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#NRMPresents GameLoading: Rise Of The Indies

19 days 2 hours ago - Independent games are quickly becoming iconic in popular culture, as the community across the globe is now welcoming the brand new experiences they... | Article | Culture


Grand Theft Auto V Review | NRM

394 days 13 hours ago - NRM: "With astronomical hype and a £170m budget, Rockstar North has aimed high with Grand Theft Auto V, and it's brilliant. With aspirations of re-... | Review | Xbox 360


The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review | NRM

465 days 12 hours ago - NRM: "When it comes to The Walking Dead: 400 Days, following in the footsteps of greatness can be a tricky thing." | Review | PC


University Of Nottingham Teams Up With Sony To Cure Lazy Eye With Videogames

529 days 16 hours ago - NRM: "Remember when playing Tetris helped adults with amblyopia (aka lazy eye)? Well now Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and the University of N... | News | Culture


Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

VR Headset Combined With Motion Controller. Virtual Hand Movements Match Yours

539 days 17 hours ago - NRM: "Independent developer Kelly Weaver has combined the Oculus Rift VR headset with Razor Hydra motion controllers to create a prototype of a cha... | News | Tech


Bioshock Infinite Review | New Rising Media

567 days 16 hours ago - NRM: "Bioshock Infinite has entered a world of extremely high expectations. Over the course of six years the first person shooter has grown sta... | Review | PC


#NRMPresents 'Battle Worlds: Kronos.' Kickstarter Campaign Launched For Unfinished Fan Favourite

580 days 7 hours ago - NRM: "Six years ago, KING Art Studios made a prototype of turn-based strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos, which underwent community testing and gai... | Article | PC


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn PC Review | NRM

621 days 21 hours ago - If you're anything like me, when Dragonborn hit Xbox 360 you avoided all mention of it to keep yourself pure, so for my fellow keyboard-jockeys, Dr... | Review | PC


'The Freeman Chronicles.' Amazing Live Action Half-Life Web Series Needs Funding

623 days 14 hours ago - NRM: "In late 2012 a fan-made short film based on the Half Life universe called Enter the Freeman premiered on youtube. Boasting great production v... | Article | Culture


'Lumino City' Game Uses Environments Made By Hand Out Of Paper and Cardboard

628 days 7 hours ago - NRM: "What's your favourite graphics style? Pixel art? Cel shaded? Photorealistic? How about paper and cardboard? Developed by Sate of Play Games,... | News | PC


'Genocide Dolphins.' First-Person Shooter Takes You On A Surreal Trip

630 days 3 hours ago - NRM: "Kickstarter is rapidly becoming a place for the weird and wonderful ideas of indie game developers to get off the ground, and "Genocide Dolph... | News | PC


Portal Ported To Graphing Calculators

685 days 22 hours ago - NRM: "Reddit user Builderboy2005 has created his own version Portal for use on Texas Instruments graphing calculators (the TI-83 and TI-84 specific... | News | Tech


Interview With Marc Laidlaw: The Writer Of Half-Life

696 days 15 hours ago - NRM: "Marc Laidlaw, the writer behind the Half-Life series, is probably aware of the impact he has made with his work; but not so to the magnitude... | Interview | Culture


The Walking Dead: Episode Five – No Time Left Review | New Rising Media

699 days 8 hours ago - NRM: "The concluding part to Telltale Games' The Walking Dead presents not only an end; but a beginning. This may seem like the generic vague s... | Review | PC


'A Slower Speed Of Light.' MIT Explores Relativity In New Game

713 days 7 hours ago - NRM: "Be prepared to bend time and space, as MIT Game Lab has created 'A Slower Speed of Light', which explores Einstein's theory of special relati... | News | Culture


Text-Based Multiplayer Shooter Offers A Deathmatch Of Words

714 days 7 hours ago - NRM: "Developer Eigen Lenk has created a browser-based game titled Text-based Multiplayer Shooter, a retro demake of the standard online deathmatch." | News | Culture


Pid Review | New Rising Media

717 days 3 hours ago - NRM: "You come to realise that Pid is quite an odd game, emerging from the sea of recent indie platform games with an odd combination of politeness... | Review | PC


Castle Wolfenstein To Be Made Into A Movie

719 days 2 hours ago - NRM: "Classic stealth shooter Castle Wolfenstein will be made into a feature film by Pulp Fiction writer Roger Avary and Panorama Media." | News | Culture


Slender Is Not Scary

719 days 15 hours ago - NRM: "I followed the advice: play Slender at midnight wearing headphones. The psychologically troubling atmosphere and sheer tension my friends de... | Opinion piece | Culture


Man Invents A Pumpkin That Plays Tetris

720 days 8 hours ago - NRM: "Halloween hasn't really been on people's minds lately. That is until now, as Nathan Pryor presented his creation: a playable version of Tetri... | News | Culture


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post
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