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Capcom & Valve Reveal ‘Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2′ Crossover

988 days 9 hours ago - Capcom and Valve have revealed a new crossover project, 'Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2.' With that announcement came a host of new screens, ar... | News | PC


Will The PlayStation 4′s Features Improve Game Sales?

989 days 2 hours ago - In light of poor sales of recent PlayStation titles, GamerXChange begs to ask the question, "Will the PlayStation 4's unique features, such as full... | Opinion piece | PS3


God of War: Ascension | Review [GamerXChange]

989 days 11 hours ago - GXC: "God of War has always been about power, rage, and revenge. Kratos gets angry at some god, titan, or other mythical creature, then rips their... | Review | PS3


Pachter: PS4 and Next Xbox Will Sell Almost Twice as Much as Wii U

994 days 6 hours ago - GXC: "The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences are happening right now offering a bit of music, festivities, and gaming. Gaming analyst Michael Pa... | News | PS4


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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus | Review [GamerXChange]

998 days 9 hours ago - GXC: "Ninja Gaiden returns to the PlayStation Vita with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus. This port of the game Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, is wrapped up in pro... | Review | PS Vita


New Game Releases – March 2013

1000 days 4 hours ago - GXC: "Hopefully you cleared out your holiday backlog because the slow start to the gaming year is officially over. March is bringing a ton of new e... | News | PC


Top 10 Most Wanted Games of 2013

1005 days 8 hours ago - GXC's Reign of Rain lists his top 10 most wanted gaming goods of the year 2013. The list includes multiple genres from fighting, open-world, advent... | Opinion piece | PC


The Good, The Bad, and What Nintendo Can Do To Improve The Wii U

1006 days 5 hours ago - GXC: "Nintendo’s new console started off decent enough, only to see record low units sold in North America in January. I definitely wouldn’t count... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Five Games That Would Make Awesome TV Series

1007 days 9 hours ago - GXC: "Ever play a video game, and think 'This would make an awesome movie?' Well, most gamers know how that usually turns out. So what about the ne... | Opinion piece | PS2


My Hopes for Watch_Dogs

1007 days 12 hours ago - GXC: "Ubisoft is promising a lot with [Watch_Dogs]; And while what we’ve seen so far is outstanding, there are a few areas I hope that they can rea... | Opinion piece | PC


Will The PS4 Diminish PS Plus’ Value?

1008 days 12 hours ago - GXC: "Since its inception in 2010, PlayStation Plus has quickly become a premium paradise for PS3 and Vita gamers. The service offers whole game do... | Article | PS3


The PS3′s Biggest Complaint Breeds The PS4′s Strengths

1009 days 7 hours ago - GXC: "Have you turned on your PlayStation 3 lately? Purchased a new game? Chances are, if you did any of these things, you encountered a bit of an... | Article | PS3


PlayStation Giving Out PSN Credit To Loyal Fans

1012 days ago - GXC: "Have you checked your PSN inbox today? Well, you may have a surprise waiting for you. Currying favor with their loyal fans ahead of their big... | News | PS3


All Signs Pointing To Next Gen Metal Gear Reveal At PlayStation Meeting

1012 days ago - GXC: "Today is the day, it is finally here. It’s February 20, 2013 and Sony is gearing up for massive news this afternoon. In addition to the hardw... | Rumor | PC


Assassin’s Creed: A Retrospective

1012 days 4 hours ago - GXC: "So as this console generation draws to a close (we are literally 24 hours away from the opening charge, led by Sony) and we head into an unea... | Article | PC


Five Games That Would Make Me Buy a PS4

1012 days 7 hours ago - GXC: "Sony’s holding an absolutely huge event tomorrow at 6 PM EST that many believe to be the official announcement of their newest home console –... | Opinion piece | PS4


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – A Short Yet Exciting Thrill Ride | Review [GamerXChange]

1012 days 22 hours ago - GXC: "The Metal Gear series has always been primarily focused on stealth-action sequences, so what happens when Konami throws a cyborg ninja into t... | Review | Xbox 360


My List of Standout Video Game Music

1013 days 19 hours ago - GXC: "Music is an art form that anyone can relate to. It is accessible from nearly any facet of media; from radio to movies, to television shows,... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


New and “Best” PlayStation Meeting 2013 Video Coming Early Next Week

1015 days 21 hours ago - GXC: "The day is almost here, February 20th. With the hype train going at full speed, gamers are eagerly anticipating all of the news to come from... | News | PS3


What We Want From The Next-Gen

1016 days 4 hours ago - GXC: "I feel like this generation has almost been a testing ground for the next-gen. The leap from the sixth to seventh generation of home gaming s... | Opinion piece | PS4


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