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Is DC Universe Online Free to Play a Good Thing?

1339 days 11 hours ago - The news is out that DCUO is going free to play, but what does that mean for you? IGN discusses. | Video | PC


Homefront 2 heading to Xbox 720, PS4 and Wii U?

1339 days 19 hours ago - The big buzz all over the gaming community is the fact that we’re going to see a sequel to THQ’s Homefront in the hands of Crytek. The game will... | Rumor | Xbox 360


Resistance publisher shifting focus, PS4 release doubtful

1339 days 20 hours ago - There seems to be mixed feelings when it comes to the review of Resistance 3, which seems a shame, as it is a good game when all is said and done –... | Opinion piece | PS3


Final Fantasy-themed PS3 reloaded

1340 days 7 hours ago - Remember the PS3 Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition launched in late 2009? Well, Sony and Square Enix are releasing yet another version of the co... | News | PS3


The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

Sony PlayStation Vita vs Nintendo 3DS

1340 days 7 hours ago - Handheld gaming hasn't had a serious grudge match since the days of the Nintendo Gameboy and Sega's ill-fated Game Gear, so we're psyched to see Ni... | Article | Next-Gen


See How You Can Customize Monster Hunter 3G’s Touchscreen And Control The Camera

1340 days 17 hours ago - Like a few other Nintendo 3DS games, Monster Hunter 3G supports the Circle Pad add-on peripheral, but it doesn’t require it. If you decide not to u... | News | Wii


Microsoft in talks with Comcast, Verizon on Xbox TV?

1341 days ago - Microsoft is in talks with the world's largest cable provider, Comcast, to bolster its upcoming live TV service on the Xbox 360, a new report claim... | Article | Xbox 360


Get connected: Can TV spark a gaming revolution?

1341 days 12 hours ago - There is a revolution going on. Not as momentous as the Arab Awakening spreading like wildfire across the Middle East, but certainly with the poten... | News | Tech


Hayashi: Ninja Gaiden 3's dismemberment-free gameplay adds meaning to the violence

1341 days 12 hours ago - Ninja Gaiden 3 won't feature the frequent decapitations and other freeform dismemberment of its predecessors. You may think of this as softening th... | News | Xbox 360


Gears of war 3 lives up to hype

1341 days 16 hours ago - Final chapter of human race facing extinction trilogy begs for epilogue. | Article | Xbox 360


TGS 2011: Clan of Champions announced for PS3, 360 and PC

1341 days 19 hours ago - NIS America recently announced at TGS that it plans to publish the fantasy action game Clan of Champions in North America and Europe for PS3, 360 a... | News | PC

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