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The Most Annoying And Most Satisfying Levels Of This Generation

1901 days 8 hours ago - Design and rhythm are integral to making you feel interested in a particular game. If a level is cleverly design, you’ll play it and enjoy it. If n... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Video Game Regulation Law Headed to Supreme Court

1901 days 13 hours ago - Last month, the Supreme Court announced that they would take up the case Schwarzenegger v. EMA, which deals with the regulation of video games. Cal... | News | Culture


Under Siege now officially supports the new Sony Motion Controller

2131 days 17 hours ago - Under Siege now officially suports the new Sony Motion Controller. We are extremely happy with the new controller and the developers are hard at... | News | 1


Madden 2010 Gets AFL Legacy Pack Today

2132 days 15 hours ago - EA will release yet another Madden 2010 video game update today. The AFL Legacy Pack download is now available for Madden 10. The pack pays tribute... | News | 1,2,11,13


Preview: 20XX: I Now Pronounce You Mega Man X and Roguelike

Now - 20XX makes no secret about its influence. Taking notes right out of the Mega Man X series, this side-scrolling 2D adventure also incorporates rogue... | Promoted post

Music-Inspired Hannah Montana Video Games Planned For Spring

2721 days 7 hours ago - Hannah Montana, the Original Disney Channel Series that launched in 2006, has been viewed in more than 23 million homes across Europe. The second s... | News | 3, 5, 9


WorldShift Beta Program Starts Today

2722 days 3 hours ago - The innovative real-time strategy game created by Black Sea Studios will enter its online closed beta phase today. | News | 12


British PM Ponders Game Crackdown Between Wii Tennis Matches

2722 days 12 hours ago - When not planning an offensive on the UK games industry (allegedly), British Prime Minister Gordon Brown likes to engage in a bit of Wii Sports act... | News | 3,11,13


Patch Notes for Pirates of the Burning Sea Build

2722 days 12 hours ago - Differences between and include but aren't limited to: Character Creation / Customization: • Some combinations of items and... | News | 11,12


Irony: Live Users Having Issues Downloading Undertow

2742 days 16 hours ago - Xbox Live is still having issues. They have been having issues since before Christmas. Reason? Live can't handle all the new users and is chugging... | Article | 2


The 10 worst geek gift ideas for the holidays

2793 days 11 hours ago - Sometimes it's not so obvious that something will make a horrible holiday gift (or just a grudgingly accepted one). That's why we're here to clear... | Article | 12,14


World Headed for "Cyber Cold War"?

2796 days 17 hours ago - Government and military computer systems in the West are coming under sustained attack from China and other countries, a major new study warns.... | Article | 12,14


FlOw dev discusses blossoming new project for PSN

2797 days 14 hours ago - If the Tokyo Game Show trailer was any indication, flOw developer Thatgamecompany is not shying away from abstract projects. Speaking at the Montre... | News | 1


Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review by TotalPlayStation

2806 days 19 hours ago - The things that Naughty Dog did with the PlayStation 3 hardware are mind-boggling. This is what everyone imagined PlayStation 3 games were going to... | Review | 1


Video proof: Why Uncharted is the best looking PS3 game to date

2811 days 16 hours ago - This gameplay footage must be seen to be believed. | Video | 1


PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.0 official feature list

2818 days 9 hours ago - Here they are folks, straight from the official US PlayStation homepage, the official feature list of Firmware 2.0. | News | 1


8/10 for Mario and Sonic from GamesRadar

2819 days 14 hours ago - According to Games Radar: "It's bigger and better than Wii Play. It's more fun with friends than Mario Strikers Charged. Yes, some of the... | Review | 3


Game Daily: Jericho: 5/10 for 360, 8/10 for PC

2832 days 13 hours ago - Whenever there's an impending apocalypse of biblical proportions, the elite Jericho Squad gets sent to wade through four-inch pools of blood and (l... | Review | 2, 12


The History of Metroid - Part One

2842 days 15 hours ago - The Metroid series has always been a victim of bad timing. It's one of the most critically acclaimed franchises in gaming, but thanks to dodgy rele... | Article | 3,11


Best Weapons of All Time

2846 days 14 hours ago - From shotguns to rockets, chainsaws to weapons that fire right through walls, weapons are what make gaming fun. You can have the greatest game out... | Article | 11


Sony Confirms Godzilla Blu-ray Release

2854 days 14 hours ago - Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has confirmed that they will bring the 1998 version of 'Godzilla' to Blu-ray on March 28th in a "Monster Edit... | News | 1,13,14


Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post
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