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Midlife Gamer Prediction League

18 days 4 hours ago - SiStevens says "Although we are still a couple of days, at most, from Major Nelson announcing which titles will make up the Games with Gold package... | News | Xbox 360


Largest Battle in EVE history breaks records

80 days 19 hours ago - Derek 'Digi' McRoberts says "I had the fortune to spend some time recently with a good friend of mine, David aka Xander Pheona from crossingzebras.... | News | PC


Comparing Generations

91 days 1 hour ago - Derek McRoberts says "The Xmas decorations have now been removed and stowed away for another year, and those of us fortunate enough to either get t... | Opinion piece | PS4


Magicka: Wizard Wars Preview - Midlife Gamer

91 days 1 hour ago - MunkiMatt says "’ve tried on a few occasions to play battle arena style titles but none have ever clicked with me, for reasons I’m yet to fathom. F... | Preview | PC


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War of the Vikings Preview - Midlife Gamer

91 days 1 hour ago - Gogul1 says "War of the Vikings is the successor to the tepid War of the Roses that was released back in 2012. It’s a close quarters Online Multipl... | Preview | PC

Ben 10: Omniverse 2 Review - Midlife Gamer

91 days 8 hours ago - AdyCarter says "I must confess that prior to playing this game I had very little grasp of what Ben 10 was all about, my children having largely ign... | Review | Xbox 360


Games with Gold & PS Plus Full List 2014

91 days 8 hours ago - SiStevens says "We all enjoy a freebie or five. When these freebies are game related we tend to rejoice a little more. As we all know by now – a... | News | Xbox 360


Contrast Review - Midlife Gamer

91 days 22 hours ago - CraigieH says "Yes, yes, I know – Contrast was a Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection game last month, from the launch of the PS4, and you’re p... | Review | PS4


Stick It To The Man Review - Midlife Gamer

92 days ago - SarahF says "There was a delay just before I loaded up a new game of Stick It To The Man. Not because of any technical issues but because Kenny Ro... | Review | PS3


PlayStation 4 launch entertainment apps revealed

143 days 21 hours ago - Fred Dutton – SCEE Blog Manager - PlayStation has always been dedicated to offering players a rich variety of entertainment options alongside th... | News | PS4


Pac-Man and The Gadget Show SMASH Guinness World Record

148 days ago - MunkiMatt says "PAC-MAN has been played in many places all over the world, but none as crazy as this; projected against the side of an East London... | News | Industry


The True Cost of Piracy: Football Manager 2013

153 days 8 hours ago - Will147 says "On Wednesday the annual London Game Conference took place. One of the main talking points of the event was provided by Sports Interac... | News | Industry


Beyond: Two Souls Review - Midlife Gamer

155 days 15 hours ago - Derek 'Digi' McRoberts says "Beyond Two Souls is the latest in a series of games from the mind of David Cage, and I fully expect it to once again r... | Review | PS3


Alien Rage Review - Midlife Gamer

155 days 17 hours ago - Will147 says "Alien Rage is a sci-fi orientated FPS. You take the reins of a hard faced space marine that is trying to save a small colony in…space... | Review | PC


Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Review - Midlife Gamer

155 days 17 hours ago - Derek 'Digi' McRoberts says "I don’t know how many people out there will agree with me, (or maybe I should ready myself for the lynch mob), but Ezi... | Review | PC


Teej Tests.....Gamecity

161 days 18 hours ago - Teej says "My mission if I chose to accept it was to get my ass down to Gamecity in Nottingham and see what games they had to offer. I did this wit... | Opinion piece | Industry


What's Your Moral Code?

162 days 11 hours ago - SarahF says "What I love about games is the interactivity of them. Story is key for me and being able to help shape that, to take on the role of t... | Opinion piece | Culture


Batman Arkham Origins Review - Midlife Gamer

162 days 21 hours ago - CraigieH says "Batman: Arkham Asylum is a game likely to be mentioned in many a ‘Game of the Generation’ deliberation – I know it is high on my own... | Review | PC


Foul Play Review - Midlife Gamer

162 days 21 hours ago - CraigieH says "You wait years for a game that uses a theatrical backdrop as a presentational concept, and then two come along at once. Alongside th... | Review | PC


R.I.P.D The Game Review - Midlife Gamer

162 days 21 hours ago - Currierox says "So just like clockwork a new film hits the big screens and along with it comes the obligatory video game cash in. Rushed out to qui... | Review | PC


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