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Dreams PS4 is about to go Deeper

8 days 22 hours ago - "Today we join Mark, Steve, Peter, and John in Media Molecule’s latest Dreams PS4 stream live from Twitch! First in create mode we see more gamepla... | Article | PS4


New Details On Dreams PS4 Interview From Media Molecule

27 days 7 hours ago - "From #PlayStationPGW 2015, PlayStation France host an interview with Media Molecule. New details on Dreams PS4’s story, gameplay, and more reveale... | Interview | PS4


A Deeper Look Into DreamsPS4 QuanticDreams Stream

29 days 9 hours ago - "Today on the Media Molecule Twitch channel, gamers took a deeper look into the special DreamsPS4 QUANTICDREAMS stream. Streaming from the Quantic... | News | PS4


DreamsPS4 First Look At Create Mode

30 days 3 hours ago - Today Media Molecule went beyond what was shown at Paris Games Week with the first look at Create Mode in Dreams. Everything is still in the early... | Video | PS4


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Dreams At Paris Games Week Blew Our Minds

32 days 18 hours ago - PlayStation4Dreams writes: "Media Molecule took gamers by surprise with new details on their new PS4 exclusive game Dreams. We've predicted what co... | Opinion piece | PS4


Could PlayStation All-Stars 2 Be Possible in Dreams On PS4?

33 days 8 hours ago - "While more details have been revealing about Media Molecules new game, Dreams, it’s got us dreaming on a ton of possibilities. One of the big thin... | Video | PS4


Dreams PS4 Full Gameplay Paris Games Week 2015

33 days 15 hours ago - The full presentation of Dreams on PS4 from Paris Games Week 2015 has been archived on YouTube. See the full length gameplay and gain more insight... | Video | PS4


Dreams - Bear Dream (PS4)

37 days 10 hours ago - During todays livestream on Twitch, Media Molecule teased us with a full on Dream video made by one of the artist. The Dream had meaning as it was... | Trailer | PS4


New Details On Dreams From Today's Media Molecule Stream

37 days 12 hours ago - New details on dreams on PS4 were revealed from today's Media Molecule live stream. They've teased us quite a bit until we get to Paris Games Week.... | News | PS4


PlayStation Dreams Nightmare Halloween Special

38 days 23 hours ago - Dreams from Media Molecule is the talk of the town asking gamers what dreams they will have. We want to talk about Nightmares though. In the spi... | Article | PS4


PlayStation Dreams Gameplay Mechanics Speculation

40 days 7 hours ago - We’ve seen the imp creatures and glowing orbs showing as a tool for interaction and selection. For instance in one of the dream bubbles at the end... | Article | PS4


Over 20 Dreams Revealed in PlayStation Dreams

58 days 3 hours ago - Media Molecule has been very tight lipped over their new PlayStation 4 IP “Dreams”. From the creators of Little Big Planet and Tearaway, gamers are... | News | PS4


PlayStation Dreams Details from Media Molecule's Livestream

58 days 18 hours ago - When Media Molecule started their PlayStation Dreams stream, we felt like we all were taking a tour of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate factory! It wa... | News | PS4


Kara May Come To PS4 with PlayStation VR & Why It Should

64 days 23 hours ago - In the time span of only 7 minutes, the people over at Quantic Dreams created an emotional bond between gamers. The Kara demo left people in a buzz... | Opinion piece | PS4


Top 10 Upcoming Games That Should Be On PlayStation VR

65 days 12 hours ago - With a little over 20 titles for PlayStation VR, most think the selection could be better. Even though Sony's new VR headset launches in 2016, they... | Opinion piece | PS4


PlayStation 4 Games That Should Be Updated with VR Support

66 days 2 hours ago - PlayStation VR is soon to be released in 2016 while people wait in anticipation. There have been some great games that have been released already o... | Opinion piece | PS4


Microsoft fooled you all with Xbox One Update

893 days 5 hours ago - Well, look what has happened folks. Microsoft has changed some of it’s ‘original plans’ for the Xbox One. Do you all really think Microsoft didn't... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sold out soon

901 days 5 hours ago - In only a matter of hours, or days if you're lucky, your local stores will sell out of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 pre-orders. Upon going to GameSto... | News | PS4


PlayStation Home for PlayStation 4

901 days 11 hours ago - Subtenko: I'm somewhat surprised that hardly anyone has thought about the transition of PlayStation Home to the PS4. Then again the fact that So... | Opinion piece | PS3


Killzone Mercenary PSVita and Killzone 4 PS4 Connection

1032 days 6 hours ago - What if you found out that there is actually a bigger connection within the title "Killzone Mercenary"? Being on either side, PSVita owners could m... | Article | PS3


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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