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Why Thomas Was Alone isn’t on Steam

1247 days 14 hours ago - Mike Bithell, the developer behind indie puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone, has explained why his game isn’t yet available on the PC’s largest dig... | News | PC


EA: Frostbite 2 was built for PS4, Xbox 720

1260 days 15 hours ago - “What you see in Battlefield 3… that’s the beginning” says EA’s Patrick Soderlund, who admits that the Frostbite 2 engine was designed from the out... | News | PC


Civilization V: Gods & Kings review [BeefJack]

1260 days 16 hours ago - We’ve seen civilisations rise and fall before but as Civilization V: Gods & Kings brings new challenges in the form of espionage and religion will... | Review | PC


Cliffy B defends Bulletstorm cliffhanger

1265 days 15 hours ago - Cliff Bleszinski has responded to questions over why Bulletstorm was allowed to end on a cliffhanger when a sequel to complete the story was never... | News | PC


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Peter Molyneux: Games industry “has been lazy”, “loves the idea” of SmartGlass

1265 days 16 hours ago - He may not be fussed on the Wii U’s second screen, but “as a person who loves gadgets”, Peter Molyneux sees potential in Microsoft’s SmartGlass tec... | News | Xbox 360


Beyond: Two Souls controls “more direct” than Heavy Rain, no cut-scenes

1270 days 13 hours ago - David Cage has revealed that Beyond: Two Souls will feature a “more standard control system” than Heavy Rain for both of its central characters, an... | News | PS3


Cliff hopes Unreal Engine 4 graphics are so good people claim they’re faked

1270 days 15 hours ago - Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski is hoping that a next generation Unreal Engine 4 game will look so good that some people just won’t believe the graphics ar... | News | PC


The Last of Us: More exploration, more characters to be revealed – Naughty Dog

1272 days 14 hours ago - The Last of Us will allow players to choose just how much of the environment they want to explore, and Naughty Dog are promising “a pretty big cast... | News | PS3


Sony: No PS4 at E3 because “we don’t need to talk about that yet”

1272 days 15 hours ago - The PS3 has so many games coming that Sony couldn’t even fit them all into their E3 conference, says Scott Rohde, and that’s why there was no menti... | News | PS3


The Last Guardian “not going to ship till it’s perfect” – Sony VP

1272 days 16 hours ago - The Last Guardian is “absolutely” going to come out, and Scott Rohde is “proud” that Sony are prepared to take so long over a game to make sure it... | News | PS3


Die in ZombiU? You’ll have to kill yourself to survive

1272 days 17 hours ago - In Ubisoft’s ZombiU death will be frequent and harsh, then to rub salt in the wound you’ll need to kill yourself again to try and make things better. | News | Wii U


Lara Croft had become an arrogant caricature, says Tomb Raider dev

1273 days 14 hours ago - Rebooting Tomb Raider required Lara Croft move away from the “sarcastic” caricature of her last few outings and develop a personality, says Karl St... | News | PC


Five ways in which Darksiders 2 is, like, totally epic [BeefJack]

1286 days 13 hours ago - The much-anticipated Darksiders 2 edges closer and closer. THQ gave us a preview of the start of the game, and we mainly discovered one thing: it’s... | Preview | PC


Peter Molyneux: “Let’s use AI to change the world”

1286 days 15 hours ago - Peter Molyneux says he wants the games industry to “use AI to change the world,” creating stories that are unique and affecting to individual players. | News | PC


Dead Space’s Ian Milham gets MindProbed

1286 days 16 hours ago - BeefJack: Ian Milham shouldn’t be afraid of strange alien things coming at him – after all, he was Art Director on Dead Space and Dead Space 2, so... | Interview | PC


Braben: I hate Diablo 3 DRM – but I also hate locking my house

1286 days 18 hours ago - Frontier boss David Braben says he “hates” Diablo III’s always-on DRM, but admits that it might be a necessary evil for the time being. | News | PC


Rhianna Pratchett gets MindProbed

1292 days 19 hours ago - BeefJack: It’s the turn of top scriptwriter and story designer Rhianna Pratchett to face a question bombardment from the almighty alien brain beam... | Interview | PC


David Braben: I wish I could have worked on Skyrim

1301 days 12 hours ago - Industry legend David Braben cites Skyrim as the one game by another developer he wishes he could work on, and explains why he’d take it to a deser... | News | PC


Portal developer “not curing cancer” with new game

1301 days 14 hours ago - Despite the critical praise heaped upon the Portal series, Kim Swift refuses to take the pressure of competing with her past work too seriously wit... | News | PC


BioShock Infinite preview [BeefJack]

1319 days 15 hours ago - Swapping the underwater city of Rapture for the high-flying skies of Columbia, Bioshock Infinite looks a far cry from the franchises’ roots. Delve... | Preview | PC


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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