exactly where everyone's PS4 console is set up. Sony has swept early adopters' l... | Opinion piece | PS4


Xbox One console back in stock at Amazon, arrives before Christmas

788 days 21 hours ago - Gaming Target: "The Xbox One console is back on sale at Amazon, as the online retailer is currently in stock of the once sold-out video game system... | News | Xbox One


Where to buy PS4 now to get it in time for Christmas

802 days 3 hours ago - Gaming Target: "PS4 had record sales when it launched two weeks ago, and that just means that Sony’s console is near impossible to find and won’t b... | Article | PS4


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige Edition on sale through Cyber Monday

804 days 6 hours ago - Gaming Target: "Amazon is selling Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige Edition during Black Friday and Cyber Monday starting at $188.92, which is more tha... | News | Xbox 360


Amazon Deal of the Day: PS3 320GB Uncharted 3 bundle, 10 discounted games and accessories

963 days 1 hour ago - Gaming Target: "Amazon is selling the PS3 60GB console bundle featuring Uncharted 3 for $250 as its Deal of the Day today. This PlayStation 3 pa... | News | PS3


Side-by-side: PS4 gamepad vs PS3 gamepad

963 days 4 hours ago - TechRadar: "There's no question about it, E3 2013 was a win for Sony. In addition to finally showing off the PS4's hardware and dominating Microsof... | Article | PS3


OUYA launches on Amazon for $99, sells out immediately

963 days 8 hours ago - OUYA has sold out at Amazon immediately after it launched in the U.S., Canada and U.K. today, with the retailer listing it as “Temporarily Out of S... | News | Android


10 overlooked Xbox One features you should know about

966 days 22 hours ago - TechRadar: The dust is starting to settle, meaning gamers can finally focus on the Xbox One features that matter. The good news for everyone is... | Article | Xbox One


Side-by-side: Xbox One gamepad vs Xbox 360 gamepad

977 days 9 hours ago - TechRadar: "The Xbox One controller has over 40 improvements over the Xbox 360 controller, and while a few are noticeable right away, it's hard to... | Article | Xbox 360


Remember Me Review: Worth remembering on Xbox 360, PS3 PC from Gaming Target

983 days 15 hours ago - Gaming Target: Games that use amnesia as a storyline are nothing new. Some of the more popular games out there had at least one character that batt... | Review | PC


5 reasons an always-online Xbox 720 is the worst idea ever

1037 days 8 hours ago - TechRadar: "The new Xbox could include an always-online requirement that would force gamers to maintain a constant internet connection to use all o... | Opinion piece | PS4


Nvidia compares PS4 specs to a 'low-end CPU'

1064 days 23 hours ago - TechRadar: "Compared to gaming PCs, the PS4 specs are in the neighborhood of a low-end CPU, and a low- to mid-range GPU side," said Nvidia's Tony T... | News | PC


SWTOR servers still down ahead of free-to-play update, patch 1.5

1185 days ago - Delays in getting the SWTOR servers back online have resulted in fan anger. This is, as Gaming Target says, "ahead of the game’s free-to-play trans... | News | PC


Video Games That Make You Smarter -- A Dozen Games To Get You Ready To Go Back To School

1261 days 12 hours ago - You'd be dumb not to read this G4TV article about video games that make you smarter. The list includes a dozen platform, puzzle and strategy games... | Article | PS2


Back To School Tech Checklist -- What You Need To Survive College Life

1262 days 19 hours ago - From "College-bound students, you have enough stress on your hands right now, packing up your belongings and saying goodbye to family, ho... | Article | Mobile


Video Game Clones: Zynga Gets Ville-ified In EA Lawsuit, Though Cloning Isn't New

1281 days 19 hours ago - goes through a comparison of Video Game Clones through the years, citing the recent EA Lawsuit against Zynga regarding the similarities be... | Opinion piece | Industry


5 Reasons The Xbox 720 Won't Be Named Xbox 8

1313 days 20 hours ago - says "Don’t round up Xbox 720 to an even-numbered Xbox 8 just yet." Just because Microsoft now possesses two Xbox 8-related domains, doesn... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Microsoft Surface: 5 Reasons It's For Gamers and 5 Reasons It's Not

1330 days 5 hours ago - Microsoft Surface could bring new genres to tablet games thanks to a keyboard and modern trackpad. It has other beautiful assets too. Of course, it... | Opinion piece | PC


MLG Anaheim 2012: KeSPA Plays StarCraft 2 in the US, All League of Legends Matches Livestreamed

1338 days 6 hours ago - G4TV went to the MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim, CA, where Matt Swider found KeSPA, StarCraft: Heart of Swarm preview stations and SC2 and Leag... | Article | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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