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Dishonored: Chapter 1 Non-Lethal Ghost Speed Run, Vanished Achievement: FTG Gameguide

709 days 12 hours ago - Dishonored opens with Corvo Attano, Lord Protectorate and bodyguard to the Empress, being framed for her murder. Rotting in jail for six months, y... | Video | PC


Dishonored: The Good Ending: FTG Endgame Theater

710 days ago - Well, what a ride! Game took a turn at the halfway point and just didn’t let up. Arkane Studios did a magnificent job with their spin on the Thie... | Video | PC


The Geek Link Episode 36: Cannon’s Oral Malfunction

710 days 11 hours ago - On this weeks episode of The Geek Link, Cannonfodder fails miserably at speaking and Xalaga gets to exact her revenge by correcting him in nearly e... | Podcast | Culture


Dishonored: Cleaner and Manipulator Achievements: FTG Gameguide

710 days 12 hours ago - Typically, I play through games like Dishonored as a stealthy, quiet mouse, killing only when absolutely unnecessary. However, for the “cleaner” a... | Video | PC


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FTG: Dishonored: Kingsparrow Island Non-Lethal “Ghost” Speedrun on Very Hard

710 days 22 hours ago - FTG writes- Happy Monday to you and yours, and happy Columbus Day! While most normal folks were out seeing Looper in the theaters this weekend, I... | Video | PC


Dishonored: FTG Review

710 days 23 hours ago - This year’s fall lineup promises to deliver some heavy hitters this holiday season from Assassin’s Creed III to the much anticipated remake X-Com:... | Review | PC


Dead or Alive 5: FTG Review

711 days 11 hours ago - FTG writes- For most gamers, the name Dead or Alive brings to mind two things, neither of which have anything to do with the act of fighting. Dead... | Review | Xbox 360


Pamela Horton, Playboy’s Miss October 2012: Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 129

712 days ago - The term “Playboy Bunny” and “hardcore gamer” typically aren’t within 10 nautical miles of one another…that is, until now! Miss Pamela Horton was... | Podcast | Culture


Darksiders II: Argul’s Tomb DLC: FTG Review

712 days 7 hours ago - FTG writes- Darksiders II recently got its first bit of DLC, called Argul’s Tomb. The DLC is essentially a loot quest, designed to give you a chanc... | Review | PC


Brick Force – FTG Review

712 days 7 hours ago - FTG writes- The Free to Play genre has a wealth of fresh ideas, new business models, and innovation. However, on the opposite spectrum of things, t... | Review | PC


Firmware Update 0.11: Horses in El Salvador

712 days 19 hours ago - Its Friday, and its time for another edition of the Firmware Update! Unfortunately Samurai Zero has a headache and is away getting a hole drilled i... | Podcast | PC


FTG Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers Hands on at PAX Prime 2012

713 days 7 hours ago - FTG writes- Jumping over to the other side of Wizards of the Coast’s giant floor presence at PAX Prime 2012, Draeno was able to duck into another c... | Preview | PC


FTG Dungeons & Dragons Interview at PAX Prime 2012 With Laura Tommervik

713 days 7 hours ago - FTG writes- The show floor was packed during PAX Prime 2012, but Wizards of the Coast seemed to carve out a little personal space at the convention... | Interview | Dev


FTG RaiderZ Hands on at PAX Prime 2012

713 days 7 hours ago - FTG writes- During PAX Prime 2012, we were able to get some time with RaiderZ courtesy of Perfect World. Draeno takes the opportunity to be walked... | Preview | PC


Front Towards Gamer Radio AMBUSH, Episode 128: Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn

713 days 7 hours ago - You didn’t expect it, it’s an ambush! Yes, Front Towards Gamer Radio every now and again gets an incredible opportunity to conduct an interview wit... | Podcast | Culture


FTG Neverwinter Hands on at PAX Prime 2012

713 days 7 hours ago - FTG writes- One of the most popular RPGs in PC history gets a make over MMO style. Neverwinter is being developed by Cryptic to bring D&D to the ne... | Preview | PC


Front Towards Gamer Radio’s Wednesday Traffic Chopper 127: Spot of the Big Piggies

714 days 12 hours ago - Hail, hail, rock and roll! Another week, another Front Towards Gamer Radio’s Wednesday Traffic Chopper to get you over the humpday! This week,... | Podcast | Culture


F1 2012: FTG Review

715 days 3 hours ago - FTG writes- Codemasters have made quite a name for themselves on the racing scene with their Grid and Dirt series, as well as two well-received F1... | Review | PC


Fire & Water DLC- Orcs Must Die 2: FTG Review

716 days 3 hours ago - If you didn’t get enough orc slaying and broski mayhem upon the release of Orcs Must Die 2, don’t worry as Robot Entertainment has you covered. Rel... | Review | PC


Borderlands 2: Learn How to Use Your Golden Keys Over and Over

716 days 20 hours ago - What’s up everyone? Coward Duck here with a awesome little trick to make Vault Hunting a little easier. Borderlands 2 is still hot even two weeks a... | Article | PS3


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