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Digital Journal Review: 'The Last of Us: Remastered' is a classic polished for the PS4

2 days 2 hours ago - It's always a challenge to improve an already perfect work of art but Naughty Dog would not settle for having The Last of Us be remembered as one o... | Review | PS4


Op-Ed: A minor delay is better than a broken game

5 days 6 hours ago - 'Battlefield: Hardline' has become the latest game that has been delayed to 2015. It appears that the 2014 Holiday season is going to be give gamer... | Opinion piece | Industry


Rumored 'DmC: Devil May Cry' port reignites old animosities

18 days 13 hours ago - A rumored Nex-Gen port of 'DmC: Devil May Cry' has reignited old animosities gamers have had one year after the games original release. Once again... | Article | Xbox 360


The five best games of the Spring 2014 season

31 days 13 hours ago - As gamers get ready for the Summer season, its time to look back at some of the best games of the Spring 2014 season. With so many titles released,... | Opinion piece | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

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The best valued and affordable games during the Steam Sale

35 days 22 hours ago - Once again Steam is having its annual summer sale which means gamers are going to create a massive backlog and maybe file for bankruptcy. A gamer w... | Opinion piece | PC


'Alien: Isolation' still haunted by the failure of 'Colonial Marines'

46 days 13 hours ago - Sega and Creative Assembly are attempting to redefine the horror-survival genre with Alien: Isolation, but every attempt to demonstrate the games u... | Article | PC


5 Failed games that earned a second chance

53 days 18 hours ago - The announcement that a sequel to Homefront, a game that lead to the demise of of its developer and help bankrupt its publisher, has stumped many i... | Opinion piece | PS2


Gamers surprised that Crytek is developing 'Homefront: The Revolution'

55 days 8 hours ago - Crytek official announcement that they are developing 'Homefront: The Revolution' has impressed many gamers while pundits in media are surprised th... | Opinion piece | PS4


Glenn Beck illogical opinion about 'Watch Dogs' ridiculed by gaming community

61 days ago - Glenn Beck has created a firestorm of laughter and backlash among the gaming community after denouncing Watch Dogs for teaching kids how to hack. T... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Digital Journal Review: 'Modern Warfare 2' brings the battle to the Mac

70 days 21 hours ago - It has been six years since 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' wowed the gaming world but Aspyr Media is hoping to reignite that spark for Mac gamers. | Review | PC


Digtial Journal Review: 'Wolfenstein: The New Order' is a classic shooter for a new era

72 days 18 hours ago - First-Person Shooters have changed drastically since the last time a 'Wolfenstein' game redefined the genre but 'Wolfenstein: The New Order' does i... | Review | PC


Playing It Old School- 'Wolfenstein' and the birth of the shooter

74 days 9 hours ago - Wolfenstein 3D is the game credited with establishing the First-Person Shooter genre and gave rise to many popular titles. As gaming world prepares... | Opinion piece | Culture


Sleepy Giant announces partnership with Kochava

86 days 1 hour ago - Sleepy Giant officially announced on May 6, its partnership with Kochava that would integrate a mobile campaign measurement technology into their F... | News | Industry


'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' met with skepticism

89 days 1 hour ago - The unveiling of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has dominated the gaming media over the weekend with speculations of a new direction along with som... | Article | PC


Kevin Spacey's performance in 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' has generated buzz

90 days 12 hours ago - The performance of Kevin Spacey in 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' has been the highlight of the trailer. Gamers and critics have praised his perf... | Article | Culture


Volition addresses impact of GameSpy shutdown on 'Saints Row 2'

91 days 23 hours ago - In a blog posted on April 30; Volition addressed the issue of GameSpy shutting down its servers and how it will affect 'Saints Row 2' multiplayer. | News | PC


'Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes' sales numbers impressed game media

95 days 13 hours ago - Konami announcement that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes sold over a million units across all platforms has surprised many experts in the gaming... | News | Xbox 360


'The Evil Within' premise spoofed by 'The Onion'

104 days 17 hours ago - Bethesda Studios has teamed up with 'The Onion' to create a spoof news story that promotes its upcoming game,'The Evil Within'. | News | Culture


'Crysis' will not be saved from the GameSpy shutdown

109 days 9 hours ago - Crytek has officially confirmed that it has no plans to transfer the multiplayer features of Crysis and Crysis 2 in response to the shutdown of Gam... | News | PC


Leland Yee's arrest is a victory for gamers

112 days 19 hours ago - California State Senator Leland Yee was indicted with two felony counts of conspiring to traffic firearms along with six corruption counts. After h... | Opinion piece | Culture


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