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Destiny's Xur cannot be datamined anymore, Bungie trolls with No Land Beyond

71 days 10 hours ago - GC - "According to a miner, Bungie has implemented a lot of changes. He says that, “Instead of Xur having one single constant IP on one port, he no... | Rumor | Xbox 360


PS4 Users Facing CE-32937-4 and SU-30709-9 Error with 2.04 FW Update

95 days 8 hours ago - PS4 firmware update 2.04 is now live but there is a problem with it and many users are unable to download the update as it ends in an error or keep... | News | PS4


Destiny - House of Wolves DLC Release May 19th? Content found in-game

108 days 12 hours ago - Well, well, well, a Reddit user has apparently found some House of Wolves content in-game | Rumor | Xbox 360


Destiny: Crota’s End Raid One Manned in Style

155 days 2 hours ago - Bungie’s newest raid The Crota’s End which is available with The Dark Below DLC has been one manned by The Legend Himself (Youtube handle). | Video | Xbox 360


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Phil Spencer: "Xbox fans Will Have a Fun 2015"; Praises PSX Event and Talks About Sony SFV Deal

167 days 13 hours ago - Microsoft was missing from The Game Awards 2014 event where Sony had a small presence and teased some games. | News | Xbox One


Retro PSX Theme for PS4 has the PSX Boot Up Sound

171 days 6 hours ago - GC - "A new theme has been released by Sony on the PlayStation Store and it has the PS1 boot up sound. " | Video | PS4


Destiny Gamers Facing Connection Errors, Servers DDOS'ed by the Lizard Squad

180 days 22 hours ago - GC - "If you are facing a myriad of connection errors to Destiny right now it is because the game's servers are being DDOS'ed." | News | Xbox 360


Destiny: The Dark Below DLC Opening Cinematic Leaked

183 days 21 hours ago - GC - "We have the opening cinematic for Destiny: The Dark Below DLC." | Video | Xbox 360


Fallout: Ultimate Collection Patent Spotted

199 days 2 hours ago - GC - "We recently revealed that Fallout 4 patent was spotted at the German trademark office, called 'Fallout: Shadow of Boston', but it looks like... | News | PC


Microsoft Gifting Some Xbox One Owners a Free Token for Ryse: Son of Rome

203 days 6 hours ago - GC - "Many Xbox One owners have reported that they received a message from Microsoft for their purchase of the Sunset Overdrive bundle and they hav... | News | Xbox One


Destiny: Incredibly Skilled Player Solos the Templar in Vault of Glass

218 days 22 hours ago - GC - "A skilled player has soloed the Templar boss in the vault of glass hard mode." | Video | Xbox 360


Destiny Third Sub Class, Super, and Hive Raid Details - Rumor

221 days 11 hours ago - GC - "New DLC for Destiny is expected to be released in December and we have a major rumor which gives some details on the new subclasses." | Rumor | Xbox 360


Destiny: Watch How Just 2 players beat the Vault of Glass in Style

226 days 1 hour ago - GC - "The Vault of Glass is the hardest raid in Destiny and it’s not easy to beat it unless you know what you’re doing." | Video | Xbox 360


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review | Gamechup

228 days 8 hours ago - GC - "It’s always great to play games that have had no hype behind them and they manage to surprise you to such an extent that you can’t stop playi... | Review | PC


AC Unity: #PS4noparity hashtag blows Up, Gamers upset over Ubisoft's decision

228 days 21 hours ago - GC - "It was recently revealed that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of AC Unity will be locked at 900p." | Opinion piece | PC


Destiny Guide: How to Rapidly Level up Exotic Gear

229 days 23 hours ago - GC - "Exotic items in Destiny take an awful lot of time to get leveled up but there is a way you can drastically speed up the process." | Article | Xbox 360


Destiny - Xur: Agent of Nine's location and Items Revealed for Week 4 (10/3)

232 days 5 hours ago - GC - "Xur: Agent of Nine"s location for week 4 has been revealed." | News | Xbox 360


Destiny Guide: How to earn Ascendant Shards and Energy Fast

232 days 8 hours ago - GC - "Ascendant Shards and Ascendant Energy are required to upgrade Legendary and Exotic gear." | Article | Xbox 360


Destiny DLC Content on Disc? New Strikes and Raids revealed due to Glitch

236 days 16 hours ago - GC - "Destiny’s future content has been leaked due to a glitch a player encountered and some of that content may already be in the disc. " | Rumor | Xbox 360


This is the most powerful PvP weapon in Destiny and it's impressive

237 days 6 hours ago - GC - "A Destiny gamer got this weapon after he completed the Vault of Glass on hard. And it completely destroys people and it's not even arguable." | Video | Xbox 360


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