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Opinion: Xbox One and Playstation 4 are Effectively Online-Only Consoles

76 days 5 hours ago - It's not the consoles themselves, but the broken state of unpatched games. | Opinion piece | PS4


Gamestop "Interested" in Selling Used DLC

184 days 23 hours ago - It's already happening in other markets. | News | Industry


LittleBigPlanet Gets Additional Pre-order Bonuses in Europe

231 days 15 hours ago - Which one's your favourite? | News | PS3


Teenage son discovers his deceased father's ghost car in Xbox rally game

247 days 4 hours ago - "Moving" story brings commenters to tears | News | Xbox


Want to Join the Team? We are Looking for News Editors

Now - We are looking for news editors for the following categories. Games, TV Series, Movies and Tech. If you are an aspiring journalist in one of these... | Promoted post

Hackers break Mario Kart 8, vow to not aid cheaters

262 days 10 hours ago - The most basic premise of console multiplayer is the idea that everyone has a level technological playing field, but as the above video demonstrate... | News | Wii U


Mario Kart 8 is IGN's Game of the Month for May

293 days 11 hours ago - Why Mario Kart 8 is May's Game of the Month. | Opinion piece | Wii U


Kojima Worried The Phantom Pain Is 'Too Big' to Finish

386 days 11 hours ago - Creator wonders if players will complain the main game is too large. | News | Xbox 360


Porn found on Nintendo DS from local Wal-Mart

454 days 1 hour ago - HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) - A family in Hampton found sexual images on their son's new gaming console, a gift bought for him for Christmas. | News | 3DS


Battlefield 4 Problems Halt 'Future Projects' and Expansions

477 days 9 hours ago - Developer DICE is "not moving onto future projects or expansions until we sort out all the issues with Battlefield 4," an EA representative told IG... | News | PC


Are You Ready for the Most Exciting Era of Racing Games in 40 Years?

541 days 14 hours ago - Ladies and gentlemen; start your engines. | Opinion piece | PC


Police: Man Went On "Grand Theft Auto"-Inspired Crime Spree

546 days 5 hours ago - (Baton Rouge, LA) -- An Auburn University lacrosse player is in big trouble after police say he went on a "Grand Theft Auto"-inspired crime spree... | News | Xbox 360


Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition Outed

577 days 8 hours ago - Spartan Ops, War Games and more included. | Rumor | Xbox 360


Do video games belong in libraries?

588 days 12 hours ago - San Diego (CNN) -- If you want to save souls, first you need to put folks in the pews. | Opinion piece | Culture


Nintendo Makes Games, Not Art According to Iwata

601 days 8 hours ago - Games and customer satisfaction will play a major role in redeeming Wii U. | News | Wii U


How are Developers Using Xbox One's Kinect?

610 days 17 hours ago - It knows who you are. It knows where you live. | News | Xbox One


Is Nintendo Co., Ltd the New BlackBerry?

637 days 16 hours ago - When you last saw me 'round these parts, I questioned the future of Nintendo Co. Ltd. (OTCMKTS:NTDOY), suggesting that doom could be on the horizon... | Opinion piece | Wii U


State Of The Game: AMD And NVIDIA Talk 4K Gaming And Why The PS4 And Xbox One Are A Downgrade

638 days 19 hours ago - Forbes writes: While the Xbox One and PS4 took a lion’s share of the limelight at E3, there was more to the event than the console launches and... | Opinion piece | PC


Xbox One Headset Revealed

643 days 7 hours ago - Looks familiar, no? | News | Xbox One


Sony's PlayStation 4 Eye is a $59 add-on, PS4 packs a 500GB HDD inside

654 days 2 hours ago - While the US press release for the PlayStation 4 mentioned details about games, used games and pricing, it did not confirm all of the specs for the... | News | PS4


GameStop stock closes week down 19%

671 days 10 hours ago - GameStop's stock concluded the trading week down 19 percent, attributable to continuing investor concerns over Xbox One's used games market solution. | News | Xbox One


N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post
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