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"I've always equated "feelings" with "getting caught"...they both get in the way of my money."

Top 5 Action RPG Games Of All Time

724 days 20 hours ago - The action role-playing game or action RPG is a type of role-playing video game which incorporates elements from action games or action-adventure g... | Opinion piece | PC


The Top 5 Third Person Shooters Of All Time

732 days 14 hours ago - Third person shooters allow for more elaborate movement and more interaction with the game environment. Here are the Top 5 Third Person Shooters of... | Opinion piece | PC


The Virtual Reality Revolution Is About To Begin

752 days 19 hours ago - Virtual Reality is about to have the most amazing revolution on par with the creation of the internet. We're entering the next step in immersive ga... | News | PC


Expeditions Conquistador Gives The D&D And History Geek In Me A Nerdgasm | AirborneGamer

800 days 21 hours ago - Expeditions Conquistador is an Historic Turn-Based Role-playing games that brings back the nostalgia of the original Gold Box SSI D&D role-playing... | Review | PC


Check What PS4 Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for all PS4 games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Cities in Motion 2 Is A Job… Then You Crash

872 days 20 hours ago - Cities in Motion 2 is a mass transit simulation game. It’s basically “SimCity : Crack Whore Edition”, which is to say shittier graphics, a subset o... | Article | PC


Airborne Gamer Comic Issue #1

1099 days 12 hours ago - Greetings one and all! My name is Francisco Salinas (aka Requiem) but most people call me Frank for short. I am the new web comic artist for Airbor... | Article | Xbox


Top 2 Powerful Ways To Speed Up Your Gaming PC

1117 days 6 hours ago - Looking at the system requirements and reccomendations for the latest and greatest games, you’re going to see a trend for the CPU. The trend is... | Article | PC


Covet is Multiplayer Thief: The Dark Project

1121 days 10 hours ago - Covet is a peer to peer world builder game where you stealth into the estates of other thieves and rob them blind. With the spoils of your burgles... | Article | PC


PC vs Console: An equal view

1136 days 11 hours ago - Ever since the Internet (and possibly before) graced the Earth, there has always been a large, opinionated and often heated debate over what is bet... | Opinion piece | PC


This Is Why Gamer Girls Are Better Than Us

1137 days 22 hours ago - Girls that actually enjoy gaming are such a minority that they are overshadowed by the average girl who just wants to shop and paint their nails.... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 5 Reasons PC Gaming Is Better than Console Gaming

1138 days 7 hours ago - PC gaming will always be superior to console gaming. The gaming industry is constantly pushing the limits of graphics, cpu and ram power, and the o... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 5 Reasons Console Gaming is Better Than PC Gaming

1138 days 7 hours ago - Console gaming has a lot going for it. While elite hardcore gaming will always be the domain of PC Gaming, casual party gaming is the domain of th... | Opinion piece | PC


What Makes An Indie Game?

1138 days 9 hours ago - Personality. Independent game developers have the freedom and flexibility to create at will. No fixed deadlines, no board of directors, no share... | Opinion piece | PC


This is Why Girls Suck At Gaming

1152 days 19 hours ago - Girls generally suck at games compared to guys as a whole. It’s a bizarre phenomena that has mystified men throughout history. Here is why… Lo... | Opinion piece | Culture


In Civilization V Expansion You Can Create Scientology, Praise Xenu

1157 days 4 hours ago - Civilization V: Gods and Kings was launched on June 19th as an add on to the core game, created by Firaxis Games. It adds religion and spies as... | News | PC


What is an MMO or Why The Elder Scrolls Online Will Fail

1164 days 16 hours ago - There’s something unique about Virtual Worlds that all MMO’s fail at. With the MMO market saturated and highly competitive, this is a story of why... | Opinion piece | PC


A Game of Thrones (Video Game) Released

1198 days 21 hours ago - Another game besides Diablo III was released today... A Game of Thrones. A Game of Thrones is a pure 3rd person roleplaying game set in the mythica... | News | PC

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