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Dragon Age: Inquisition: New Screenshot Released and Two Fan Favorite Characters Confirmed to Return

8 days ago - Greg Ellis and Steve Valentine confirm returning to BioWare and recording voices for Knight-Captain Cullen and Alistair in Dragon Age: Inquisition. | News | PC


RipTen Review: Guild Wars 2 (PC)

556 days 6 hours ago - Megan Smith wrote: The MMO community has seen its fair share of competition over the past year with the release of several new games and updates to... | Review | PC


Review: Razer Taipan Expert Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse | DualShockers

644 days 5 hours ago - The Taipan is a marvel in little mouse technology. The 7-ft braided cord gives even those who have PC towers that sit quite a bit away from their a... | Review | PC


E3 2012: Hands-On Preview DC Universe Online, The Last Laugh | DualShockers

675 days 3 hours ago - The Last Laugh will be the fourth DLC pack that will be available for DC Universe Online on June 19th. This expansion will focus a great deal on Pv... | Preview | PC


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E3 2012: Eyes On Preview: Assassin’s Creed III | DualShockers

675 days 3 hours ago - Assassin’s Creed III was one of the biggest names down at E3 this year. The game was displayed in several areas, including in the Nintendo section... | Preview | Xbox 360


E3 2012: Hands On: World of Warplanes | DualShockers

677 days 14 hours ago - World of Warplanes will be a flight combat MMO that puts the greatest military fighters from over the years into massive dogfights of dominance. | Preview | PC


Interview with Daniel Erickson and the Future of Star Wars: The Old Republic | DualShockers

678 days 14 hours ago - Star Wars: The Old Republic has been out since December of 2011 and has already had one major patch implemented with the 1.2 Legacy update. Coming... | Preview | PC


E3 2012: Hands On Preview: Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on the Wii U | DualShockers

678 days 20 hours ago - Batman: Arkham City has been out for nearly a year, released back in October of 2011. The Nintendo Conference at E3 announced that a special Armore... | Preview | Wii U


E3 2012: Eyes On Preview: The Elder Scrolls Online | DualShockers

678 days 23 hours ago - I was fortunate enough to see a screening that revealed details in the much anticipated upcoming MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online. The sneak peek s... | Preview | PC


E3 2012 Preview: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy | DualShockers

680 days 6 hours ago - Don’t be fooled by the sheer amount of cuteness to this title. Despite the seemingly childish concept of tapping colorful dots in time to the music... | Preview | 3DS


E3 2012: Preview: Hitman Absolution | DualShockers

680 days 12 hours ago - The game gives you several options, most of which that aren’t even obvious, when it comes to taking out the target. I was surprised by the amount o... | Preview | Xbox 360


Dragon's Dogma Review | DualShockers

682 days 22 hours ago - The story of Dragon’s Dogma begins with a very oddly well-spoken dragon who decides to stick its fingernail into your chest and eat your heart like... | Review | Xbox 360


ROCCAT Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review | DualShockers

682 days 22 hours ago - This Roccat keyboard is a massive, but sleek-looking, piece of light-up black plastic that has a lot of little extras to fit many different needs. | Review | PC


Sign-Ups Start to Test 1.3 Update in the Public Test Server for Star Wars: The Old Republic

691 days 23 hours ago - The Public Test Server will be coming back online which will allow for players to put their expertise to use by thoroughly testing the patch. | News | PC


Prototype 2 Review | DualShockers

701 days 5 hours ago - If you have something against slicing people, zombies, and mutated puppy creatures alike into kibble before absorbing them through your skin and te... | Review | PC


New Podcast Video for Star Wars: The Old Republic Talks About 1.2 Patch and What to Expect in 1.3

708 days 22 hours ago - In a new video posted today, Eric Musco and Brook Guthrie get a chance to sit down with System Designer, Damion Schubert, and Game Designer, Daniel... | Video | PC


New Video Shows the Fighting Spirit of the Aman Race in TERA

721 days ago - En Masse published a video today to showcase the Aman race in the upcoming MMORPG, TERA. The large and fearsome looking characters demonstrate thei... | Trailer | PC


59 New Screenshots Published for Dragon’s Dogma

730 days 22 hours ago - Dragon’s Dogma will be out in May for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and today, Capcom published 59 new screenshots featuring scenes from both plat... | Screenshot | Xbox 360


Star Wars: The Old Republic Expands Free 30 Day Promotion to More Players

733 days 21 hours ago - BioWare has listened to the voices of the community and announced today that they have expanded the free 30 days of gameplay to all players who hav... | News | PC


30 Free Days of Star Wars: The Old Republic with the Launch of Legacy

735 days ago - The 1.2 Legacy patch launched today for Star Wars: The Old Republic. As a special thanks for sticking around, BioWare will be gifting all active su... | News | PC


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