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Wakfu Update 1.9 goes all Kwismassy

1150 days 11 hours ago - Ankama’s humourous F2P MMO gets into the seasonal spirit with latest update, including PvP snowball fight area. | News | PC


StarCraft 2 documentary “Die Noob” apparently like “Rocky and The Office and Reddit made love”

1154 days 12 hours ago - New film will follow two casual gamers as they attempt to win a professional StarCraft 2 tournament, with a little help from some of the world’s to... | News | PC


Primordia review [BeefJack]

1154 days 13 hours ago - BeefJack: "Wadjet Eye Games are back with Wormwood Studio’s Primordia. Is this another fine addition to their ever-bulging point-and-click adventur... | Review | PC


New Super Mario Bros. U review [BeefJack]

1157 days 11 hours ago - BeefJack: "The Wii U is the first Nintendo home console to be graced by a Mario launch title since the N64, but is New Super Mario Bros. U more tha... | Review | Wii U


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

The under-representation of woman in gaming

1161 days 10 hours ago - BeefJack: "While 42 percent of gamers are women, only 6 percent of the industry is female. In the wake of last week’s #1reasonwhy, we talk to Women... | Interview | PC


Wii U console review [BeefJack]

1161 days 14 hours ago - BeefJack: "Nintendo’s first foray into the HD console era is finally here. We put the Wii U and its GamePad controller under the microscope to help... | Review | Wii U


Far Cry 3 review [BeefJack]

1161 days 14 hours ago - BeefJack: "It’s the third journey to the jungle in Far Cry 3, and this time things are a bit crazy. Oh, and it’s a bit good, too." | Review | PC


In defence of Dizzy: why the Oliver twins need £350,000

1171 days 13 hours ago - The Oliver twins have defended their decision to request 350,000 big ones to crowdfund a new Dizzy game on Kickstarter. | News | PC


Six new Curiosity features incoming, says Molyneux

1176 days 16 hours ago - Peter Molyneux has told CVG that "six big new features" are being worked on for 22cans' App Store experiment Curiosity, which could go live next week. | News | iPhone


0x10c ship editor in the works; may or may not be appearing at Minecon

1176 days 17 hours ago - As if Notch’s Elite-ish didn’t have enough directions to spiral out into in the infinity of space, he’s gone and decided to work on an editor for t... | News | PC


The death and rebirth of Final Fantasy 14

1176 days 17 hours ago - On November 11, 2012, Final Fantasy 14 officially shuffled off this mortal coil after over two years of service. The "Grand Finale" event was appar... | Article | PC


Wii U 'profitable after one game purchase'

1177 days 15 hours ago - Nintendo has said its loss-making Wii U swings to profit with just a single game purchase along with the console. | News | Wii U


This Is the Most Inappropriate PS Vita Game Yet

1177 days 16 hours ago - It's called Monster Monpiece, and it's a card-based game. That's fine and all until you realize that it's from Compile Heart, the folks behind Hype... | Video | PS Vita


Hitman: Absolution launch trailer is mean, moody and murderous

1182 days 13 hours ago - Packed full of bloody assassinations, darkened streets, bucket loads of rain and customary annoying electronica soundtrack, IO Interactive have unv... | Video | PC


The first five days of Halo 4

1183 days 11 hours ago - Halo Waypoint: "As someone that’s fascinated with the aforementioned numbers, statistics, trends and figures, I thought I’d share a few fun facts a... | News | Xbox 360


David Braben on kickstarting Elite: Dangerous

1183 days 12 hours ago - BeefJack: We sit down with David Braben for a chat about Elite: Dangerous – and try to shed some light on the many mysteries surrounding its reveal... | Interview | PC


Skyrim: Dragonborn screenshots unleashed

1183 days 12 hours ago - Bethesda have released a slew of new screenshots and details from upcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC Dragonborn. | Screenshot | PC


Bored of waiting for Mirror’s Edge 2? Try Purge

1183 days 13 hours ago - Looking to get your first-person parkour fix but tired of the endless wait for a sequel to Mirror’s Edge that may never come? Fancy mixing in a das... | News | PC


Halo 4 gets Mythbusted

1183 days 13 hours ago - YouTubers Defend the House bring Mythbusters style science to Halo 4. Shows off some interesting tactics. | Video | Xbox 360


Assassin’s Creed III nearly featured Philadelphia, but it’s boring

1183 days 15 hours ago - Maxime Durand, ACIII’s Team Historian, revealed that Philadelphia wasn’t included in the game because the city would be pretty boring to explore. | News | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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