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What If America Banned Violent Video Games

1098 days 15 hours ago - This is a question I think about from time to time. Thought about it a lot in 2007 after the talk of it in the media because of the Virginia Tech S... | Opinion piece | Culture


Please Remake Pokemon First Gen

1124 days 11 hours ago - Being a fan of Pokemon it really upsets me that the announcement made this week by Satoru Iwata (President of Nintendo) was not for a remake of the... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Why The Razer Edge Is Worth Its Price

1124 days 11 hours ago - Since Razer came out with a bang with it’s new Razer Edge gaming PC Tablet, a lot of people have been talking great things about it. The only negat... | Opinion piece | Tech


More Leaked BF4 Info

1299 days 16 hours ago - It was about 48-72 hours ago that the news of Battlefield 4 beta was in the works to be released for those who preorder the new Medal of Honor: War... | Rumor | PC


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Unannounced COD Game, and What To Expect

1397 days 15 hours ago - Hey guys, @zookkz here with some talk about COD especially since it’s been in recent news for the last week or so. It seems that there have been so... | Opinion piece | PC


Gotham City: A Game Of Potential

1419 days 15 hours ago - Now if you’ve never played this game and you’re a fan of FPS and/or Batman, then you are missing out on a lot! Stop reading this and go play it! Im... | Opinion piece | PC


Why Doom 4 Won’t Flop Like Rage

1475 days 17 hours ago - Since Rage came out in October, people that are fans of Doom 3 or the Doom series have been skeptical about Doom 4. Rage was showed off at E3 and i... | Opinion piece | PC


State Of The Game-Nation

1518 days 2 hours ago - With the gaming industry seemingly "booming" there is another area of it that is not. An area that makes it all happen. These are tough economic ti... | Article | Industry


Random Day Podcast Talk

1530 days 2 hours ago - Hey guys! Zookkz here from The Nerd Hour with one of our latest Podcasts. In this episode we talk about the possibility of a Gears of War Prequel,... | Podcast | PC


MW3 DLC Map Pack Already

1532 days 16 hours ago - A lot of us complained back in the MW2 days about so many DLC’s and they weren’t too expensive..then came along Black Ops and we were a bit satisfi... | Opinion piece | PC


The Nerd Hour: MW3 Review

1549 days 5 hours ago - Hey my nerd, geek, gamer, and tech listeners slash readers! We have a special treat for you today, with a full in-depth review of Modern Warfare 3.... | Review | PC


The Nerd Hour: Future Plans

1563 days 20 hours ago - The Nerd Hour, and our future plans. Right now, we are just a podcast, but we want to be something more. In this post, we explain what the "more" i... | Article | Xbox 360


The Nerd Hour, Tech and Gaming Podcast

1567 days 22 hours ago - A new podcast which starts airing this week. We talk everything about the new tech, new devices, and the gaming news you want to hear. We cover eve... | Podcast | PC


Blizzcon 2011 Is Here

1569 days 12 hours ago - We are only 10 hours away from the start of Blizzcon 2011 and I’m beyond excited. I’ve attended 1 Blizzcon event in the past, and regret not going... | Opinion piece | PC


The Competitive Gamer

1607 days 10 hours ago - Hey my tech and geek friends at This Ordinary Guy. I’m here again to bring you another look into a topic that is growing in the gaming community a... | Article | PC


Is MW3 Even A New game?

1607 days 10 hours ago - I have been a huge fan of COD, Counter Strike, Battlefield, and Halo for quite sometime. I started playing COD when United Offense came out for th... | Opinion piece | PC


An Update On My Thoughts Of MW3

1607 days 12 hours ago - So in my last blog about MW3, it was very basic, and there wasn't really a lot of material out to examine. Now that it's been a few months since,... | Opinion piece | PC


BF3 vs MW3…Just Kidding, BF3 Wins…

1608 days 8 hours ago - ThisOrdinaryGuy: So lets start with the pros of Modern Warfare 3 as a game…well there’s a problem with this section, Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t reall... | Opinion piece | PC

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