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Forward thinking: Sony’s risks with unique ideas pays off

1436 days 17 hours ago - VG247: "This generation, Sony gambled on new ideas. Its latest risk, Journey, shows the risk has paid big dividends for both publisher and develope... | Opinion piece | PS3


How Five Xbox 360 Owners Kept Their Launch-Day Consoles Alive

1436 days 17 hours ago - Kotaku: "What about the launch-day Xbox 360s that still work in 2012? How did their lucky owners dodge that menacing red ring? Kotaku has rounded u... | Article | Xbox 360


Journey review [CVG]

1436 days 17 hours ago - CVG: "Call off the search: the winner is Journey. (The search, if you were wondering, was to find gaming's best sand.) Uncharted 3, you made a comp... | Review | PS3


Journey review [BeefJack]

1436 days 17 hours ago - BeefJack: "JOURNEY comes from the acclaimed indie developers behind flOw and Flower. Is this mysterious PS3 game a grand adventure, or simply a bad... | Review | PS3


Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post

The Simpsons: Tapped Out iPhone, iPad screens released

1436 days 18 hours ago - EA have released two sets of screenshots for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad versions of forthcoming game The Simpsons: Tapped out to help compare t... | Screenshot | iPhone


Latest Rayman 3 HD trailer shows off power ups

1436 days 19 hours ago - The latest trailer for the upcoming HD remake of classic platformer Rayman 3 delves into the world of power ups – and how to use them. The game its... | Video | Xbox 360


PS Vita WipEout 2048 launch trailer

1436 days 20 hours ago - A somewhat belated trailer for the excellent PS Vita launch title WipEout 2048, featuring – surprise surprise – lots of futuristic vehicles going f... | Video | PS Vita


Killzone 3 F2P: the future of console multiplayer?

1440 days 18 hours ago - BeefJack: "Sony may just be changing the way console FPS multiplayer games are marketed in the future with their bold Killzone 3 free-to-play exper... | Opinion piece | PS3


From hungover to nearly human with Puzzle Quest

1440 days 19 hours ago - Games for a Hangover: This week we aren’t only extolling the virtues of playing PUZZLE QUEST the morning after a skinful, but – as an added bonus –... | Article | Nintendo DS


Reckless Racing 2 review [BeefJack]

1442 days 17 hours ago - BeefJack: "Developers Pixelbite have released their latest arcade racer on smartphones and tablets. Is RECKLESS RACING 2 an epic of ludicrous stunt... | Review | iPhone


Bottom-smacking and turnip-tugging: the unconventional arcade

1442 days 20 hours ago - BeefJack: "Weird Games: If you ever go to an arcade, you’ll probably head straight for the usual suspects. But if you’re lucky, you may come across... | Article | Arcade


Prey 2 preview [BeefJack]

1443 days 17 hours ago - BeefJack: "PREY 2 takes the universe that the first game established and spins it into a wholly different beast. No more portals or wall-walking, b... | Preview | PC


Gotham City Imposters review [BeefJack]

1443 days 21 hours ago - BeefJack: "Donning the cape of your favourite superhero, or the clown make-up of your favourite villain, the streets of Gotham are yours for the ta... | Review | PC


WipEout 2048 review [BeefJack]

1444 days 18 hours ago - BeefJack: "The world’s greatest futuristic racing series finds a home on Sony’s new machine, and it’s a staggering sight to behold. But does WIPEOU... | Review | PS Vita


South Park: The Game preview [BeefJack]

1444 days 21 hours ago - BeefJack: "None of the previous South Park titles have been up to scratch, but will SOUTH PARK: THE GAME finally capture the anarchic essence of Ca... | Preview | PC


Premium to freemium: How MMOs are making the transition

1445 days 10 hours ago - BeefJack: "Is the subscription-based MMO on its last legs? Why does free-to-play seem to be taking over? We explore the business behind the genre,... | Article | PC


Asura's Wrath review [BeefJack]

1445 days 16 hours ago - BeefJack: "If people say originality in gaming is dead, then ASURA’S WRATH just punched that idea through a mountain and screamed so loud the Earth... | Review | Xbox 360


King Arthur II review [BeefJack]

1457 days 17 hours ago - King Arthur II is Total War with a healthy dollop of trolls and sorcery. But is it any good? We put on our robe and wizard hat and head into the fray… | Review | PC


The Darkness: From page to polygon [BeefJack]

1463 days 10 hours ago - With The Darkness II about to hit our streets, we look at its origins from the comic book world, how it differs and what might be further down the... | Article | PC


Game developers are lazy, says indie dev Cliffski

1463 days 16 hours ago - Making a complex indie game isn’t hard, says Gratuitous Space Battles developer Cliff ‘Cliffski’ Harris – it’s just that most game developers are l... | News | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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