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Microsoft “unapologetic” that 360 did end up becoming a “Trojan horse to entertainment”

1471 days 18 hours ago - Microsoft may have denied that the Xbox was designed as “a Trojan Horse to entertainment” 10 years ago, but now they’re “unapologetic” that the 360... | News | Xbox


Carmack: Thinking “Consoles are basically as good as PCs” was a “big mistake”

1471 days 18 hours ago - Treating consoles and PC as equals was “one of the biggest mistakes I made in this generation,” John Carmack has admitted, and says that he would d... | News | PC


Battlefield 3: Maxing out PC was the biggest challenge, not consoles – DICE dev

1471 days 18 hours ago - Utilising all the power of “next-gen PCs” rather than scaling the game down for “a less powerful platform on consoles” was the biggest challenge DI... | News | PC


Uncharted 3: pregnant Elena “rumour and speculation” – Meyer

1472 days 18 hours ago - Rumours that Elena Fisher will be pregnant in Uncharted 3 are just that, claims Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer – but he won’t be drawn into denying it. | News | PS3


The Xbox One Games You Need to Play in August

Now - A new month has rolled up which means new releases are on the horizon. Microsoft has a fairly good line-up on the way for August, so let’s take a l... | Promoted post

More PlanetSide 2 screenshots, character art emerge

1473 days 19 hours ago - Sony Online Entertainment have released more screenshots and character art of the female Stealth and Medic classes for upcoming massively multiplay... | Screenshot | PC


3DS vs PS Vita: Which one will you buy?

1473 days 19 hours ago - BeefJack: "Is the massive price drop tempting you into getting a Nintendo 3DS? Or are you going to hold out for Sony’s sleek new PS Vita? Maybe you... | Opinion piece | Mobile


Huge DOTA 2 gameplay screenshots blow-out

1473 days 21 hours ago - We’ve captured a whole bunch of in-game screens of the DOTA 2 Heroes in action from Valve’s $1 million tournament at Gamescom 2011. | Screenshot | PC


More DOTA 2 Heroes revealed

1473 days 21 hours ago - We’ve captured images of 20 of the DOTA 2 Heroes, revealing new characters from Valve’s $1 million DOTA 2 International Tournament at Gamescom 2011. | News | PC


DOTA 2 Heroes revealed at $1 million tournament

1474 days 19 hours ago - Valve’s snazzy new spectator features have revealed some of the Hero characters in the game, as the company takes its big step into the e-sports wo... | News | PC


id: “There’s no Doom 4 stuff hidden in RAGE”

1480 days 19 hours ago - RAGE may feature “some big Easter Eggs” from other id games scattered across the wasteland but you won’t be finding any secrets from their next gam... | News | PC


Rocksteady: Other Superhero devs “don’t take it seriously”

1481 days 22 hours ago - The reason Batman: Arkham Asylum was so much better than previous superhero games is that other developers have treated them as “more of a kid’s pr... | News | PC


We can get even more out of the 360, says Forza 4 dev

1482 days 19 hours ago - There is still more to performance to be squeezed from the Xbox 360, says Forza Motorsport 4 director Dan Greenawalt, thanks to “new blood” from Ho... | News | Xbox 360


Bioware: MMO players happy to pay subs for “best of show quality”

1482 days 19 hours ago - Star Wars: The Old Republic will have no issues with its traditional MMO subscription model, Bioware believes, despite the many upheavals the massi... | News | PC


Apple “the threat to consoles”, not cloud – Gaikai’s Perry

1482 days 20 hours ago - It’s Apple and not cloud gaming that represents the biggest threat to home consoles and handhelds, says Dave Perry, the man behind videogame stream... | News | iPhone


Bungie “don’t have any insight” into Halo 4

1486 days 19 hours ago - Bungie have no idea what Halo 4 will be about as all the secrets are “outside the studio now,” says community manager Eric Osbourne – but he’s happ... | News | Xbox 360


343: Halo Anniversary not a “test or training wheels” for new studio

1486 days 21 hours ago - Remaking the very first Halo is not 343 Industries way of proving their worth to Halo fans, says Frank O’Connor – but a “celebration” that will “ho... | News | Xbox 360


Notch: Minecraft Xbox 360 beta likely

1486 days 21 hours ago - Notch says that Minecraft for 360 is likely to get “a beta version first or something like that” so that Mojang can “find out what parts are actual... | News | Xbox 360


5 stunning new Hard Reset screens

1488 days 16 hours ago - The new PC FPS Hard Reset has got more than a few people excited with its combination of next-gen looks and old-school gameplay – and we’ve got our... | Screenshot | PC


Kinect “not about precision” – Tsunoda

1488 days 18 hours ago - Kinect experiences are “not about precision”, Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda admits – but if games are “built from the ground up for Kinect it will feel... | News | Xbox 360


Assassin’s Creed: Revelations facial animation to take on L.A. Noire?

1488 days 19 hours ago - The new Mocam facial animation system used in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations has many advantages, says Ubisoft’s Alexandre Breault – including not j... | News | PC


Killer Instinct: Season 2 (XB1) Review

Now - Drew finally reviews the complete Season 2 of Killer Instinct. | Promoted post
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