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Ten Games Missing From E3 2012

864 days 7 hours ago - Epic Slash writes: E3 is basically the Superbowl of gaming and leads the way for most of the announcements for the year. However as usual there are... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Razer Unveils MechWarrior Concept Controller, Artemis

871 days 9 hours ago - Epic Slash Writes: One of the thing's everyone has been wondering was if the upcoming MechWarrior Online would support joystick and throttle contro... | News | PC


Epic Looks to Possibly Save Big Huge Games

873 days 1 hour ago - The president of Epic Games, Dr. Micheal Capps, announces plans to open a new studio with the talent of Big Huge Games staffing it. | News | Industry


What the Hell Happened To Our Nerd Culture?

873 days 10 hours ago - Epic Slash writes: Once upon a time the concept of being a nerd was one that was forever linked with social dogma. Being labeled a “nerd” or “geek”... | Opinion piece | Culture


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Dear SquareEnix: Please Do Not Remake Final Fantasy VII

875 days 20 hours ago - Epic Slash writes: Final Fantasy VII is quite literally one of the most talked about RPG’s in existence and is known by almost every gamer no matte... | Opinion piece | PS3


6 Games That Signal The Return of the Mech Genre

878 days 5 hours ago - Epic Slash writes: It seems like we’ve gone years without a decent robot flavored game besides the usual suspects like Armored Core. But this year,... | Opinion piece | PC


Why Do We Want Realistic Stories With Unrealistic Characters?

880 days 9 hours ago - Epic Slash writes: It always seems like stories are getting flak for characters that don’t do what the audience thinks they should be doing. If cha... | Opinion piece | Culture


Dragon's Dogma Daily Chronicle

881 days 7 hours ago - Epic Slash plays Dragon's Dogma daily and chronicle's their time while playing it! Drama and humor ensue. Check back daily for updates! | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Review: Diablo 3 | Epic Slash

881 days 8 hours ago - Epic Slash writes: There is a lot to respect about Diablo 3. This should come as no surprise to anyone that Blizzard knew what they were doing, and... | Review | PC


Nerd Casting: The Devil May Cry Movie

885 days 3 hours ago - EpicSlash writes: We’ve all had suffer through that awful video game movie that seemed to suffer from an awful script, bad direction and actors tha... | Opinion piece | Culture


Has Blizzard Worn Out Its Welcome?

892 days 5 hours ago - As attention spans shorten, and DRM becomes more invasive...has Blizzard finally worn out its welcome? Will the fans that made Blizzard the company... | Opinion piece | PC


Ten Best Games...No One Played

893 days 20 hours ago - In today’s gaming climate we often only think of the major releases like Call of Duty and God of War. However everyone has that favorite game that... | Opinion piece | PS2


Fan-Made Persona 5 Soundtrack Smells Like Viral Marketing

895 days 10 hours ago - People who are waiting anxiously for Persona 5 related news may have heard before about a group called ATLUSxP5, a music group that is putting toge... | Opinion piece | PS3


Top Ten Worse Plot Twists In Gaming

898 days 18 hours ago - While the Mass Effect 3 controversy is finally starting to die down the effects of it will be long-lasting. Game narrative will be looked at and cr... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Does Every Game Have to Have Multiplayer?

906 days 3 hours ago - EpicSlash writes: "With the recent announcement of God of War: Ascension and its multiplayer mode I couldn't help but think, why? Does the game eve... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


15 Franchises That Need A Resurrection

909 days 6 hours ago - Everyone has that franchise that they loved to death back in the day but always wonder “Why isn’t there another one?”. Well we compiled our list of... | Opinion piece | PS2


What If Developers Bought and Used Mods for Patches/Content

912 days 18 hours ago - If you're a PC gamer you've become accustomed to the concept of mods and their bearing on the PC world. Over the years some games have been saved t... | Opinion piece | PC


Dear Media: Mobile Gaming Is Not Going To Replace Consoles

914 days 17 hours ago - Now I understand that journalism isn’t a science, nor do I claim to know everything, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that mobile game is neve... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Death of the Halo Movie: Why Microsoft Was Right To Challenge Hollywood

915 days 9 hours ago - Hollywood is famous for having its own rules that outsiders must abide by. But really, no one should play by Hollywood rules or try to get it. And... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Enough is Enough Gamers Deserve Better

920 days 13 hours ago - Books Based on Games are basically Fan-Fic sanctioned by developers. This atrocity must be stopped! | Article | PS2


PS4 Game Release Dates

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