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Op-Ed: 'South Park' crtically destroys the free-to-play model

13 days 21 hours ago - The freemuim game model has been one of the most controversial market trends in the gaming industry. It has been denounced by gamers as a parasitic... | Opinion piece | Industry


Digital Journal Review: S.A.S. Zombie Assault 4 adds a new tone to a familiar game

21 days 7 hours ago - The series has been one of the few mobile games that stands out for its quality gameplay. To keep S.A.S. Zombie Assault 4 unique, Ninja Kiwi has ta... | Review | Android


Digital Journal Review: F.E.A.R. Online brings the horror icon to the multiplayer world

25 days 1 hour ago - The concept of a free to play multiplayer game based on the iconic horror shooter may at first feel difficult to comprehend but 'F.E.A.R. Online' i... | Review | PC


Digtial Journal Review: Zombie Highway 2 is a forgettable mobile game

30 days 4 hours ago - Gamers who enjoy killing zombies but are looking for something different may want to give 'Zombie Highway 2' a try for a few minutes before moving... | Review | iPhone


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Alien: Isolation highly praised by critics and gamers

37 days 3 hours ago - A week after its release on all major consoles and the PC, Alien: Isolation has been highly praised by both critics along with gamers. The game has... | Article | PC


Digital Journal Review - Alien: Isolation takes gamers back to the horror classic

44 days 1 hour ago - In 1979; Ridley Scott introduced audiences to a vision of terror by creating a story that combined the elements of horror in a science fiction cont... | Review | Xbox 360


'The Legend of Zelda' subject of Honest Game Trailers

60 days 21 hours ago - Jon Bailey once again narrates a Honest Game Trailers takes a few humorous jabs at 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time'. | Videocast | Culture


Op-Ed: Capcom needs to stop forcing co-op into every Resident Evil game

74 days 4 hours ago - 'Resident Evil: Revelations 2' is suppose to continue the style of its predecessor and return the series to its horror survival roots. However Capc... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Honest Game Trailers takes a jab at 'Team Fortress 2'

74 days 23 hours ago - PC gamers were in for a treat over the weekend when Honest Game Trailers took a few humorous jabs at 'Team Fortress 2'. | Article | PC


Gamers need to confront the cultures misogynistic problem

84 days ago - Criticism of sexism in video games has been on rise while several trolls took it too far when forcing Anita Sarkeesian to flee her home. She has no... | Opinion piece | Culture


Op-Ed: 'Metal Gear Solid' should not be remade

88 days 3 hours ago - Not all classic works of the cultural arts need a makeover just to be more appealing for a new generation. Yet Hideo Kojima has voiced his support... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Digital Journal Review: 'Swing Copters' is not the 'Flappy Bird' follow-up gamers wanted

88 days 13 hours ago - 'Swing Copters' is Dong Nguyen long anticipated followup to 'Flappy Bird' but this game is neither addictive or actually fun. | Review | iPhone


Honest Game Trailers takes a jab at the 'Diablo' trilogy

89 days 11 hours ago - Role Playing Game (RPG) fans were in for a treat over the weekend when Honest Game Trailers decide to take a jab at the 'Diablo' trilogy. | Article | PC


Grand Theft Auto: Online mod allows players to rape others

100 days 12 hours ago - 'Grand Theft Auto: Online' may have been developed to allow gamers to build their own criminal empire online, but some may have take it too far by... | Article | Xbox 360


Resident Evil TV series in the works

102 days ago - With so many television shows being developed that are based on movies and comics, it has been reported that a horror show based on 'Resident Evil'... | News | Culture


Op-Ed: Is the 'Homefront' series cursed?

102 days 17 hours ago - Two months after Crytek announced that 'Homefront: The Revolution' was in the works, reports began to surface that the studio was struggling with f... | Opinion piece | Culture


Creative Assembly addresses concerns about 'Alien: Isolation'

103 days 5 hours ago - Creative Assembly lead designer, Al Hope, wants to assure gamers that 'Alien: Isolation' will be nothing like 'Aliens: Colonial Marines'. | Article | PC


Digital Journal Review: 'Crazy Taxi: City Ru$h' is re-imagining of the classic arcade

105 days 2 hours ago - Gamers who remembered wasting quarters at the arcade back in the day will want to take a drive down memory lane with 'Crazy Taxi: City Ru$h'. | Review | Mobile


Gamers enthuisatic about 'Resident Evil' HD remake

106 days 16 hours ago - Capcom official announcement that an HD remastered version of 'Resident Evil' is in the works has been meet with enthusiasm and support from the ga... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Digital Journal Review: 'The Last of Us: Remastered' is a classic polished for the PS4

113 days 22 hours ago - It's always a challenge to improve an already perfect work of art but Naughty Dog would not settle for having The Last of Us be remembered as one o... | Review | PS4


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