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Me, Myself, and Mega Man

632 days 21 hours ago - With Mighty No. 9 on a roll through its Kickstarter and talks about that game and Mega Man abound, J. Hugo of Kaboomshark figured he'd talk a bit a... | Article | Culture


New Digimon Masters Event Centered on the Arrival of T.K.

644 days ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "You remember T.K. from the Digimon anime. He had Patamon, a winged bundle of fluff that spat bubble attacks and wasn... | News | PC


Is That an Environmental Message I See in Tales of Xillia?

645 days 3 hours ago - J. Hugo from Kaboomshark writes "Currently, I’m at the end of Tales of Xillia. I feel that after I make a few more Fell Beasts fall and I level up... | Opinion piece | PS3


So, Why Are There Still Single Character Purchases in Killer Instinct

650 days 18 hours ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "I’m sure it’s no surprise to people how the structure for the upcoming Killer Instinct is this: you can download the... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


First trailer for Fallout 4 is here!

Now - The countdown has been running for 24 hours and now the wait is over; Fallout 4 has finally been unveiled. | Promoted post

Trophy Watch: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD

650 days 20 hours ago - Karras Lambert of Kaboomshark writes "Since I pride myself in fully completing every Kingdom Hearts game on the hardest difficulty, I couldn’t help... | Article | PS3


A Few Little Things I'd Like to See in a Silent Hill Reboot

652 days 18 hours ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "Personally, I could go either way of seeing a reboot or seeing a continuation of what’s already there (however, even... | Opinion piece | Culture


Kaboomshark Review: Tales of Xillia

661 days ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "As honest as I can possibly be, I thought that Tales of Xillia would never make its way over here to Western shores... | Review | PS3


Kaboomshark Review: Rogue Legacy

672 days 5 hours ago - J. Thomas of Kaboomshark writes "If I ever find myself searching for salvation through an endlessly rearranging castle, I’m not so sure I’d want my... | Review | PC


A New Mortal Kombat Game? What About All Those Characters?

672 days 5 hours ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "Mortal Kombat (or Mortal Kombat 9 to others) was probably one of the better fighting games released in this current... | Opinion piece | Culture


If Even Half of These Zelda Rumors Are True, the Wii U May Be Saved

674 days ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "How many of you are waiting on a new Legend of Zelda game to come to the Wii U? [waits for hands to raise] I thou... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Here is What’s Wrong With Lightning’s Sexual Objectification

675 days 1 hour ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "I’m sure it’s no surprise anymore (news like this doesn’t stay out of the public eye for very long), but recently so... | Opinion piece | Culture


I’m a Bit Disappointed in Arkham Origins’ Villain Choices

678 days ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "Yeah, I’m back and nitpicking Batman: Arkham Origins again (remember the last time?), but this time it has to do wit... | Opinion piece | PC


Darkstalkers Entombed For Now, but Was It Really All About the Sales Figures?

679 days 22 hours ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "A day where you find out a beloved franchise has been sent to the storage room to collect dust is always a sad day i... | Opinion piece | Culture


Just a Thought: The Problem Isn’t Ubisoft’s Franchises, But How They Handle Them

683 days 10 hours ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "In one of the slightly bigger news recently, Ubisoft revealed in an interview that they would not start any future I... | Article | Culture


Hey Listen- "Reclaim the Castle" (Tenchu: Stealth Assassins)

683 days 13 hours ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "Let me set the scene for you: in Japan, a neighboring castle was recently under siege by a very large force. This fo... | Article | Culture


Kaboomshark Review: Mamorukun Curse!

689 days 6 hours ago - J. Hugo writes "Loading up onto that title screen and hearing that cute anime-style music play (followed by more cutesy sound effects and voices),... | Review | PS3


Kaboomshark Review: Magic: The Gathering- Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014

696 days 22 hours ago - J. Hugo writes "I still remember the first time that I ever got into the Magic: The Gathering card game. I was around 8 or 9 years old and my older... | Review | PC


Kaboomshark Review: Deadpool

702 days 5 hours ago - J. Hugo writes "Video games have this way of taking you off into these worlds that become something of an experience for you: the player. Maybe it’... | Review | PC


The Digital World is About to Get Darker with the Release of Daemon in Digimon Masters

707 days 5 hours ago - Kaboomshark: "Have you been wanting to make the Digital World a bit more darker for all those who reside? Well, you may get your wish as Daemon, on... | News | PC


KaboomShark Review- Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara

707 days 6 hours ago - J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "...However, that wasn’t the case when I purchased Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara which, in most cases, is... | Review | PC


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