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Gears of War creator “watching the Wii U closely”

1075 days 15 hours ago - Cliff Bleszinski, design director at Epic Games and the main creator of the Gears of War franchise, is known for being a huge Nintendo fan, despite... | News | Wii U


New PS3 super slim: Direct size comparison, and the new machine examined from every angle

1075 days 16 hours ago - GR: So the new PS3 super slim has been officially unveiled just previous to the opening of the Tokyo Game Show. We already have the launch and pric... | Image | PS3


Black Mesa Does Half-Life Justice

1075 days 17 hours ago - Black Mesa, formerly known as Black Mesa: Source, is a remake of Valve's very first game. It makes use of the Source engine which, while hardly c... | Opinion piece | PC


Six Super Hexagon tips from one of the best players in the world

1075 days 18 hours ago - Terry Cavanagh’s iOS hit Super Hexagon has much in common with the design principles of the classic arcade era, but a cache of three lives is not o... | Article | iPhone


The Wii U Games You Need to Play in August

Now - Let's take a look at what Nintendo will be offering throughout the month. | Promoted post

Xbox Live update: what's new this week?

1075 days 18 hours ago - It's an XBLA-led party on Xbox Live this week, with Jet Set Radio, goofy platformer Hell Yeah! and high-kicking remaster Marvel vs Capcom Origins d... | Article | Xbox 360


This is What a $1200 PC Gaming Case Looks Like

1075 days 18 hours ago - For many, spending $1200 on their entire PC would be a bit much. Spending $1200 on just the case? That's crazy talk. | News | PC


Why We Didn't Get a White 3DS XL

1075 days 18 hours ago - The Nintendo 3DS XL is certainly a step up over its previous model. Whether through its design, better battery life or larger screen, the new itera... | Article | 3DS


Weekly Sales Analysis, 8 September - Lost Heroes

1075 days 18 hours ago - PlayStation Vita sales drop back down, after last week’s spike due to the release of Next Hatsune Miku: Project Diva in Japan. Hardware sales have... | Rumor | Nintendo DS


PlayStation breaks its five-year curse

1075 days 21 hours ago - Ken Kutaragi's fingerprints have nearly faded completely. His farcically ambitious PlayStation 3 hardware design, finalised six years ago, left Son... | Opinion piece | PS3


Why free-to-play could be just what Nintendo needs

1075 days 23 hours ago - While the divisive energy systems that ask players to wait or pay to continue their game might seem like the antithesis of the Nintendo way, you ne... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


PlayStation 3 Super Slim Unboxing

1076 days 1 hour ago - IGN: As the first guys to get our hands on the new PlayStation 3 Super Slim, we naturally decided to unbox it so you guys can see what you're gett... | Video | PS3


Call of Duty: Bark Ops Is The Most Touching War Game Ever Not Made

1076 days 5 hours ago - Tina Amini: I never realized how useful dog tricks could be for a Call of Duty parody video. The shake, fetch, and playful biting really lend thems... | Video | PC


PlayStation All-Stars: 30 Minutes of Expert Videos

1076 days 5 hours ago - IGN's hunger for new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale content knows no bounds. We pitch characters for the roster, grab rumors, and have the off... | Video | PS3


Ew, why is this game being offered to Club Nintendo members?

1076 days 6 hours ago - If for some reason you want to shell out your digital Coins for this game, first things first: Seek help now because you probably drink too much.... | Opinion piece | Wii


Ellen Page on Beyone: 'not a gamer but likes taking creative risks'

1076 days 6 hours ago - Canadian actress Ellen Page is not particularly interested in videogames but she was the only choice to star in one of them, according to game deve... | Article | PS3


Torchlight II Faces Giant Rival Diablo III

1076 days 6 hours ago - When you think of action-RPGs, your mind is probably transported to the grimy, oozing underworld of Diablo. It is the unholy berserker of its genre... | Article | PC


Reality Check: The Truth About "Perverted" Japanese Games

1076 days 11 hours ago - Several years ago, American game blogs and forums exploded with scandal at news of a Japanese game called Rapelay. It was exactly what you'd expect... | Article | PC


Evolving Pokemon: How Black 2 and White 2 points to the future of 'catching them all'

1076 days 13 hours ago - Who says Pokemon never changes? Until recently, the franchise's story wasn't much more than an afterthought. Its main virtue was its consistency –... | Article | Nintendo DS


Guild Wars 2's Cultural Revolution

1076 days 14 hours ago - Rowan Kaiser observes that ArenaNet's handling of economic exploits in the game's market go against the spirit of capitalism. | Article | PC


Is Microsoft Working on "Wearable" Xbox Controllers?

1076 days 14 hours ago - Well, a patent application filed by Microsoft back in July outlines "a 'Wearable Electromyography-Based Controller,' … for measuring muscle activit... | News | Xbox 360


Splatoon (Wii U) Review

Now - Ken sprays paint (I mean ink) everywhere in the name of reviews. | Promoted post
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