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Desktop Dungeons review | Shortgamereview

225 days 7 hours ago - Explore and loot random dungeons in 10 minutes with different character classes. Use gold to upgrade your kingdom! | Review | PC


Shadow Warrior review | Shortgamereview

246 days 21 hours ago - Lo Wang, master of martial returns to fight hordes of vicious enemies! Check out this bloody and funny remake of an FPS classic. | Review | PC


The Stanley Parable review | Shortgamereview

269 days 3 hours ago - The Stanley Parable: a game featuring lots of endings, strange and funny moments and an exceptional use of narrative techniques. Let's begin again! | Review | PC


Outlast review | Shortgamereview

299 days 1 hour ago - Discover (and try to survive) the dark secrets of an abandoned insane asylum in Red Barrels' horror adventure, Outlast. | Review | PC


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Legend of Dungeon review | Shortgamereview

304 days 10 hours ago - Our review introduces a dungeon-crawling RPG game with random levels and loot, made by indie developers Robotloveskitty. | Review | PC


Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians review | Shortgamereview

328 days 2 hours ago - Read our review of Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians, a cartoony platform game where music and sound are fully integrated gameplay elements. | Review | PC


Skulls of the Shogun review | Shortgamereview

339 days 6 hours ago - Skulls of the Shogun, the turn-based strategy game with black humour has arrived to PC. This release, called Bone-A-Fide Edition contains some extr... | Review | PC


Shadowrun Returns review | Shortgamereview

351 days ago - Take your party of shadowrunners and discover the depths of Seattle in the cyberpunk future of 2054! Harebrained Schemes has created a retro-style... | Review | PC


Slender: The Arrival review | Shortgamereview

352 days 14 hours ago - The creepy faceless guy with tentacles who always wears a suit... Yeah, Slenderman has returned as the antagonist of a horror-adventure by Blue Isl... | Review | PC


The Last of Us review | Shortgamereview

361 days 6 hours ago - The Last of Us brings something fresh and dramatic to this console generation. The protagonists, Joel and Ellie must travel across a destroyed Amer... | Review | PS3


Deadpool review | Shortgamereview

372 days 9 hours ago - Marvel's lunatic, misogynistic and funny mercenary deserved his very own video game and now he has one! Check out what we think about Deadpool! | Review | Xbox 360


State of Decay review | Shortgamereview

374 days 14 hours ago - State of Decay is a mixture of zombie shooter, survival horror and construction games. Try to survive in a world infested with hungry undead! | Review | Xbox 360


Magrunner: Dark Pulse review | Shortgamereview

385 days ago - A bit of Cthulhu myth mixed up with the physics puzzles of Portal games. Check out our review of Magrunner! | Review | PC


The Night of the Rabbit review | Shortgamereview

391 days 4 hours ago - The Night of the Rabbit is a point-and-click adventure game by indie game developers Daedalic Entertainment. Join Jerry Hazelnut on an adventure in... | Review | PC


Reus review | Shortgamereview

403 days 8 hours ago - Reus is a god game and the debut title of Abbey Games. Use four giants to shape the world and make human villages prosper by combining resources. | Review | PC


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon review | Shortgamereview

413 days 6 hours ago - Fight as a Mark IV Cyber Commando in a game so retro it should have been released on VHS. A short review of Blood Dragon, Far Cry 3's standalone "e... | Review | Xbox 360


Incredipede review | Shortgamereview

427 days 6 hours ago - A quick review of Incredipede, a physics puzzle game released by Northway Games. Grow limbs and muscles on your incredipede to get her through 60 p... | Review | PC


Injustice: Gods Among Us | Shortgamereview

430 days 7 hours ago - A short review of NetherRealm Studios' latest fighting game featuring DC Universe comic characters. | Review | Xbox 360


Crysis 3 review | Shortgamereview

435 days 22 hours ago - Crysis 3 is the third installment of Crytek's acclaimed FPS series. Let's see if it can grow up to its predecessors! | Review | Xbox 360


Terraria review | Shortgamereview

439 days 8 hours ago - A quick review featuring the Xbox 360 version of the sandbox game Terraria released in March. | Review | Xbox 360


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