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Are Games Transitioning From a Product to a Service?

1156 days 11 hours ago - It started with MMORPG's years ago -- a subscription-based business model for a video game. Years later, Microsoft's Xbox brought a similar idea to... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Why Stuart Black's 'Enemy Front' Is The Most Important FPS In 5 Years

1168 days 1 hour ago - Whatever you think of the Call of Duty franchise now, without 2007′s Modern Warfare, the gaming landscape would be entirely different today. CoD4 w... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Best Level Ever – Halo 2: Delta Halo/Regret

1185 days 3 hours ago - Video games are a form of escapism. We can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything. The execution, but not the idea, of this has changed over the ye... | Opinion piece | Xbox


Are We Past the Point of Giving Games That 'Just Work' A Pass?

1194 days 21 hours ago - Despite the seemingly endless tide of doomsday articles being written about the video game industry — death of consoles this, casual iPhone games a... | Opinion piece | GameCube


This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post

The 5 Best Uses of Cel Shading In Video Games: Part Deux

1198 days 12 hours ago - Daniel Hill Writes - Last week, I constructed a list of what I thought to be the five best uses of cel shading in gaming in terms of how effectivel... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Why a New Timesplitters Could Be the Most Impactful Shooter Since Call of Duty 4

1202 days ago - Just a few short years ago, it seemed as if the side-scrolling platformer had, for the most part, gone the way of the dodo. With the dawn of the ne... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Another Perspective on Sexism in Gaming

1204 days 19 hours ago - Daniel Hill writes - Recently, there has been something of an uproar over the presumed rape of Lara in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Though Crys... | Opinion piece | PC


The 5 Best Uses of Cel-Shading in Video Games

1206 days 8 hours ago - In this writer's mind, there is nothing more beautiful in this world than a cel-shaded video game (I am guilty of purchasing games based entirely o... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Microsoft's Press Conference : Exactly What It Should Have Been, and What It Says About the Xbox 720

1212 days 21 hours ago - It pretty much goes without saying that the gaming public’s (press or otherwise) response to the Microsoft press conference was one of distaste. Th... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The 5 Most Innovative Items of E3 2012

1213 days 6 hours ago - Sure, this year’s E3 was nothing to write home about, but that made the truly innovative items stand out even more. In this case, innovation can me... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


E3 Reveals An Entirely New Direction For Your Favorite Franchises, For Better or Worse

1219 days 5 hours ago - E3 2012 has been very telling of just what direction most developers are going in a game-play sense with existing franchises. Games previously know... | Opinion piece | PC


Microsoft's E3 2012 Press Conference: What They Did Right and What They Did Wrong

1219 days 10 hours ago - Teh interwebzezzz are already going berserk over the Microsoft press event. A popular theme seems to be “WORST EVERZ ZOMG” among a laundry list of... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Don’t Expect Microsoft to Announce Any New IP’s at E3 2012

1220 days 6 hours ago - Daniel Hill Writes: Besides Kinect-based games, they haven’t really thrown 360 owners a bone in terms of fresh, exclusive gaming experiences. While... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Kickstarter Devs: Please Don’t Screw This One Up

1227 days 1 hour ago - Seemingly overnight, Kickstarter has become a phenomenon within the gaming community, with some projects raising hundreds of thousands of dollars.... | Opinion piece | Industry


The 5 Greatest Video Games to Bless This Generation

1233 days 22 hours ago - There may be a large portion of the gaming community who think that gaming publications are handing out 9′s and 10′s to video games a little too fr... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


RPG’s: The Savior of the Shooter

1241 days 2 hours ago - Though Deus Ex introduced the idea over ten years ago, seeing an amalgamation of the shooter (third and first person) genre’s happening more often... | Article | PC


5 Things I Miss About the Original Xbox

1254 days 6 hours ago - You won’t catch me saying that the original Xbox was head and shoulders above the 360, it’s not. However, as all of gamingdom knows, nostalgia is a... | Opinion piece | Xbox


Analysis: Skyward Sword proves that Zelda needs to evolve

1273 days 10 hours ago - Skyward Sword got a lot of acclaim last year -- from this site, among others. For the most part, I liked it a lot, too. But it has problems...let's... | Opinion piece | Wii


5 Studios Microsoft Should Buy

1274 days 22 hours ago - It’s the fuel that feeds the fires of the perpetual console wars. The deciding factor that sways the decisions of some when purchasing a new gaming... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


EA's First Amendment argument, motion to dismiss NFL retiree lawsuit rejected

1284 days 11 hours ago - A California court has dismissed Electronic Arts' motions to dismiss and strike the lawsuit filed against it by NFL retirees, who accuse the publis... | News | Industry


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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