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Preview: Assassin's Creed: Unity | Stevivor

360 days 23 hours ago - Nicholas Simonovski -- "Recently Stevivor had the chance to attend a preview event hosted at Ubisoft's Sydney-based offices. While there we were ab... | Preview | PC


Interview: Ian Milham on Battlefield: Hardline

361 days ago - Brad Stephenson -- "During 2014’s Tokyo Game Show, Stevivor met up with Ian Milham, the Creative Director of the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline to... | Interview | PC


Review: Fantasy Life | Stevivor

362 days 23 hours ago - Matt Gosper -- "Released initially in 2012 for Japanese audiences, we western devils are finally getting our chance to have a Fantasy Life in the w... | Review | 3DS


Review: Alien: Isolation | Stevivor

364 days ago - Steve Wright -- "Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines? Yeah, we wish we didn’t either. "Gearbox’s title was one of hope; it promised to be everythi... | Review | PC


This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post

Interview: Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey on Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

366 days 23 hours ago - Steve Wright - "Ahead of EB Expo, Stevivor was lucky enough to sit down to Michael Condrey, Co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, to discuss Call of Du... | Interview | PC


Foxtel Play heads to Xbox One "in the coming months"

369 days 21 hours ago - Stevivor -- "Foxtel and Microsoft today announced that Foxtel Play is heading to Xbox One "in the coming months"." | News | Xbox One


Bungie is wrong for telling us we're playing Destiny wrong

374 days 3 hours ago - Steve Wright -- "As many gamers expected since its discovery, the infamous Destiny loot cave has been patched by developer Bungie. Fair call or not... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Preview: D4 | Stevivor

380 days 21 hours ago - Brad Stephenson -- "While very little has been revealed when it comes to D4, Microsoft used the first day of the 2014 Tokyo Game Show to announce t... | Preview | Xbox One


Preview: Gauntlet | Stevivor

383 days 18 hours ago - Dave Haldane -- "The new Gauntlet needs views... badly. Original Gauntlet fans are probably shaking their heads in disgust at that bad pun, but you... | Preview | PC


Preview: Watch Dogs "Bad Blood" DLC | Stevivor

383 days 18 hours ago - Leo Stevenson -- "Watch Dogs' "Bad Blood" is the first story-based DLC for the hack 'em up and boy is it ever a breath of fresh air. Where Aiden Pe... | Preview | PC


Review: Destiny | Stevivor

384 days 21 hours ago - Andy Gray - "There is something to be said about the first time you load up a new game. Those feelings are ramped up a notch when with a brand new... | Review | Xbox 360


Shovel Knight finally gets classified in Australia

395 days 20 hours ago - Stevivor -- "Shovel Knight, the long-awaited title from Yacht Club Games, has finally been classified by the Australian Classification Board." | News | PC


Review: The Golf Club | Stevivor

395 days 20 hours ago - Steve Wright -- "The Golf Club is the latest offering from Canada's HB Studios. To those expecting a golf game in the vein of Powerstar Golf or Eve... | Review | PC


Bethesda, Village Roadshow team up for an Evil Within maze at Movie World

396 days ago - Steve Wright, Stevivor -- "Village Roadshow Theme Parks and Bethesda today announced a partnership that will see an Evil Within maze at Warner Bros... | News | Culture


Preview: The Sims 4 (and the story of Sad Keanu) | Stevivor

396 days 1 hour ago - Luke Lawrie -- "The clock has just ticked past 6 in the morning as Keanu slowly walks down the last set of stairs of his three story home. A mother... | Preview | PC


Microsoft Australia testing local Azure server farm with "private preview"

396 days 11 hours ago - Stevivor -- "Ever since launch, part of the Xbox One's appeal was that the console could offload some processing items to Microsoft's Azure server... | News | Xbox One


Left 4 Dead 2 gets an R18+ Australian classification in its original form

398 days ago - Stevivor -- "Five years after it was first released in Australia -- with less gore and zombies that de-materialised after they were dispatched (boo... | News | PC


Review: Tales of Xillia 2 | Stevivor

402 days 20 hours ago - Matt Gosper -- "It wasn’t that long ago that the original Tales of Xillia hit English-speaking shores – you may recall Shane’s review around this t... | Review | PS3


$60 USD or $130 AUD: Why I'm not paying the Australia Tax for Destiny

403 days 1 hour ago - Steve Wright -- "The news that Destiny can now be pre-loaded on Xbox One has extra repercussions than just being plain ol' awesome. It now means I... | Opinion piece | PS4


A Stevivor Series Tag Team with John Cena and Daniel Bryan

404 days ago - Damian Cavanagh -- "In a recent trip to SummerSlam to see WWE 2K15, Stevivor got to sit down with former WWE World Heavweight Champion, John Cena,... | Interview | Xbox 360


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post
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